Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 250

I held Qiao Yi’s palm tightly, her palms were very hot, and suddenly the heavy rain fell, and big drops hit us.
At this time, Qiao Yi’s car also drove over, and she put her arms around my shoulders: “Are you going to follow me, or go to Xi Qingchuan’s car?”
“I’ll go with you.” I don’t want to face Xi Qingchuan, I’m very confused.
Obviously before this morning, he still behaved very lingering to me, giving me the illusion that he really likes to be with me.
However, he suddenly came to this trick, which completely caught me off guard, and I was fainted.
This is his typical pattern of slapping a sweet jujube.
I suddenly felt the horror of Xi Qingchuan.
Even if he behaves tenderly and considerately to me, his inconsistency will suddenly strike me a fatal blow.
“Okay.” Qiao Yi guarded me as she walked toward her car, and I got into her car and let out a sigh of relief.
However, her driver could not catch fire for a long time.
“what happened?”
“Miss, let me get out of the car and take a look.” The driver got out of the car, and it took a while before he walked to the window and told us.
“The engine suddenly broke.”
“Why does the engine suddenly break?”
“I don’t know.” The driver was very distressed and scratched his scalp: “Birds don’t shit here. I don’t even ask the trailer to come.”
The center of the venue is on the outskirts of Huacheng, so it is far from the city center.
Qiao Yi looked at me embarrassedly: “Or Xiao Sheng, go and take Xi Qingchuan’s car, it won’t be repaired at this time.”
“Then, you too.”
“I’m not going, I’m intolerant of Xi Qingchuan, and he won’t eat you. It will rain more and more immediately. You don’t have to spend it here with me.”
“No, I’ll accompany you.”
“You go with Xi Qingchuan, otherwise you can hide from him for a lifetime. I really don’t know what you think. You are not the one who did the wrong thing. Why are you avoiding him?” He found an umbrella and gave it to me: “Go ahead, if you don’t want to ask him face-to-face, don’t say hello.”
I can only do this now, but when the car broke down after a heavy rain, I couldn’t bear to throw Qiao Yi on the road. She pushed me out of the car and waved to me: “Go, go, it’s raining heavily. .”
The rain was really heavy, but fortunately, Qiao Yi’s umbrella was big, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to stop the torrential rain.
I walked towards Xi Qingchuan’s car step by step, his car was still waiting for me in a double jump.
I walked to the side of the car, and just about to reach out and pull the car door, I suddenly heard Xi Qingchuan say to the driver: “Drive.”
So, I watched my Xi Qingchuan’s car slowly drive away from me.
What does he mean?
I was blindfolded, holding the umbrella and standing there, watching the red car lights looming in the rain and fog.
Qiao Yi ran over in the heavy rain, and I hurriedly put the umbrella over her head.
“What is Xi Qingchuan doing? Why did he drive away?”
I don’t know, I looked at Qiao Yi’s angry eyes through the rain and mist inexplicably.
I really don’t understand what Xi Qingchuan is going to do today.
I’m not talking, Qiao Yi’s phone rang, and she yelled: “Xi Qingchuan, what are you doing?”
Oh, Xi Qingchuan is calling.
His voice is as steady as ever: “Let Xiao Sheng answer the phone.”
Qiao Yi put the phone in my ear and I said, “Hey.”
“Want to know why this is happening today?” He was straight to the point.
I didn’t say anything, the rain pattered on the umbrella.
“If you want to know, just follow, my car is in front.”
What if I don’t want to know?
I have no way to speak because I am biting my lip.
“I don’t want to know that you have to come, because as long as you are here, Qiao Yi’s car will never be repaired.”
I looked back at the driver who was checking the car while opening the front cover in the heavy rain. It was not accidental that Qiao Yi’s car broke down.
Qiao Yi snatched the phone angrily: “Xi Qingchuan, what are you doing!”
The phone hung up, my head was dizzy, the rain was getting heavier and harder, and the umbrella was about to be broken.
Without time for me to think about it slowly, I said to Qiao Yi: “I will send you back to the car first, and then I will chase Xi Qingchuan.”
“He’s crazy, he’s playing with you, why did you offend him, he’s playing with you like this?” Qiao Yi’s voice was smashed by the wind and rain. I held the umbrella and drove her back to the car: “I’ll go Find Xi Qingchuan.”
“Don’t you go, he can also prevent the repair shops in the city from coming to fix the car for us?”
“It’s possible.” I closed the door of Joe’s car: “I’ll go first.”
I held an umbrella and walked forward under the rain, because today’s release meeting, I specially wore a very beautiful dress, a sling skirt, a very delicate bun, and a beautiful hairpin.
The hem of my skirt was quickly dampened by the splashing water from the small puddles on the ground, and it stuck to my legs, so wet and uncomfortable.
The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and it was like what Xi Qingchuan did, which made me inexplicable and unexpected.
I quickly saw that Xi Qingchuan’s car was in front, driving slowly.
I hurried to catch up. My shoes got wet as soon as I ran. The inside of my high heels was slippery. I ran deep and shallow.
Fortunately, his speed was not fast, so I chased him, and finally touched the door handle with my finger.
The driver saw me in the rearview mirror and slowly slowed down.
I already held the door handle, and was about to pull it open, but I heard Xi Qingchuan say to the driver: “Go faster.”
The driver’s sympathetic gaze flashed in the rearview mirror, my fingernails passed the door, and the car drove past me quickly.
Xi Qingchuan’s operation is very fascinating, I really don’t know what he is going to do.
I pulled the car door with one hand and held the umbrella with the other hand. The strong wind overturned my umbrella cloth, which basically couldn’t protect the rain from the rain.
The heavy rain quickly wetted my whole body, and even the cold rain in summer made me cold all over.
I saw Xi Qingchuan turning his head in the car and looking at me through the rear window.
The rain was too heavy and the wind was too strong. I could only see his face, but couldn’t see the expression on his face.
Suddenly he raised the phone in his hand and shook it with me. I guess he asked me to turn on the phone.
I turned off the phone just now, but fortunately, it’s not getting wet in my bag now. I turned on the phone, and Xi Qingchuan’s call came quickly.
“Xiao Sheng.” His tone was steady.
“Yeah.” I was protecting my phone, shaking in the heavy rain: “What are you going to do?”
“Don’t want to get in my car?”
“Your car suddenly drives fast, how can I get in?”
“So you gave up?”
What is he going to do? What do you want from me?
I also want to make it clear that he has hung up the phone.
Did Xi Qingchuan’s brain break down today, or did he finally hate me and show his true face to me?

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