Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 166

It’s actually less than three kilometers from Xi Qingchuan’s villa to the hospital. It’s the kind of taxi that won’t skip the meter, but our road is more difficult than going to Xitian to learn the scriptures, and I I was injured for the second time. I think my scapula must have been cracked and it hurts terribly.
Xi Qingchuan sat in the back seat of the car, let my face rest on his legs and lay on the back seat, he put his arms around my shoulders to prevent me from falling down again.
Dr. Xu’s car does not go as fast as a snail. The smell of the barbecue stall on the roadside outside the car window penetrates the car window. The stall owners thought that our car was driving so slow to come and eat skewers. Greeted: “Boss, two bunches of big waist?”
I guess Xi Qingchuan has never eaten these things before, and Qiao Yi often brings me to eat them.
The chef in their family is very good at craftsmanship. She just likes to come out to eat wild food, saying that these skewers are delicious in the world. If they heard it, the chef in her family would probably cry at the stove.
We came to the hospital bathed in the fragrance of skewers, and Xi Qingchuan took me to the hospital again.
I took the film, and Dr. Xu is quite good. I can see my bone fractures with naked eyes. I have some slight bone fractures as a result of the examination, but it is not too serious, and there is no way to put a plaster on the scapula.
The doctor said to be careful not to exercise vigorously, as long as the diet is balanced and not life-threatening.
I didn’t even need to stay in the hospital for observation. Xi Qingchuan hugged me and prepared to leave, but the doctor stopped him: “Mr. Xi, there is blood oozing from your back. Are you okay?”
I turned my head to look, and sure enough, the spots of blood on his blue T-shirt must have opened my wound and he was bleeding now.
“Hey, take care of it in the hospital and see if you need to sew it.”
“No.” He strode the meteor.
“Being strong is a big taboo for the strong. The prerequisite for proving that you are strong is to learn to be soft.”
He looked down at me: “The place where you fell is wonderful, but you fell on your back without falling mouth.”
He was so vicious that he cursed me to fall into my mouth.
However, Xi Qingchuan probably had a terrible pain later, so he went to treat the wound, and Dr. Xu waited outside with me.
“The Third Young Master is very irritable tonight.” Doctor Xu muttered to himself: “The desire to control is really strong. The Third Young Master is very hard, isn’t it?”
“It’s okay.” It’s really okay. Xi Qingchuan is only acting, it’s just that the acting is more realistic.
It was late at night when I returned to Xi Qingchuan’s villa. I slept in a daze on the road, but because of a pain in my shoulder, I woke up after a while.
Because I fell, Xi Qingchuan let me sleep on the bed extraordinarily, but he also slept on the bed. He was also injured and had stitches just now. I can’t let him hit the floor so cruelly.
Fortunately, his bed is very big. We are divided into two, only a few bowls of water are left in the middle. I am not worried about what he treats me.
His back criss-crossed with wounds, large and small, with plenty of heart but not enough energy.
Waiting for me to take medicine silly, now I can understand the use of the robot, it will let me take medicine on time, help me get water or something.
After taking the medicine, I lay on my stomach, and after a while, Xi Qingchuan came and lay next to me.
The two of us were affixed to the bed like two plasters. It was funny looking at each other, so we all turned our heads in the other direction instead of looking at each other.
My shoulder hurts when I smile, and it is estimated that when Xi Qingchuan smiles, the wound on his back will open again.
I am drowsy, and I have experienced too much today, which makes me exhausted physically and mentally.
But Xi Qingchuan talked to me in a sleepy manner: “Xiao Sheng.”
“Hmm.” I was about to fall asleep: “What are you doing?”
“How many men are you lying on the bed like this?”
“Never before, who would lie together in such a weird posture?”
“What about the other positions?”
“No.” He wanted to ask me how many men I had.
No matter what the hell, my first time was lost on the sofa in his office, and he still had the face to ask me this.
I closed my eyes weakly and said, “It’s time for me to ask you.”
“How many men are you lying on the bed like this?”
“Does it count to go to a massage?”
“Not counting.”
“Then there is no such thing.”
The ghost believes, but I care about him.
I was uncomfortable lying on my stomach for a long time, and the bed was a bit dull no matter how soft it was.
I tried to turn over, he held me down: “What are you doing?”
“Uncomfortable lying on your stomach.”
“You can only lie on your stomach.”
“I slept on my side, and my left shoulder was injured.”
But my shoulder hurts and I can’t use my strength, so I can only ask him: “You can turn me over.”
“Are you roasting eggplant? You still need to turn it over?” He laughed at me, but he helped me anyway.
I was sleeping on my side much more comfortably, but there was a side effect, that was, I happened to face Xi Qingchuan, and he also slept on his side, and we looked at each other.
He still looks good while sleeping on his side, because there is no extra flesh on his face, so he won’t be so perverted as his face collapses.
I’m very sleepy, even if there is a beautiful man in front of me, I have to sleep.
Xi Qingchuan kept harassing me: “Xiao Sheng.”
“What are you doing?”
“I can not sleep.”
“Take sleeping pills.”
“I don’t have one.”
“Then find a stick to knock yourself out.”
“You tell me a story.”
He is really hard to serve: “Aren’t you stupid? It should be able to say.”
“Sister Zhiling’s voice will make people have primitive impulses, but they won’t make people fall asleep.”
“Who told you to use Sister Zhilin’s voice?”
“This robot has three voice switching, Guo Degang, Shan Tianfang, Lin Zhiling, which one do you think I choose?”
“You can switch to Guo Degang’s voice mode to tell you a story.”
His hand pinched my chin: “Xiao Sheng…”
Okay, he’s great, can’t I tell me what I’m talking about?
I closed my eyes and spoke dizzyly: “Once upon a time there was a mountain, and there was a temple on the mountain…”
“Xiao Sheng…” He warned.
“There is an old monk in the temple who is telling a story to the little monk…” I don’t care, my brain is almost empty at this time, how can I tell him a story?
Suddenly, I felt Xi Qingchuan’s breath hit me, and he kissed me.
There was a fresh smell of mouthwash between his teeth, and his lips were cold and soft.
I struggled with my back pain, and I could only passively accept his kiss.
Xi Qingchuan’s kisses are always aggressive and aggressive, but today they are very gentle. It is estimated that his back hurts, so of course the range of movements is much gentler.
I don’t worry about what he treats me, the two of us in tatters can only lie on the bed obediently.
He finally gasped and let go of me, and I closed my eyes tightly not to look at him.
His thumb rubbed my cheek extremely gently, I thought, he might be able to let me go.
Suddenly, I heard him say again: “Xiao Sheng, tell a story to listen.”

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