Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 19

“Where is this?”
“This is an artist’s residence.” Qiao Yi proudly told me, “My boyfriend is a painter.”
I’m not surprised at all. The career coverage of Qiao Yi’s boyfriend is too broad. What cosmetics trialists, perfume experiencers, senior white-collar workers, presidents, and now they have extended their magic to the art world.
I nodded and patted her shoulder: “I thank you for fellow males of other professions.”
She didn’t think it was a pestle, she happily took my hand in, pointed to the finger and introduced me: “The flowers here are all grown by my boyfriend. There is a living room and there is a small pond over there. My boyfriend occasionally fishes there. There, my boyfriend likes to sketch there the most. This is my boyfriend’s studio, and his paintings are simply so good.”
“How do you describe your boyfriend like an old man?”
“You are the old man.” She pointed forward: “Here, my boyfriend!”
I looked forward in the direction of her fingers and saw a man standing among the flowers and watering the flowers. He was tall and wearing a fisherman hat with his back facing me. I vaguely felt that his youth should not be It will be too light.
“Qin Guan!” Qiao Yi shouted happily, jumping up.
The other party turned around, turned off the shower in his hand, took off the hat on his head, and I saw his face.
He is indeed not young anymore, he seems to be less than forty years old, and he seems to be a little bit more.
However, what the years leave on his face is not oldness, but a kind of charm that no one else has.
This is a face that dazzles me, as if I’m familiar but I haven’t seen it before.
He looks good, and I don’t think he will look better when he was young.
Some men and women are like flowers, and they will fail after they bloom.
But some men don’t. After their prime, they will be more gorgeous and never fade. You say that it is not terrible.
He looked at us with a smile on his lips.
His smile was gentle, and there was a calmness that could hold the world over.
Suddenly, I felt that Qiao Yi would not be a daily throw-up like to those ex-boyfriends, at least he would be obsessed with it for a while.
No wonder it was an uncle level, and she was fascinated by it.
“You are here.” He put down the shower and dried his hands with a dry towel on the rocking chair: “I’m going to make tea for you, you sit down.”
“No hurry, let me introduce you first.” Qiao Yi took Qin Guan’s arm and said affectionately and cheerfully: “This is my best girlfriend, the kind of real girlfriend who never stabbed a knife in the back, Xiao Sheng. This It is Qin Guan, a world-famous painter. The portraits of the figures look like photographs, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.”
For Qiao Yi, what is good to paint is to paint a portrait.
I sincerely nodded to him: “Hello, my name is Xiao Sheng.”
“Hello, please sit down and I’ll make tea for you.”
We sat down on the wicker chairs, just sitting on the edge of the fence, covered with roses inside and out, like a fluffy green curtain draped over the fence, I think this place is very beautiful and very comfortable.
Qiao Yi hummed the song in a great mood, and kept showing off to me: “Well, is my boyfriend extremely handsome?”
“Well,” I nodded sincerely this time: “It’s not just handsome, there is an irresistible sense of persuasion between raising hands and feet.”
“What do you mean?” She looked at me with eyes wide open.
I smiled and pushed her face away: “I don’t know how to explain, it’s very good anyway.”
“It’s rare that you praised my boyfriend so much.” Qiao Yi stroked his chin triumphantly.
“How do you recognize it?”
“Of course it was in his exhibition. I was so lucky. I was fortunate to meet him on the last day of his exhibition.”
“When did you go to the art exhibition?” In my impression, if there is a limited sale of bags, she would definitely go there immediately. Seeing the art exhibition, she seems to have this artistic cell.
“People say that if you go to feel the atmosphere of art, it’s easier to forget the troubles.”
Feelings are for her to relax.
While talking, Qin Guan came with the tray and put it on the coffee table.
In the tray is a teapot, three small white marble cups, which look crystal clear, and there are two plates of refreshments.
This season is when wormwood is on the market, and one of the refreshments is wormwood kuih, which I have been eating for a long, long time.
My mother used to make this very well, and it will be filled with my favorite fillings. I like salty ones, such as ham, salted egg yolk, dried bamboo shoots and bracken, etc. A bite of the fragrance of wormwood and the fresh fragrance of the fillings are blended Together, don’t mention how delicious it is.
Many big hotels in Huacheng, as well as the chefs of the Xi’s family, will also make wormwood kueh kueh, but they always do not taste like mother.
Qin Guan’s slender fingers pinched the handle of the teapot to make tea for us. When he was making tea, the nympho Qiao Yi held his cheek on the side and looked at him foolishly with a look of worship.
When the tea is brewed, the light green rippling in the small white marble cup looks delicious.
“Eat a wormwood kueh kueh.” Qiao Yi enthusiastically clamped the wormwood kueh kueh into my plate. He didn’t want to eat it at first, because he would forget my mother’s taste if he eats too much.
But Qiao Yi Shengyi fisted, and under her gaze, I had to pick up the saucer and take a bite.
The skin is soft and the filling is rich, the more you chew, the more magical it becomes.
I ate the stuffing inside, including diced bamboo shoots, ham, salted egg yolk, and bracken.
This is clearly the taste my mother made.
It may be that I have been chewing, and Qiao Yi pushed me: “What’s wrong, I am still in a daze after eating a kueh kueh.”
I swallowed my mouth and looked at Qin Guan in front of me: “Excuse me, did you do this yourself?”
He nodded politely: “Yes.”
“Where are you?”
“I am a southerner.”
“This wormwood kueh kueh, my mother’s taste is exactly the same as this one.” I mumbled to myself, but my mother is not from the south, she is from Huacheng.
“Really?” Qiao Yi picked up one and put it in his mouth, nodding repeatedly: “Well, it’s delicious.”
She only tasted good and not good, but I tasted my mother’s taste.
However, I didn’t study it deeply, and I didn’t have tears to eat, so I won’t frighten others when I meet for the first time.
It may be because of the environment here, or it may be because of this wormwood kueh kueh. I think Qin Guan, who is sitting opposite us, looks more kind.
Qiao Yi and I split a whole plate of kueh kueh, swelled in my stomach after drinking tea, I was a little braced, letting out my thoughts and looking into the distance.
There is no distance in the city, because there are tall buildings everywhere, and you can see the distance unless you stand on the top of the tallest building.
But which one is the tallest building in the city?
Is Xi’s commercial building considered the tallest?
I have never been there before. I heard that Xi Qingchuan would often stand alone on the roof and look into the distance. I think he is enjoying the feeling of stepping on everyone!

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