Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 230

It took me a long time to come up casually, a very majestic plate with everything colorful in it.
I saw it as a platter. I probably put a little bit of their restaurant’s signature on it and made a mixed platter so that I can eat all kinds of flavors.
The restaurant is also considered to be very careful. It is really difficult to do it casually. Xi Qingchuan is really too much. I just talk about it casually.
Next time, I won’t dare to talk casually.
I am quite satisfied, but Xi Qingchuan is very dissatisfied.
“Do you treat my wife as a gluttony or a wild boar, and give her such a large plate?”
Even if he described me as an elephant, it sounds better than a wild boar!
The manager, the chef and the waiter stood in a row in front of Xi Qingchuan, bowed their heads and pleaded guilty. They were abused by him for no apparent reason. Today’s fortune is really low.
“I think it’s good.” I relieved them: “There are many types but not many portions. I choose what I like to eat, whatever, it is a very casual dish.
I spoke for them, and the managers were grateful.
Xi Qingchuan turned to look at me, and did not continue to embarrass them, waved: “The desserts should be more refined.”
“Yes, yes.” Everyone nodded like garlic.
When they chat, I just bury my head and eat whatever is in front of me.
I found that they all had no female relatives, and I was the only one on the table, which was very boring.
Someone took out the cigarette case and didn’t open it. Xi Qingchuan hummed from his nose, “Smoke-free restaurant, what about the quality?”
His friend picked up the cigarette case again.
Most of what they talked about was investment, business, and that’s what men talked about. Then it should be women.
I was thinking, as expected, someone said: “The heroine Duan Ai of the new film produced by Tangcheng Company is pretty good.”
“Oh, that woman, her eyes are as charming as a fox, and her soul flies away at a glance.”
“You’re so promising.” Xi Qingchuan was snorting coldly.
“Qing Chuan, you don’t see her, but the real woman I saw is even more beautiful than the photogenic woman.”
“On the Internet, she is called a plain-faced fox, which means that she is as beautiful as a vixen when she is bare-faced.”
I don’t know who the love they are talking about is. I secretly searched Baidu on the Internet. Oh, I haven’t watched her movies, but she is indeed beautiful, the kind of fascinating beauty.
If I were a man, my soul would probably be seduced by her.
“Do you want to see you?” Yu Zi’an took out his phone and shook it: “Call her.”
“You can call and I will send her a Ferrari.”
“Hey, I don’t need a Ferrari for you.” Yu Zi’an dialed the number and hung up in a few words.
Others will be suspicious: “Is the other party sure it is her? Don’t come to a small internet celebrity to impersonate her.”
“I’ll know when you come.”
I’m still a little excited, I can see the actors up close with my own eyes.
I like watching movies. Every time I see a character I like, I want to be friends with them, but they are just characters in the play, not real people.
I find that sometimes I am a little naive and a little silly.
“What is silly?” Xi Qingchuan looked down at me: “Have you eaten gold?”
“I would never be so happy if I swallowed gold.” I bit the fork and whispered to Xi Qingchuan: “Can I see the stars later?”
“Are you chasing stars? I’ll take you to the airport later, so I can see a lot of them.”
“No, just curious.”
“What’s curious, it’s the same nose and two eyes.”
Look at what he said, of course people are all the same length, but there is also a huge difference between people.
There is an entertainment company under Xi’s. The stars are all his employees, so he doesn’t care.
I really can’t eat anymore after I ate it casually. I should bring Qiao Yi, and I can finish it with her.
While I was waiting for dessert, I heard someone say in a slightly excited tone: “Here.”
I immediately looked up at the door and saw a woman coming in through the door.
She was wearing a slim white dress with a square neckline, a yellow belt tied around her waist, and she was slim and windy when she walked.
She is long and straight in black, with a pure dress, but her eyes are silky.
Xiao Shi also loves to wear white, but this woman has a different feeling when wearing white and Xiao Shi. She switches perfectly between innocence and enchantment, as if right in the middle, neither left nor right.
I was stunned, because she walked up to us and I realized that her dress was the same as the one I was wearing.
We hit the shirt.
Er, zhuangshan has always been very embarrassing, I don’t care, it is estimated that female stars are very concerned about this.
She is really more beautiful than the photos on the Internet, and the beauty is very vivid, like a vivid picture.
Each of Xi Qingchuan’s friends is a dragon and phoenix among the people, and one phone call can call the hot female celebrity now.
She seemed to all know each other and said hello one by one. When she saw me, she smiled and nodded at me: “Hello, Mrs. Xi.”
She actually knew me, which really flattered me.
But I dared not stand up, just sat and shook hands with her.
Because I broke my shirt with her, I was afraid that she would be embarrassed when I stood up, so I kept sitting.
She skipped dinner and ordered a vegetable salad, no salad dressing, just a dish, and she seemed to have no appetite.
And in front of me is a huge plate of casuals. In contrast, my appetite is comparable to a hippopotamus, and they are just hummingbirds.
She didn’t need a knife and fork, she pinched a fruit radish with her fingers, and she looked like she was taking a big picture when she was eating. It was so beautiful.
Xi Qingchuan held his cheek and suddenly approached my ear, whispering: “If you are a man, I will let you wipe your saliva.”
I subconsciously touched the corners of my mouth, there was nothing!
“Will women look like this when they look at women?”
“She is really beautiful.” I said.
“Pretty women are all over the street.”
“Do you find someone like Duan Ai all over the street to show me?” I couldn’t help but slap him.
When I got excited, I couldn’t control my volume. She heard her name and turned her head to look at me: “Mrs. Xi, do you call me?”
“Oh no.” I waved my hand hurriedly: “No.”
She smiled and looked at me: “The paparazzi’s camera skills are really bad now. Your real person is much more beautiful than the photos on the Internet.”
“Uh.” I was speechless, feeling that she knew me from the lace news on the Internet.
I’m like an entertainment star, and I’m famous by lace news.
I sneered, Duan Ai took a sip of the turquoise cucumber juice: “Mr. Xi and Mrs. Xi really match well, they are beautiful and beautiful.”
“Thank you, you are really beautiful.”
“We are actors, we don’t have social status.” She fluffed her hair, and her self-pity look was even more beautiful.
What a beauty does is beautiful, and everything she says is beautiful.
“I heard that Mrs. Xi is the president of the Xi family. Can you teach me how to do business if you have time? Later, when I am old, I can also move to the mall.”

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