Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 210

“Just now, Qing Chuan came over to find me.” She smiled and looked at me, her eyes flashed with moving light: “I didn’t expect him to tell me like this, and I didn’t even think that it has been so long between us, Xiao Sheng, you are a kind and kind girl, you can definitely find a man you love and love you.”
For the blessings of flute and poems, I received all the blessings, but the whole person is still confused.
Xiao Shi didn’t have anything to say, took my hand and walked out of the small garden of the villa.
Outside is a sightseeing car with a fabric roof. Now the sun is not strong and the wind is quite cool on the body.
After I got in the car, it seemed that I was slowly clearing my mind.
After I fell asleep, Xi Qingchuan went to Xiao Shi and talked about her leaving Xi Qingchuan.
However, Xi Qingchuan’s attitude is definitely not what he showed in front of me, otherwise Xiao Shi could not be this reaction.
In other words, Xi Qingchuan’s performance in front of Xiao Shi is different from that in front of me.
I don’t know what Xi Qingchuan promised Xiaoshi, she was so happy.
But, obviously he just mentioned eternity to me just now.
I know that the word forever is very extravagant to me, even extravagant.
I seemed to believe it, and I was moved stupidly and cried for a long time.
I’m so stupid, he is Xi Qingchuan, Xi Qingchuan who can never guess what he is thinking.
Sightseeing cars drove along the road by the beach, the sea was endless, the golden sand was glowing golden in the sun, and seabirds were flying low and wiping the sea.
The driver of the car told us: “The sun is not too strong, and the seabirds will come out to search for food.”
I responded lowly, but Xiao Shi asked the driver with interest what these seabirds were.
“There are several kinds, seagulls, black-headed gulls, tern-tailed gulls, here, that kind.” The driver pointed to a gray seabird that landed on the headlight of his car: “This kind is called a gray-winged skua.”
“Grey-winged skua?” I know the wings are gray. What does the skua mean?
“This kind of bird is ghostly and clever. It looks for food on the sea like other seabirds, but its inherent conditions and sensitivity are not as good as other seabirds. They are also lazy and can’t let themselves go hungry. So they choose fishermen’s fishing grounds to steal. Eat, there are many fish, it is easier to find food than in the sea. Or, after some seabirds find food, it will grab it.”
“That is to eat ready-made.” Xiao Shi turned his head and said to me: “Then this bird is also very smart, knows how to take shortcuts with the least effort, take away other people’s things, and sit back and enjoy the fruits.”
Xiao Shi is talking about birds, how do I feel like talking about me.
Now I seem to be between Xi Qingchuan and Xiao Shi, and I have made a skua that sits and enjoys its achievements.
I turned my face to look at the sea, and the large gray-winged skua flew straight to the other side of the sea.
Xiao Shi suddenly said to me in my ear: “Qing Chuan just told me forever.”
I suddenly looked back at her: “Forever?”
“Well, forever.” She flicked the broken hair in her ear, exhaling blue.
By such a coincidence, at noon, Xi Qingchuan also mentioned forever to me.
His is always divided between two people, or just talk about it casually.
The playground is here, and there is an amusement device built on a mountain that is not too high. There is a mountain on the island, but it is not very high.
Xi Qingchuan is really business savvy, and it is most appropriate to build the playground around the mountain.
I saw Xi Qingchuan at a glance, he was looking at the drawings with a few engineers, and Bai Yu saw us walking towards us.
“There are a lot of broken stones over there, be careful.”
I can read some drawings. I was trained by Qiao Yi. She thinks I should be an all-round talent, and Qiao Yi is really good at these, so I don’t need to learn more.
The drawing is about the design of the roller coaster. It is very majestic. It seems that I dare not play it after it is built.
There are two English letters on the body of the roller coaster: X, S.
Xiao Shi should have seen it too, and glanced at me.
I don’t know how she associates it, but there are stars in her eyes.
This is how I understand it, X and S can be the first letter of a person’s name.
Such as Xiao Sheng.
Another example is Xiao Shi.
At this moment, I realized that the first letters of the names of me and Xiao Shi are the same.
So, I don’t know what exactly these two letters mean, or whether it means one of us.
I don’t want to guess, nor do I feel passionately thinking that I’m talking about myself.
How can I have the ability to make Xi Qingchuan love to engrave my name on the roller coaster.
Xi Qingchuan turned his head and saw me: “Wake up?”
My fingertips are cold, and I don’t even want to give him a perfunctory smile.
He held my finger: “Why is it so cold? Uncomfortable?”
He reached out and probed my forehead: “The temperature is okay, where is it uncomfortable?”
Xi Qingchuan’s dark pupils are full of concern, he is so good-looking and so dizzy.
I gradually lost interest in Ni Yizhou, whom I had a crush on since I was a child.
The two words forever that Xi Qingchuan blurted out at noon almost made me cry.
I found one thing sadly. I seemed to be gradually sinking into the gentle trap that Xi Qingchuan created for me.
I really enjoy his care and gentleness to me.
May I ask, which woman will not sink into nothing but her alone, and will not take a second look at any woman?
I don’t want to admit it, but I was really confused by him.
I took my finger out of his palm and turned my head just to meet Xiao Shi’s smile.
She was no longer pale when she saw Xi Qingchuan being intimate with me in the morning, but there was a kind of pity in her eyes instead.
It seems that I have become a plaything, but I still don’t understand my function.
I may look ugly, and feel like fainting from suffocation.
I told Baiyu: “I want to go to the beach and sit.”
He immediately came over to help me: “Mr. Xi, I will accompany Miss Xiao to sit there for a while.”
Bai Yu took me to the beach, Xi Qingchuan was left behind by me, and I felt my breathing became a little smoother.
“You have nothing wrong, Xiao Sheng, your face is really ugly.”
I squeezed Bai Yu’s wrist tightly, as if this could give me a little strength.
When he helped me sit down on a recliner under a parasol, I let go of the hand that held Baiyu’s wrist, only to find that I had pinched his wrist with nail marks.
I hurriedly apologized: “I’m sorry, Boyu, I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.” He squatted down beside me and looked at me worriedly: “If I feel unwell, I’ll go to the doctor.”
“No.” The doctor can’t relieve my current discomfort: “The doctor can only cure the disease that can definitely be cured. For the unknown, he will only use Mo Ling’s words to fool you.”
“What kind of disease do you have that can’t be cured?” Xi Qingchuan’s voice rang above my head.
I turned around, and he had walked behind me: “Where are you uncomfortable, your face is pale like a ghost.”
“It’s as if you have seen a ghost.”
He patted Baiyu on the shoulder: “You go there first.”
Bai Yu left, so he squatted in front of me.
“Seeing you are clever, it doesn’t look like you are sick. What’s wrong, getting out of bed?” He wanted to touch my face again, and was blocked by me.
“Xi Qingchuan, please don’t have any reporters or paparazzi on this island, you don’t have to do public relations anymore.”
His hand fell in the air, his eyebrows twisted like a small ball.
He suddenly held my face in both hands, and then pressed his face to me.

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