Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 199

I was confused and danced with Xi Qingchuan, maybe I was seasick, and I was a little dizzy, so he pressed my head to his chest.
“What dance step is this?” I hummed.
“Two steps.”
“Where there are two steps, there are two steps in the national standard, and they are all silly.”
“Broken, just break, don’t you find it comfortable to dance like this?”
Is it comfortable? Comfortable is comfortable.
Relying on the rhythm and inertia of my body, I moved my steps gently, and it was still very comfortable to lie on Xi Qingchuan.
Something on his neck hits me. I looked up and it was a platinum necklace.
In the past, I always felt that men wearing necklaces were a little bit motherly, or quack-like.
But why is it particularly suitable no matter what Xi Qingchuan wears?
When he saw that I was looking at his necklace, he showed it off to me: “My eighteenth birthday, grandma gave it to me.”
“Oh, I thought grandma would give you big gold bracelets.”
“The big gold bracelet is for you.” He suddenly looked down at my wrist: “I remember that grandma gave you a jade bracelet. How come you never see you wear it?”
“It’s a bit big and too expensive, I’m afraid it will be broken.”
He grabbed my hand and studied it carefully: “Being thin is a little thinner, Xiao Sheng, why don’t you get fat after eating so much?”
“Because I am young, my metabolism is fast!”
“Are you showing off your youth?”
“Well, I’m 23.”
“I’m 26.” He said: “The junior boy holds gold bricks!”
“Where is that kind of saying?” I knocked on his chest.
He knocked with me to a great extent, anyway, his chest is so strong that he is not afraid of my knocking.
I looked at his necklace and felt that there was a pendant missing. It would look better if there were more pendants.
I suddenly remembered what I gave Xi Qingchuan as a birthday present.
He wanted me to sculpt flute and poems to give the white crystal to Mama Xi, but now it’s been a few days and it’s too late.
But I can use a smaller jade carving as a pendant and give it to him.
Xi Qingchuan and I hugged and swayed on the deck. Suddenly, I saw Xiao Shi standing on the side of the railing and looking at us intently.
I subconsciously broke free from Xi Qingchuan’s arms.
In fact, Xiao Shi’s eyes are the same as usual, but I always feel that I was doing this as if I was deliberately provoking her or taking away Xi Qingchuan.
Should I explain to her, it’s just public relations?
Xi Qingchuan was very sensitive. When I looked back and followed my gaze, I saw Xiao Shi.
I took the opportunity to slip away and went back to the room to take a shower.
I remember I had a set of carving tools and a good quality jade in my suitcase.
I was afraid that I would be bored on the boat, so I brought these and I prepared to carve anything at will. Now it just happens that I can carve Xi Qingchuan.
I took a shower and changed my pajamas, and sat cross-legged at the table to sculpt.
I am very forgetful when I work, and I don’t think about many messy things.
I heard someone knock on the door, it was Bai Yu’s voice: “Xiao Sheng.”
Afterwards, Bai Yu called my name directly. I think this is much easier than calling Mrs. Xi or Miss Xiao.
“Please come in.” I said.
He opened the door but didn’t come in, and stood at the door.
Boyu is the most measured man I have ever met. In short, he has been well-educated since he was a child.
“Are you still asleep?”
“It’s better to go to bed early. Mr. Xi will get up at four o’clock tomorrow morning to go fishing and watch the sunrise by the way.”
“Oh?” I stopped the work in my hand and looked back at Bai Yu: “Sounds very interesting.”
“What are you doing?” He saw the smallest carving knife in my hand and walked over with interest.
“Carved jade portraits.”
“who is it?”
“Xi Qingchuan, he is going to have his birthday.” It seemed a bit strange to say that, I immediately added: “Do you like it? I can also carve a look like you and give it to you.”
Bai Yu has always been modest, but this time he said: “Okay, I want it.”
“Then, I’ll sculpt Xi Qingchuan quickly and I will carve it for you.” I bit the wooden handle of the carving knife and studied him: “Well, Boyu, you are really the best model. Your lines are softer and you can make carvings. It will look better when it comes out.”
I stood up and put down the knife in my hand: “Let me see your proportions.”
I walked in front of him and stretched out my hand to touch his face. I wanted to feel the lines and bones of Bai Yu’s face, so that it would feel like a hand.
When my hand just touched Bai Yu’s face, he suddenly trembled, and his face went red, from his neck to the top of his head.
Oh, I remembered that Boyu was very shy, I didn’t even realize it.
I hurriedly apologized: “I’m sorry, Bai Yu, I blame Xi Qingchuan. I learned from him for the careless attention. I’m sorry.”
“It’s ok.”
I retracted my hand: “In fact, looking at it this way, it’s not bad.”
He looked at me for a moment, the soft ceiling light shining on his face, and even the fluff on his cheeks could be seen.
He seemed to have been tapped, and the whole person was still.
I am a little embarrassed. Although I often deal with Baiyu, how can I touch people casually?
“Sorry, sorry…” I said incoherently.
Suddenly, he stretched out his hand to hold my wrist and put my hand on his face: “It’s okay, just touch it.”
His face was still hot, and the red color hadn’t completely faded, as if he was touching a hot water glass.
Boyu’s eyes have been staring at me tenderly, and there is an element of encouragement.
He doesn’t mind, what else am I tweaking?
I simply touched the bones of his face with both hands, from his chin to his forehead.
I touched and joked to ease his embarrassment: “Your exquisite bones, you are a martial arts wizard!”
He smiled and looked at me, the ripples on the corners of his mouth, like the shallow traces left by a small boat on the calm lake.
He looked at me so quietly, making me forget that this was on the sea of ​​changing circumstances.
However, this silence was soon broken by Xi Qingchuan’s voice, and I heard his cold and sullen voice.
“Xiao Sheng, when are you going to molest my assistant?”
I was scared to death. I was slightly closing my eyes and feeling the lines of Baiyu’s face. I was immersed in art. When he did this, my little heart was almost torn apart.
I turned my head and looked at the door in a daze. Xi Qingchuan and Xiao Shi were standing there together, my hand was still on Bai Yu’s cheek.
Xi Qingchuan angrily stretched out his finger and pointed at my hand: “When do you want to touch it?”
I immediately withdrew my hands, but my face didn’t change and my heart didn’t beat.
This is art. He doesn’t understand it, so he yells and screams.
Bai Yu nodded towards Xiao Shi and Xi Qingchuan, and then immediately walked away from my room.
The atmosphere was very embarrassing. Xiao Shi was very knowledgeable about current affairs. As soon as Bai Yu left, she said, “You take care of the housework slowly, and I will go back to the room.”

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