Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 184

When I was cooking, Xi Qingchuan dismissed my curry crab as unpalatable. After the crab was finished, he asked Aunt Luo if there was any cooked rice at home. He actually used the curry crab soup to soak the rice in it.
I asked him if it was delicious. He stuffed a big mouthful of rice and looked up at me: “Do you know what is the best food in the world?”
“how could I know?”
“It’s hunger.” He said with certainty.
Obviously it’s delicious, and he obviously likes it, but it’s a dead duck with a hard mouth.
Xi Qingchuan and Qiao Yi divided the out-of-print collection of Qiao Da, and the brandy score was quite high, but the two looked sober as if they were drinking.
Xi Jinyuan and I drank champagne, and Dad Qiao’s champagne was also a bit of a degree. My face blushed after two glasses. Every time I saw Xi Qingchuan, he seemed to be looking at me.
“Why look at me all the time?”
He suddenly stretched out his hand to me, and rubbed his thumb on the tip of my nose: “Shacha sauce.”
“How come?” I touched my nose, there was nothing.
Qiao Yijiu started to show moths after three rounds of wine. She stepped on the dining chair with one foot: “Shall we play games?”
“Not good.” I immediately refused, vaguely feeling that Xi Qingchuan was there and playing games with Qiao Yi was a bit dangerous.
“There is a game that is very fun. One person chooses a poker to stick to his face, don’t look at it, others can watch it, and then guess according to others’ descriptions, three chances, if you guess wrong, you will be punished for drinking, and then you have to get a new card. Pass it to the person below and let him guess.”
Qiao Yi occasionally visits the wine bar, and I don’t know who he learned this stuff from.
I don’t want to play, but Xi Jinyuan looks very interested.
“Whoever wants to play raise his hand.” Qiao Yi raised his hand high, and Xi Jinyuan also raised his hand.
I looked at Xi Qingchuan begging for mercy, hoping that he didn’t want to play, and then we went back to bed peacefully after eating, and everyone was happy.
Xi Qingchuan sipped his brandy: “I think it can.”
He slowly raised his hand, and Qiao Yi stroked his palm Dale: “Ha, three to one, Xiao Sheng, you have to play with us.”
I’m really afraid that I will fight after playing.
Qiao Yipidianpidian went to find the playing cards and brought the dice cup, seriously let us shake the dice to decide who would guess first.
I have never played these before, and the dice cup is also the first time in my life. Who knows that I shook a six-six-six. Qiao Xie said it was a leopard and said that I have the style of a female gambler.
I have watched gambling movies. There is a female gambling god in neon country wearing a kimono, showing half of her shoulder, with colorful patterns on it.
I was the first to guess. I drew a card to show them, then put the palm of my face inward, and looked at them dumbfounded.
“Xiao Sheng, I can give you a hint.” Qiao Yi said, “I can tell you that this flower is not a word.”
“What is the word for flower?”
“Have you ever played poker?”
“No hits.”
“Flowers are JQK, and words are numbers.”
“Oh.” I understand, isn’t it very simple: “Can you have three chances?”
“Yeah.” Qiao Yi nodded.
There are three kinds of JQK in total. Even if I guessed incorrectly the first two times, I would be able to guess correctly the last time.
I said: “J?”
“No.” Qiao Yi shook his head.
“K.” I jumped up: “Is it?”
“You don’t say which suit of K.” Xi Qingchuan said abruptly: “Four suits, spades, red, peach, and clubs. Guess which suit?”
“How do I know this?”
“So, you have no chance.”
“Guess the suit?” I asked Qiao Yi.
She couldn’t help but spread her hands: “Who asked you to make the rules at the beginning?”
“How about losing, drinking?” I raised my glass, but the champagne level was very low anyway: “This game is ridiculous.”
The three of them watched me drunk the champagne, and then Qiao Yi took out a stack of cards for Xi Qingchuan to draw, and Xi Qingchuan handed it to me when he finished the draw.
“What are you doing?” I held my card in a daze.
“Xiao Sheng, did you pay attention when Qiao Yi said the rules?” Xi Jinyuan asked me.
“Ah.” I recalled carefully: “Should you pass the cards to the opponent with your mouth?”
“Hmm.” Xi Jinyuan nodded: “Your next one is my third brother.”
This game is weirdly boring. I took a card and looked around: “Joe, is your card clean?”
I looked at Xi Qingchuan, and he was also looking at me.
Wishing to accept the bet, I took a deep breath and sucked the card to my mouth, and then approached Xi Qingchuan.
His hand gently supported my arm, and I watched Xi Qingchuan’s face press into me.
My lung capacity is average, and the cards will soon be unable to absorb, but Xi Qingchuan’s movements seem to be broken down shots with special effects in the movie, and they are horribly slow.
My card was about to fall, so I had to reach out and grab Xi Qingchuan’s head and press his lips hard.
But my luck was not so good. When I was about to meet, the cards fell from my lips, and then Xi Qingchuan and I met each other with our lips facing each other.
I was stunned for several seconds before pushing him away. Qiao Yi booed aside: “Oh, deliberately, Xiao Sheng, how does it feel?”
I gave her a blank look, then turned to look at Xi Qingchuan, and suddenly found that there was the color of my cherry blossom lipstick on his lips.
I was a little embarrassed, so I drew a tissue for him. He took it but didn’t wipe it, and asked Qiao Chang, “Is the punishment completed if the card is dropped?”
“Of course not. Truth or Dare.” Qiao Yi’s voice was octaves high and deafening.
“I want to.” Xi Jinyuan is interested: “Qiao Yi, I’ll ask this question.”
“Ask something worthwhile, a bit more explosive, don’t ask those who play sideballs.”
“I know.” Xi Jinyuan squinted, his eyes smiling like crescent moon: “Xiao Sheng, have you ever been in a relationship, you have been in a serious relationship, the one who loves to die or to live?”
“No.” I can answer this question without thinking.
“That’s not right, Xiao Sheng.” Qiao Yi wrinkled his nose: “Brother Boat, where is your dream girl!”
“Is it Big Brother Ni?” Xi Jinyuan asked.
When I said in front of Xi Qingchuan what Ni Yizhou was doing, I glared at Qiao Yi: “I have already answered it just now, there is no extension question.”
I kept winking at Qiao Yi, and she was slightly dizzy, and finally reacted: “Well, even if you pass, continue to play, who is next? Xi Qingchuan!”
However, Xi Qingchuan popped the card in his hand with his finger, turned in a circle in the air, and slowly landed on the ground.
“Stop playing, eating too much, go for a walk in the garden.” Xi Qingchuan stood up and walked out of Qiao’s living room.
“Xi Qingchuan is really mean. I stopped playing at the beginning. The three of us played.”
“How do the three of us play?” I lowered my voice and stared at Qiao Yi, “Why are you talking about Ni Yizhou?”
“Why can’t I mention Ni Yizhou?”
“Don’t you know that Ni Yizhou sued Xi Qingchuan for divorce in my name?”
“So what?”

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