Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 229

It took only an hour for Xi Qingchuan to come to my company, and I have undergone earth-shaking changes.
I moved from the musty room below to the highest point in the company with the best view.
I don’t know what kind of uproar will be caused when my stepmother comes back from abroad. I hope Xi Qingchuan can help me solve it by then, instead of leaving this mess for me to deal with it alone.
Qiao Yi’s desk was next to my desk, and worked with me. She ran back and forth in the room excitedly.
“Here, put a golf simulation track, just like the big brother in the movie, I play golf in the office.”
“You come here less, now things here are not allowed to move, and not many come in.”
“But, there seems to be an extra person in this office.” She completely forgot why we had this office because Xi Qingchuan could sit here.
She really explained what it means to unload the mill and kill the donkey.
Xi Qingchuan sat across from my desk, which made me very stressed and there was no way to work properly.
“Can you go now?” I asked him.
He looked at his watch: “It’s almost off work, go home together.”
But I clearly told Ni Yizhou to see his mother in the evening, and I would release the pigeons at noon. Could it be that I would also release it at night?
“Xi Qingchuan.” I tried to discuss with him: “Will you go back first, I have something else tonight.”
“what’s up?”
“Uh.” I pointed at Qiao Yi: “I will accompany her on a blind date at night.”
“Isn’t she propagating that Qin Guan is her boyfriend everywhere?”
Originally, Qiao Yi looked down at the drawing and thought about us. He immediately raised his head when he heard Qin Guan’s name: “What do you do to mention my boyfriend?”
Xi Qingchuan licked my lips at me: “Are you sure about a blind date?”
I’m not sure, I lowered my head to continue thinking, Xi Qingchuan knocked on the tabletop: “You made an appointment with Ni Yizhou to see his mother at night?”
Now that he guessed it, I am not afraid to tell the truth: “You cheated me back at noon, and I missed the appointment.”
“It’s normal for Ni Yizhou’s character to miss an appointment.”
“It’s because I missed the appointment, why are you talking about personal character?”
“Go see someone’s mother, I’ll accompany you.” He was very generous.
“No.” Where did his domineering just now, he looked like a stalker again.
“I helped you get the best room in the entire group, don’t you thank me?”
“Xi Qingchuan.” I couldn’t bear it: “If you are bored, can you go to friends for drinking, chatting and entertainment? Don’t you have any friends?”
I really don’t seem to know how to meet Xi Qingchuan’s friends. He said that my life circle is narrow, and I don’t think he is much better than me.
Besides Bai Yu, he is beside him. I think he is too difficult to get along with, and he has no friends because of his moodiness.
Suddenly, his phone rang, he glanced at it, and suddenly a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. He connected the phone and said passionately: “Hi, friend.”
It is estimated that the people on the phone will be scared to death by him. For the first time, I saw him talking on the phone so happy.
He hung up the phone and told me, “A friend asked me to eat and drink in the evening.”
“Very good.” I applauded to express my congratulations to him: “But you can’t drink, you still have the water this morning.”
“You stare at me, men have never been able to control themselves.”
“I have something tonight.”
“You accompany me. I will go to work tomorrow, so I won’t be able to care about you.” He grinned: “Ni Yizhou’s mother will not leave for the time being. It’s all about it every day. There are plenty of opportunities. What do you think?”
Xi Qingchuan is a good negotiator. If I offend him, what despicable method will he use to prevent me from going.
I had no choice but to agree: “Hmm.”
Qiao Yi looked up from the drawing again: “I want to go wherever I go to eat and drink.”
“Adults talk about things, children don’t interrupt.” Xi Qingchuan stood up from the chair and dragged my hand: “Go home to take a shower and change clothes.”
I was dragged out of the office by him, and Qiao Yi explained aggrievedly: “I am a month older than Xiao Sheng, what kid?”
Xi Qingchuan and I went downstairs and passed in front of the front desk.
There have been new people there, I haven’t seen it before.
However, they should know what happened in the afternoon. We just got out of the elevator, they walked out of the counter at the front desk far away, and bowed deeply at ninety degrees: “President Xiao, Mr. Xi.”
I hit Xi Qingchuan with my elbow: “Look, it scares them.”
“Let’s see if it can last for a long time. It’s still like this a month later, it shows that the effect is good.”
Xi Qingchuan and I went back and changed our clothes. Actually, I don’t care, but he can’t go to the restaurant to eat while wearing panties.
After taking a shower, he looked like he was in a trendy outfit, and he was another person.
I suddenly thought of a word, a thousand faces.
He is a thousand-faced person, not just a face, he changed his clothes, changed his expression, and became another person.
I haven’t met a few of Xi Qingchuan’s friends. He took me to a party once, and one of them was a bit impressed. This time I was there.
Xi Qingchuan took me out for an appointment, and they were a little surprised.
Xi Qingchuan introduced me to them: “My wife, Xiao Sheng.”
Then he pointed at them: “Min Si, An Yu Ang, and Yu Zi An, they are all stubborn children. It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember the name, you can call them first, second, and third.”
“My name is Jia.” One of them pointed to his nose, grinning.
I am not a self-acquaintance, except for nodding to say hello to the person I met for the first time, and then basically have no words.
They asked me to order something I like to eat. I was a little bit overwhelmed by the skewers at noon. I am not particularly hungry now, so I said to Xi Qingchuan, “Just eat a little bit.”
Xi Qingchuan went to the waiter and said, “My wife wants to be casual.”
The waiters were all stupid and looked at us like idiots.
“If you don’t want to go yet, don’t you hear that my wife wants to be casual?” Xi Qingchuan returned the menu to the waiter.
“What is it?” The waiter looked pitiful with wide-eyed eyes.
“Then you have to ask your chef.”
I regret that I said casually, who knew that Xi Qingchuan embarrassed them so much.
“I’ll order it again!” I said to Xi Qingchuan.
“Didn’t you order it?” He put the water glass into my hand. “See if their chef can make whatever you like.”
The waiter left with the menu, and I looked at his back and felt so sorry.
Next time, I will never dare to talk nonsense in front of Xi Qingchuan.

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