Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 170

My conversation with Bai Yu was interrupted by Xi Qingchuan. He stood at the door and knocked on the open door: “She needs medicine.”
Bai Yu stood up and nodded with me: “Miss Xiao, I will come to see you another day.”
“Yeah.” I said to him, “Protect yourself.”
Bai Yu’s eyebrows are smiling, and the corners of his mouth are crooked like a crescent moon.
When Baiyu left, Xi Qingchuan didn’t send him downstairs, and he was not polite at all.
He walked to my bed and looked at me condescendingly: “Have a good chat?”
“There is no reason to be unhappy.” Boyu did not blame me, and it was the same as before. Why is it unhappy that the stone falls in my heart?
He squinted his eyes: “If you are like me for your stepmother and Xiao Lingling, you won’t be bullied by them to the present stage.”
“Which step of the field?” I didn’t pay attention to it myself, did Xi Qingchuan say something and I would go back.
I should be afraid of him, he must be a paper tiger, I am not afraid of him.
He leaned on the edge of my bedside table and poured me the medicine. He poured two pills from the bottle in his palm and handed it to me: “Take the medicine.”
I am afraid that he will poison me: “What medicine?”
“The doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs.” He showed me the bottle.
“Are you sure it’s not arsenic?” I took it and put it in his mouth, and he handed me a glass of water with a smile: “Arsenic is generally an essential medicine for murdering my husband.”
“You can also use it to murder your wife.”
“You are sensitive and flexible at such times.” He sneered as he watched me swallow the pills: “I hope you can keep it until you get along with others.”
It seems that this is indeed the case when I get along with Xi Qingchuan. Whoever makes him arouse me every word, naturally arousing my small universe.
“Turn over.” He picked up the medicated oil on the table.
“Isn’t it just wiped yesterday?”
“Do you want to eat the meal you ate yesterday?”
But the rubbing oil is so painful, it hurts my heart when I push away the congestion.
Although Xi Qingchuan’s technique is good, thinking about the pain still makes me shudder.
“No.” I resisted: “If you don’t wipe it for a day, you won’t die.”
He pinched my shoulders: “Turn over yourself, don’t let me force you.”
Is it forced now? I passively lay on the bed and begged Xi Qingchuan: “You should be more vigorous.”
He rubbed the hot medicated oil in his palms, opened my clothes and pressed his palms to my back.
“Xiao Sheng.” His strength is not too strong: “There is a good news, a bad news, which one do you want to listen to?”
“Huh? About what?”
“about you.”
What good news and bad news about me?
I have always had choice syndrome, and it hurts me to let me choose when I first came up.
I thought for a while: “Bad news?”
“That lawyer has filed for divorce in your name. The reason is that I am a gay and forcing you to be a same wife.”
I immediately propped up and turned my head to look at him, which was really bad news.
“It’s not me, I don’t know this at all.” I was shocked and panicked.
“Sold him so soon? Your feelings are not so good.” His hands still massaged me vigorously, and I was so shocked that I couldn’t feel the pain anymore.
“Xi Qingchuan.” I licked my lips: “It’s really not me. I don’t know about this. He didn’t tell me.”
Suddenly, my mind was agitated. No, Ni Yizhou seemed to have told me.
He told me that I had dinner with him that day, but I didn’t take it seriously and didn’t plan to do that. Even if I had to divorce Xi Qingchuan, I didn’t seem to have to use that method. I would be disgusted with Xi Qingchuan’s reputation. That’s great.
He pressed me down to continue the massage: “I’m lying down.”
“What about the good news?”
“I can tell him to steal your name, unless you really authorized it.”
I got up from the bed and pulled my clothes and looked at Xi Qingchuan with wide eyes: “You want to sue Ni Yizhou?”
“He really took advantage of the fire and robbed him. Then this time he wanted to expand his identity. I still don’t tell him, do I keep his stew?” He put his hands on the bed and looked at me: “But this The decision is in your hands. If you say that you authorized it, I have no way to sue him.”
“What if Ni Yizhou is accused?”
“I won the lawsuit. From then on, no one dared to find Ni Yizhou in a lawsuit, and my future was ruined.”
Yes, I should be able to think of this result.
Why is Ni Yizhou such a cautious and steady person so impulsive?
I didn’t say let him take off Qingchuan!
My thoughts are upset and my mind is about to blow up.
Xi Qingchuan pinched my chin with two fingers and raised my head: “You think about it, why is Ni Yizhou so bold to sue me in your name?”
“How can you be sure that it has nothing to do with me?”
“You are so confused.” He snorted: “Where do you dare to do such a shocking thing?”
“But I also want to divorce you.”
“No, you don’t want to.” He suddenly poke my heart with his finger: “You don’t want to subconsciously.”
“Why?” My attention was successfully pulled away by him.
“Why only you know.”
Is he so confident? What is my reason for not divorcing him? I can’t even convince myself, but I really didn’t instigate Ni Yizhou.
I got up to get the phone: “I told Ni Yizhou to withdraw the lawsuit.”
Xi Qingchuan held down my hand: “No, I can’t help but have fun with it.”
I looked at him distressedly: “Ni Yizhou is not your opponent, does the egg hit the stone?”
“So, do you think Ni Yizhou is a fool? You know you want to fight me, why?”
How do I know why, looking at him inexplicably.
“Because he already has the chance to win with you, and thinks that you must be on the line with him. Ni Yizhou is not stupid, but his temper is too impatient. When this happened to me, he used it to attack me. It seemed that he had taken the lead. In fact, he forgot a very important point.”
“The first one will expose more weaknesses. If the enemy doesn’t move, he doesn’t understand if I don’t move?”
There was a mass of paste in my mind, and it became a mess of porridge after a little shake.
He pushed me down again: “The decision is up to you, Xiao Sheng.”
“What’s the right to decide?” My face was pressed against the pillow, and my voice was muffled.
“Decide whether to support him or not to sue me, because at that time you will come to court to prove whether the divorce with me was authorized by you. If you don’t have Ni Yizhou’s lawyer qualification certificate, it will be revoked.” His hand gently spread mine. Back: “Would you like to listen to my advice?”
“Don’t entrust your life to a fool.”

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