Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 22

Qiao Yi drove me back to my house, and there was a mess in the living room.
The eldest sister was crying with her stepmother: “What are you complaining about me, saying that I don’t donate blood to my dad, even if I am willing to take it, I can’t keep anyone, he just leaves without a will.”
“Shut up!” The stepmother scolded her.
“I can’t use you to be fierce, what can I do.” The eldest sister was still crying, and the crying person was upset.
I didn’t see Xiao Shi in the living room, Qiao Yi turned around and ran to me and told me: “Xiao Shi said that she had a headache and went to rest upstairs, and your husband was with her.”
I smiled bitterly and went to the housekeeper.
The old housekeeper was in tears, holding my hand and crying, “Miss San, the master left so suddenly, what can we do? Our Xiao family is about to collapse.”
“Uncle Wu.” My hand trembled in his old palm: “We must first set up the mourning hall, send out the obituary, and order a little filial piety and seal of filial piety.”
The house is messy, the eldest sister is not up to the matter, the eldest brother-in-law is sitting in the corner of the sofa playing games, the stepmother is crying, and Xiao Shi is resting upstairs. I can only talk about it.
Fortunately, I have Qiao Yi. She called the funeral home to book the venue for the day of the funeral. Just then the people who set up the mourning hall came, and I went to greet them.
When my mother passed away, I was 16 years old. Dad and I did all the procedures together. I still remember it clearly.
I don’t think I will have to personally take Zhang Luo’s father’s funeral in seven years.
After a while, the mourning hall was set up, and I took my dad’s photo album to show my stepmother which photo of dad she would choose as her portrait.
She took the photo album and opened it one by one, and asked me: “Which one do you think is better?”
“Either this one!” I pointed to one of them: “This was taken by my father on his birthday. This one is very good.”
The stepmother looked at it and suddenly raised her head to look at me.
The look in her eyes was strange, she couldn’t say how she felt.
“Xiao Sheng, you really can handle things.”
I didn’t understand what the stepmother meant, and looked at her inexplicably.
She curled her lips and continued: “Your father suddenly passed away. Everyone was in a mess. A calm person like Xiao Shi couldn’t hold it. Only you were still in the mood to run before and after. Others didn’t know. I thought you were the pillar of our house.”
My stepmother is always cynic with me, I’m used to it.
But today’s allegations are particularly unreasonable.
I took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Daddy’s funeral must be unsettled.”
“Are you still your father’s daughter.” The stepmother looked at me and sneered, so that my bones were cold.
“Auntie, you…” I didn’t finish saying a word, and suddenly felt a pain on the top of my head. When I looked back, my eldest sister pulled out a piece of my hair, and stood behind me with a grinning grin, pinching it.
“Xiao Sheng, whether you can take the surname Xiao depends on good luck.”
“Sister, what are you doing?” I touched the scalp whose hair was pulled out by her.
“You and Dad’s blood types are wrong. I’m going to have a DNA test. Don’t be busy here. You really think it’s our Xiao family. You might just be a wild species.” The eldest sister always speaks so badly. Not in the elegant hall.

But today, the harder the eldest sister said, the more comfortable the stepmother’s expression was.
At this time, the filial piety chapters I ordered were all delivered, and Sister Xu held it in her hand to look at her stepmother.
She looked through it and said, “The materials are too bad. Change another house. What about Xiao Sheng, you go first and wait until the DNA test results come out.”
My hands were shaking. I was holding the corners of my clothes, but I couldn’t hold them.
“Auntie, I want to guard my father, I won’t leave.”
“Don’t let me let the dog bite you.” There is a big German shepherd at home, and I don’t know what to do. I treat him very well, but he doesn’t kiss me too much, so I bark at every turn.
The stepmother raised her voice: “The door is over there, you roll me away.”
“Mrs. Xiao, you are too much. Uncle Xiao has just passed away. You are so to Xiao Sheng before the death of the bone. You are not afraid that Uncle Xiao will pinch you in your dream?” Qiao Yi jumped up, and I knew her personality was not sinking. Breathless.
I grabbed Qiao Yi and shook her head: “Qiao Yi, you go back first. I want to guard my father, and no one can drive me away.”
“No, I won’t go, I’m here and they are bullying you, don’t say I’m leaving.”
“Two get out of here with me!” The stepmother overturned the filial service in Sister Xu’s hand to the ground, calling the housekeeper: “Old Wu, bring David to me. If she doesn’t roll, let David kill her. !”
The housekeeper stood on one side and held his hands still. Uncle Wu loved me very much. Apart from my father, Uncle Wu always cared for me the most in this house.
“Old Wu, are you going? Do you think you’re too old to listen to me?”
The eldest sister started to push me, she pushed me back a bit, if it wasn’t for Qiao Yi to support me, I would fall down.
The moment I looked up, I saw Xi Qingchuan standing at the railing on the second floor looking at me. I couldn’t see if he was looking at a joke, but he looked like he didn’t intend to help me.
He hates me, I know.
I pursed my lips and stood firmly: “Even if you doubt my identity, but when the appraisal result is still unknown, I am still my father’s daughter. He gave birth to me and raised me and I was responsible for sending him to death. Today you just carried me out and I will come in again!”
The stepmother stared at me in astonishment, because I rarely confronted her in such a righteous way.
Most of the time, I am a little cowardly.
In fact, I am not cowardly, because my father has brought me back under a lot of pressure, and I don’t want the restlessness of the family to make him difficult to do, so the stepmother’s shallow sentence is regarded as unheard.
The stepmother froze for a moment and then patted the table: “Xiao Sheng, you are so courageous, you rebelled as soon as your father left here, right? Lao Wu, don’t you want to lead the dog? Okay, let Lao Ding lead, Xu Sister, go find Old Ding and let him lead David over!”
I stood straight, and a stubborn thought came up in my heart. Even if she let German Shepherd kill me today, I would not step out of here.
Sister Xu hesitated to call for someone. Qiao Yi stood with me, her chest rising and falling in anger.
There was the sound of footsteps on the stairs, I didn’t look up, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Xi Qingchuan’s long legs stopping in front of me.
He was talking to his stepmother: “Auntie, Xiao Shi is not very comfortable, she can’t stand it tonight, or the eldest sister and the eldest brother-in-law come!”
“Ah, I can’t do it, my aunt is here.” The eldest sister panicked as if she wanted her life: “Xue Wenmingtian still has to go to work, can’t stay up late.”
“Then, it seems that there are only two of us, Xiao Sheng and I.”
I don’t know if Xi Qingchuan said it for me, but the stepmother always gave Xi Qingchuan the face, and her tone softened a lot: “Qingchuan, you have a heart, then I will thank you today. Lingling, you and Xue Wenming keeps the spirit late, and none of them can escape!”

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