Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 181

“Uh.” I’m average for sweets, but Joey is a loyal supporter of chocolate.
“This kind of chocolate candy is so delicious, where did you find it.” Qiao Yi wanted to rush to grab the chocolate candy in Xi Qingchuan’s hand, but he held it high, Qiao Yi couldn’t get it.
It is rare that she is nearly 1.8 meters tall and has something she can’t get. She is furious: “I bought all the chocolates in this supermarket.”
“I ate it.” I said to Xi Qingchuan, “put it in the shopping cart, otherwise Qiao Yi will really buy it up when he gets crazy.”
“It’s a miracle that her father is still bankrupt.” Xi Qingchuan threw the chocolate candy into the shopping cart.
It’s the first time I went to the supermarket with Xi Qingchuan. The Demon King was still full of aura when he visited the supermarket. Those of us followed his ass and looked like his horse.
Suddenly he stopped by a food shelf, picked up one and studied it carefully. I thought he was going to buy it, so he enthusiastically introduced him: “This kind of sugar-free biscuits are under the banner of healthy biscuits. In fact, they still have a sweet taste. What is the difference between the sweetness of aspartame and xylitol?”
He turned his head to look at me: “This is a product of a food company under Xi’s.”
I was dumb, Xi Jinyuan also looked at it and expressed his approval: “Yes, this belongs to our Xi family.”
“Uh.” This is embarrassing, how do I know that Xi’s business has explored the food industry.
“Xiao Sheng, our Xi’s biscuit is the main health concept. It contains whole wheat and wheat bran.” Xi Jinyuan told me.
“Wheat bran is just a gimmick. In fact, it is particularly bad for some people’s respiratory tract. Old people and children may choke after eating it, and some people are allergic to wheat. This is only for a part of the population.” After I finished speaking, I felt that I was talking too much. , Dare not look at Xi Qingchuan’s face.
However, he seems to be okay, and he behaves fairly well.
He put down the biscuit and walked forward blankly.
I whispered to Xi Jinyuan: “Am I talking too much?”
“It doesn’t matter, my third brother won’t be angry, he is very generous.”
“Generous?” I was shocked to death by him: “Do you have other third brothers? Are we talking about the same person?”
After shopping in the supermarket, a group of us drove to Qiao Yi’s house.
Xi Qingchuan really wanted to follow, Qiao Yi was very dissatisfied, and didn’t dare to tell him face to face, only muttering to me: “I didn’t invite him again, why should he come uninvited.”
“Tell him yourself.” Xi Jinyuan and I agreed. Xi Qingchuan felt that the air would be stagnant: “Anyway, it’s your home, you have the right to speak.”
Qiao Yi eagerly fists, but when she saw Xi Qingchuan driving past us, she turned her head towards me: “Xiao Sheng, get in the car.” She persuaded.
I didn’t want to get in Xi Qingchuan’s car, but under pressure I had to get on.
Xi Jinyuan climbed into Qiao Yi’s car with a weeping face: “Don’t drive too fast.”
When I got into the car, Xi Qingchuan stretched out his hand to pull me up, and he also helped me fasten my seat belt. He was so easy to get along with, which made me particularly uneasy.
He just doesn’t ask me why Xi Jinyuan is with us, because I don’t know how to answer.
Our car drove out of the parking lot, and Qiao Yi’s car rubbed our body and hurried away. I almost heard Xi Jinyuan’s desperate cry.
“This Joey, she drives so fast again.”
“You sit firmly.” Xi Qingchuan said to me.
“What are you doing?”
Xi Qingchuan didn’t speak, and accelerated with a kick of the accelerator.
Are these two people racing on the main road? Now it’s peak time, these two people are making trouble!
I didn’t have time to say you slow down. Our car caught up with Qiao Yi’s car. Today, Xi Qingchuan drove not a Bentley but a Bugatti, a supercar in a supercar.
Qiao Yi also drives a sports car, but it is a model of the previous two years. She is not unexpectedly, the configuration has been upgraded and upgraded. Recently, Qiao Dad saw that she burned too much money to play the car and cut off her large expenditure. The performance of Yi’s car is obviously not as good as that of Xi Qingchuan, and it may be technically inferior.
After Xi Qingchuan’s car passed Qiao Yi, she kept pinning her. Qiao Yi couldn’t surpass us anyway, so he got his head out of the car window and shouted at us: “Xi Qingchuan, your car is good. We have the ability. Compare with each other in the same car!”
Qiao Yi is a competitive talent, like cockfighting, everything is compared.
When she was in high school, she was a physical education student, no matter which class she was running in the physical education class, she had to rush in to compete with the first place.
Xi Qingchuan smiled at the corner of her mouth and pressed her firmly behind her.
Qiao Yi must be mad, the whole person stuck out the open top of the car, Xi Jinyuan was trying hard to push her down.
“Don’t be crazy with her.” I’m really afraid of Qiao Yi’s madness and some accident: “She is like this, she must beat others in everything.”
“She should know that she can’t be the first outside the Qingshan Tower outside the mountain.” Xi Qingchuan said lightly.
I know that Xi Qingchuan certainly can’t let Qiao Yi, I just ask to get to her house quickly, I think the traffic on this road is a bit messy.
Anyway, Xi Qingchuan’s car skills are good, and there is no cause for a chaos in the car. We drove the car into the garden of Qiao Yi’s house smoothly.
As soon as I got out of the car, Qiao Yi ran out of the car furiously and patted the front of Xi Qingchuan: “Your car is very efficient, and we can compare it again if you have the ability.”
“You smashed my limited edition headlights, and the world can’t find the same to match them. When will you fix it and when will I compare it with you.”
Qiao Yi shut up immediately. I remembered that Xi Qingchuan said that the limited edition car should be the light purple sports car that Xi Qingchuan gave to her last time when she deliberately chased Qiao Yi. Qiao Yi deliberately turned on the two car lights. It’s all crushed.
It’s crazy.
Qiao’s father and Qiao’s mother didn’t come back yet. I found that their living room had changed. Qiao Yi replaced Qiao’s favorite red sandalwood chair with a Disney limited-edition Aladdin magic lamp series sofa.
“Qiao Yi, are you not afraid that your goddad will come back and be pissed off by you?”
“I didn’t throw his chair again, it’s in the warehouse!”
“You put that expensive chair in the warehouse?”
“How beautiful this one is, Aladdin’s magic lamp series.”
“Are you still a kid?”
“This is customized for adults, can’t adults have a childlike innocence?”
Xi Qingchuan stood by the sofa: “Qiao Yi, do you have any other sofa in your house?”
“There are so many sofas here, you sit down!” Qiao Yi didn’t even have the master’s consciousness at all, or their aunt Luo went to make tea.
“I don’t sit on this naive sofa.”
“Then you just stand, and our sofas have been changed for me.”
However, I find it very interesting. There is a sofa that looks like a teapot, and the handle of the pot is the back of the chair. It sways very comfortably.
Qiao Yi and Xi Qingchuan can always pinch up in the same space, so I hurried Qiao Yi to work in the kitchen.
She was filled with righteous indignation: “Why should I cook for the brothers?”

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