Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 248

Qiao Yi is a dynamite-packed temper, and it explodes at one point. I was so confused by her explosion that I could only follow her to the outside of the venue.
As I walked, I turned back and waved to Bai Yu embarrassedly. Before I had time to say goodbye, I saw many reporters squeezing from behind Bai Yu.
“Qiao Yi.” I was frightened by the battle, and Qiao Yi looked back: “Fuck, where did they come from?”
“Qiao Yi, what should I do?” My voice was faint.
Qiao Yi stopped me behind. The reporters had already squeezed in front of me. Many microphones were facing my mouth, and some of them were almost touching my face. Even though Qiao Yi had three heads and six arms, he couldn’t stop it. Multiple people.
“Mrs. Xi, you know that Jiang Tian has paid off his gambling debts now, and he will soon marry his wife after buying a villa. Does he invite you and Mr. Xi?” the reporter asked.
“What does it matter to us that he pays off his gambling debt to buy a villa and marry a wife?” Qiao Yi tightly protected me, and I felt a little sense of security after shrinking behind her.
But the reporters are still trying to communicate directly with me: “Mrs. Xi, do you know why Jiang Tian suddenly got such a large sum of money?”
“It has been said that Jiang Tian and Xiao Sheng have no half a dime relationship. We have done a paternity test. He is just a person who has been instructed to come and ask for a bargain. Are you too free to make a fuss? Is there any other valuable news for you to dig?”
Qiao Yi became my news spokesperson. She is very vicious, but no matter how ferocious she is, her voice is still drowned in the voice of people, maybe only I can hear it.
“Mrs. Xi, can you respond to this question positively?”
I also want to argue with them righteously, but when there are too many people, my heart becomes flustered. At this moment, only Qiao Yi’s back is my harbor. I hope this small broken ship will always be moored behind her.
The paparazzi nowadays is very scary. Many reporters are not from the serious media. Some of them are self-media. It is estimated that they don’t even have a press card. Everyone wants to dig up the hottest news.
In the chaos, Bai Yu brought bodyguards to rescue me and Qiao Yi from the reporters’ pile. Bai Yu took off his suit jacket and put it on my head. At this moment, I think he knows me well. I am really very good at this moment. I want to shrink in a place where I can’t see others, such as a hole in the ground. Now it’s just a piece of clothing covering my head. I also feel a lot safer.
Bai Yu put his arms around my shoulders, and Qiao Yi protected me from the entrance of the venue.
I heard a reporter shouting from behind: “Mrs. Xi, since you don’t know, I will tell you that Jiang Tian’s money is given by your husband Xi Dong. It is ordinary for a son-in-law to honor the old man. What do you deny?
I admit that I am a tortoise, and I also admit that I heard the reporter’s words in my ears.
The bodyguards and Bai Yu Qiaoyi finally escorted me to the car in the parking lot. When the driver drove us out of the parking lot, I finally breathed a sigh of relief.
At some point, I feel that I am strong.
Sometimes, I am so fragile that a straw can crush me to death.
I hid under Boyu’s clothes and didn’t raise my head until he took the clothes away.
“Are you in trouble?” Bai Yu’s concerned eyes made me feel relieved.
“Nothing.” My throat was dumb, and Qiao Yi handed me a bottle of water: “Moisturize my throat.”
I didn’t have the strength to twist the cap, Qiao Yi helped me unscrew it again, and I gurgled down the small half bottle, panting and looking at Bai Yu on the opposite side.
I didn’t think that this release would make it like this, it can be said to be a failure in failure.
I still didn’t speak, Qiao Yi asked Bai Yu: “Is that reporter really right? Xi Qingchuan gave him Jiang Tian’s money?”
Bai Yu looked at me quietly, without denying it.
His calmness made me feel flustered. In my opinion, Baiyu is not a liar, so he does not deny it.
Qiao Yi patted the chair cushion vigorously: “I said, no matter where these reporters are so bold, even Xi Qingchuan dare to slander, since what they said must be true!”
Qiao Yi’s analysis was wrong, and I cast my suspicious eyes on him: “Really, Baiyu?”
If Baiyu said that he didn’t know, I wouldn’t believe it. Baiyu is the most trusted person around Xi Qingchuan, and this kind of private matter will definitely be left to him.
Bai Yu looked at me and nodded: “Yes.”
I’m confused, really messed up.
My throat gurgled like a cuckoo.
“Why?” I muttered for a long time before speaking.
“Mr. Xi ordered me to do things, generally I don’t ask him why.” Boyu told me sincerely.
Yes, how could Bai Yu ask the reason for what Xi Qingchuan told Baiyu to do?
Qiao Yi sneered: “You don’t ask him not to tell, but you can’t guess it? You and Xi Qingchuan have been with Xi Qingchuan for so many years, and you don’t know him enough? How can he not guess what he thinks?
“I never guess to save people’s hearts.” Bai Yu said word by word: “If you guess wrong, it won’t be easy to clean up.”
“Don’t use this sentence as a prevarication, let me tell you why. Because Xi Qingchuan wants others to misunderstand that Jiang Tian is Xiao Sheng’s biological father, because he wants to combine Xiao and poetry to suppress Xiao Sheng, because he eats the bowl. Dominate the pot because he still holds onto Xiao Sheng because she has 30% of Xiao’s shares in her hand.”
Qiao Yi’s words are like using scissors to cut the plastic bag that wraps my heart layer by layer.
In fact, what she said, I guessed it just now among the flashes.
I’m just cowardly, I’m just timid, but I’m not stupid.
Bai Yu stopped talking, neither defended Xi Qingchuan nor explained to me.
I also cast my gaze out of the car window, looking at the fast-moving scenery that has become a little fuzzy.
The scenery in my mind is the same as these. It was originally clear, but because the speed was too fast, it gradually became blurred.
“Xiao Sheng, Xi Qingchuan, Sima Zhaozhi’s heart, he has no good intentions, you go back and confront him face to face, asking him what his purpose is, but I think he will either not answer or tell the truth.”
I was lingering, the whole figure looked like an eggplant beaten by frost.
“Qiao Yi.” After a long time, I raised my head and looked at her: “I want to go to your house.”
She rubbed her nose: “I just said so much for nothing? Why are you going to my house?”
I don’t know, but I don’t want to see Xi Qingchuan now.
I didn’t answer, I shrank my body, shrank into a ball in my seat.
“Xiao Sheng, do you want to hide again?” Qiao Yi took my shoulder and turned me in front of her. She used a lot of strength and my shoulder hurt.
“Don’t do it every time something goes wrong, okay? You face Xi Qingchuan, and you ask him what he intends to do?”

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