Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 215

After examining Xi Qingchuan, Dr. Xu walked to the door and told me, “What’s the problem? The three young masters had been exposed to the rain for several hours last night and were shocked. Now he has a high fever. I gave him water and took some medicine after the water was up. , Drink plenty of water, according to the physique of the three young men, it will be better in a few days.
“Frightened, what frightened him?”
“I don’t know this, but his eyes are bloodshot and his finger joints are slightly swollen. At first glance, it was caused by mental tension.”
I thanked the doctor, and Bai Yu sent Dr. Xu downstairs, so I went to Xi Qingchuan’s bedside to examine him.
With a bottle on the back of his hand, his face was still red and his eyes closed tightly.
The appearance of the Great Demon King’s illness was very pitiful, so I sat down on the edge of the bed.
Still unable to sit still, he clasped my wrist and pulled me onto the bed.
“Lie down with me.”
“Aren’t you asleep?” I was astonished. He was awake when he was groggy?
“Stop talking nonsense.” He was fierce.
I had to lie down next to him, his body was so hot, hot, radiating heat continuously.
“I’m going to be roasted by you.”
“You asked for it.” He snorted coldly, “Xiao Sheng, this matter is hard to get through. When I have the energy, you must explain clearly.”
Was it not clear enough that I explained last night?
What do you want me to say?
Did I tell him that it was because he also mentioned eternity to Xiao Shi, so I couldn’t stand it anymore?
Is it because he has thousands of people, and his attitude towards Xiao Shi in front of me is fundamentally different from his real attitude towards Xiao Shi?
This cannot be the reason for me to sue him.
He can do whatever he wants. What reason do I have to be angry with him?
Only sulking himself.
Hey, it’s weird, why am I sulking?
“Xiao Sheng.” He squeezed my finger, which hurts: “If you don’t speak, is there already a storm in your heart?”
“No.” I rolled over and looked out the window gloomily.
It is clear that the sun is shining in Huacheng, but the sea is windy and heavy.
Xi Qingchuan fell asleep again, he was like a baby now, not sleeping well, his sleep was divided by a high fever.
As soon as I woke up, Bai Yu had already left, and Tuo Dabai told me that he had gone to Sun Island to receive flute poems.
I am very guilty, because my head is hot for a while, and Bai Yu is almost exhausted.
When Xi Qingchuan is ready, I have to invite Bai Yu to have a meal and cook the kind by himself.
Xi Qingchuan started to sweat after hanging up a bottle of water. I wiped his sweat with a dry towel. He held my hand tightly, and I couldn’t move.
“Xiao Sheng.” He closed his eyes.
“I really want to strangle you.”
I didn’t change the nature of the tyrant when I was ill. I really convinced him.
I withdrew my hand from his palm: “Don’t move, I will wipe your sweat!”
I opened the neckline of his pajamas and wiped his sweat. When he was wiping his waist and abdomen, he grasped it, with a needle still hung on the back of his hand, turned over and pressed me under him.
I was so frightened by him, because the needle on the back of his hand had been pulled off by his violent movements, and there was bleeding on the back of his hand, which looked like a cartoon.
I hurriedly helped him hold it down: “What are you doing, people who are still sick.”
“You need to be punished.” He kissed and said involuntarily.
I was passive, I had to pinch the back of his bleeding hand, and I had to accept his kiss.
“Pay attention.” He warned me impatiently.
I am helping him stop the bleeding now, and I am worried that he will fall off the bed with one hand, how can I concentrate?
His breathing was so hot, he ironed my cheeks like an electric iron.
His lips were looking for the fossa of my neck, and then down the collarbone all the way.
I was ready for the restricted level. He unbuttoned my buttons and suddenly he collapsed on me.
I thought he was dizzy, and slapped him vigorously on the back, half to death: “Xi Qingchuan, Xi Qingchuan…”
“Lack of energy.” He hummed in my ear.
I breathed a sigh of relief: “I know I can’t get up because I’m not physically strong?”
He had a fever and was still very heavy, and he was about to crush me to death.
He turned over from me, and I looked at the needle thrown off by him with annoyance: “What to do, there is still a bottle of water, you have to hang it up.”
There are only me and Silly Bai in the room, and he certainly can’t be counted on. He is like Doraemon, who has no fingers.
“I’ll do it myself.” He said.
Is he so cruel? I looked at him dumbfounded: “You will?”
“Just stick in with the eye of the needle just now.” He leaned on the bed and hummed angrily: “Go and find the medicine box. There is iodine in it.”
I went to find the iodine and the needle tube. I changed the needle and handed the sharp end to Xi Qingchuan: “Or, I’ll just go back to Dr. Xu.”
“No, don’t make him think he is important.”
I wiped him the iodine, and he took the needle and stuck it on the back of his hand.
Xi Qingchuan is simply a god-man, I turned my head and didn’t dare to look at it. After a few seconds, he said to me, “Tape.”
I turned around to look at the back of his hand: “Has it been inserted?”
“You are so cruel.”
“All the nurses are female killers?”
“It’s pretty ruthless to give yourself a needle, you haven’t learned this again.”
“Some things don’t need to be learned.”
I took the tape to him and he stuck it on his own. I didn’t dare to help him because it might hurt him.
“You are a tough guy.” I couldn’t help but praise him.
“How do you know that my body is hard?” He had a high fever and was still talking hooligans.
“Xi Qingchuan, are you mad at me?”
“In your dreams.”
A stingy person like Xi Qingchuan will surely anger me for a long time.
I have been thinking, he came after me under the heavy rain, is it really because of Xiaoshi, or because of me?
However, I can’t ask him either. I don’t know how to ask. I think I really care about the answer.
I don’t mind, am I?
Xi Qingchuan was always asleep in a drowsy state, sweating constantly, and I was afraid that he would collapse himself.
There is no way I called Dr. Xu again, and Dr. Xu said that sweating is normal and it’s okay, just pay attention to hydrating.
I called Xi Qingchuan to drink water, but he was dazed, and he didn’t suck when I handed the straw to his mouth.
“Xi Qingchuan.” I patted his face: “If you don’t drink water, you will sweat and become a corpse.”
He turned a deaf ear, and I held the water glass in a daze.
Suddenly remembered the way he refused to drink water for me the other day, and poured him mouth to mouth.
Nausea is a bit disgusting, but it seems that there is only this way right now.
I took a sip of water and plugged his lips, but things didn’t flow in along his lips as I thought, but all spilled out.
This gives me the illusion that Xi Qingchuan is dead.

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