Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 213

Xi Qingchuan’s sneezing ceaselessly, and the whole body is wet. In the dark environment, I seem to see a white mist rising from him, just like the ghosts in the ghosts and gods TV series have to be in the sun when the deadline expires. The appearance of leaving.
I was very frightened by my cognition. I hurriedly found the tissue box in the room and handed it to him: “Xi Qingchuan, are you going to be promoted?”
He finally stopped the sneeze and stood up by the bed when Bai Yu walked in.
Maybe he was always at the door, I didn’t pay attention.
He was holding a bath towel in his hand: “Mr. Xi first go take a bath and change clothes, otherwise he will catch a cold.”
Xi Qingchuan received the bath towel in Baiyu’s hand, and he leaned on the wall and looked at me annoyedly: “What is a cold? I almost died at sea just now?”
“Xi Qingchuan.” I took the bath towel in Bai Yu’s hand and stuffed it into his hand: “You go take a bath, go now.”
He probably couldn’t stand the cold, so he took the towel from my hand and turned and walked into the bathroom.
When the sound of splashing water inside, I gradually gained a sense of reality.
Xi Qingchuan actually came after him, which surprised me.
I looked at Bai Yu with a sad face: “How could he catch up? This must be at sea.”
“I don’t know either,” Bai Yu also looked incredulous: “I turned around on the deck and was about to go to the room to sleep, when I saw Mr. Xi driving a speedboat over.”
“He drives a speedboat? He’s wet all over, I thought he swam over.”
“It’s raining outside. It’s very heavy. Mr. Xi came in the rain.”
“Is he crazy.” I was stunned. “Isn’t it dangerous to drive a speedboat in heavy rain?”
“The weather on the sea is changing, and it’s raining heavily now. Maybe there will be lightning and thunder in the future. It’s really dangerous.”
“Why is Xi Qingchuan so crazy?”
“To a woman, I have never seen Mr. Xi crazy like this.” Bai Yu muttered to himself.
I looked up at him blankly: “Huh?”
Bai Yu turned around: “I went to look for cold medicines. From the island to us, Mr. Xi drove the speedboat in the rain for at least two hours of rain.”
After he walked out of the room, Xi Qingchuan also walked out of the bathroom.
There was no extra clothes on the boat, so he could only walk out in a bathrobe.
What Bai Yu said was wrong, and suddenly there was lightning outside, and a pink lightning flashed in the night sky behind Xi Qingchuan, splitting the originally complete night sky to pieces.
The room was still dark, and the flash of pink lightning brought instant light. By the way, I could see Xi Qingchuan’s eyes. They were so red and red, as if a full shot of blood rushed into the eyes.
I took a step backwards, I think Xi Qingchuan should strangle me to death.
He suddenly stretched out his hand to me, and I screamed in fright: “Xi Qingchuan, it’s not about Baiyu, I begged him to take me away from the island.”
He grabbed my wrist and put his other hand around my lower back. My calf touched the edge of the bed. Fortunately, he grabbed me, or I would fall down.
I took advantage of his strength to stand firmly and watched his uncertain face.
“You are quite loyal, don’t forget to help Baiyu speak at this time?”
Of course, I was the one who caused the trouble, otherwise Boyu was sleeping peacefully in the villa on the island.
Suddenly, I felt Xi Qingchuan’s palm pressed against my wrist and it was so hot. I stretched out my hand and probed his forehead. The forehead became even hotter, even if I hit an egg.
“Xi Qingchuan, do you have a fever?” I was horrified.
“Why did you run away suddenly?” he asked me viciously.
“You lie down first and I will find you some water.”
“I’m asking you, Xiao Sheng!” The red in Xi Qingchuan’s eyes was about to drip. I didn’t know that my sudden escape would make him so angry, and ran into the sea overnight to chase me.
I don’t know why he did this.
“Me, me.” My mind was spinning frantically, and the real answer was not even known to me.
Maybe it’s because I don’t want to disturb him and Xiao Shi, maybe I don’t want to act anymore, or maybe I don’t want to face them both.
Anyway, these reasons are unspeakable.
His palm is getting hotter and hotter, and I am about to be anxious to death by the heat.
I finally thought of a reason and took a sip of water: “Ni Yizhou called and his mother is back from abroad.”
“Well, how?” He breathed heavily.
“His mother has Alzheimer’s disease, which is commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease.”
“how is it?”
“She doesn’t remember anyone, only me.”
“how is it?”
“I want to come back and see her.”
“She only stays in Huacheng for one day, and will leave immediately?”
“Not really.”
“Is Alzheimer’s disease a kind of sudden illness? You don’t need to go back day and night like this, right?”
“You work here. It’s no use for me to stay here. I was here to accompany you.”
“Yes, is the work you accompany completed? Even if you leave, won’t you tell me?”
“You’re working…” I was so emboldened, being yelled at by Xi Qingchuan made my position even more messy.
“I’m so busy that I don’t have time to fly in the sky. How difficult is it for you to make a call and tell me?” My eardrums were pierced by his roar.
I covered my ears: “Didn’t Baiyu send you a text message?”
“After we get married and have children, let Bai Yu report, okay?”
Another thunder flashed by, lighting up the anger in Xi Qingchuan’s eyes.
It seemed that there was more than anger, I also saw panic and confusion.
I also became confused, I didn’t know that I suddenly ran away and stimulated Xi Qingchuan so much.
There was another white gas on his head. It should be the water vapor in his body that had evaporated from his body, showing how angry he was at the moment.
“Xi Qingchuan.” My voice was dry, and my eyes were dry: “You lie down first, Bai Yu, Bai Yu…” I looked back at the door, just at this moment, Bai Yu was holding a cup in his hand. walk in.
My savior is here, and I let out a long sigh of relief.
Bai Yu walked over and handed the cup to Xi Qingchuan: “Mr. Xi, first drink a cup of cold granules to get rid of the cold, take a good rest, and when the rain is getting lighter, I will take the speedboat and go back to Miss Xiao.”
This time I remembered that Xiao Shi was still alone on the island, and immediately grabbed Xi Qingchuan’s wrist. He was holding the cup, and the medicine in it was almost spilled by me.
“You left Xiaoshi on the island alone?”
“So many people on Sun Island are dead?” He broke away from my hand and drank the potion in the cup in one breath.
“She’s alone in the storm, isn’t she very scared?”
“There are other people in the villa.” He looked at me ferociously: “You should take care of yourself!”

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