Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 251

I was dizzy due to the strong wind, but Xi Qingchuan’s play made me confused.
Perhaps, he thought he was too kind to me some time ago, now let me see what kind of face he looks like under his gentle smile.
what do I do?
I looked back and saw that Qiao Yi’s car was far away from me. I could only go ahead and chase Xi Qingchuan’s car because the speed of his car had already slowed down.
At some point, I have no way to go back, and I can only keep going forward.
I caught up with Xi Qingchuan’s car in the rain, but when my hand touched the doorknob again, the car drove fast again, leaving me behind, and the tires drove through the puddle and splashed me all over. water.
I stood there in the rain, the umbrella only had its ribs.
With the rain and fog, my heart is also at a loss.
I was thinking, should I go back to Qiao Yi, hiding in her dry carriage, waiting for the trailer to come and rescue us.
However, I will hurt her when I go back. If there is no trailer coming, wouldn’t she have to wait in the car all night?
I don’t know what Xi Qingchuan wants to do, and I don’t know what I want to do next.
I really want to scold my father and mother for swearing at the moment, but I know it’s useless.
I have to admit my fate, who made me stand on Xi Qingchuan, who I will never figure out.
I don’t chase or look back, I just stand where I am. The umbrella has its function of sheltering the rain, and it’s all on top of my head. It’s so cool.
I plan to drown myself to death, maybe the colder I get, the more sober I will be.
In the rain and fog, I saw Xi Qingchuan’s car stopped, and a person came down from the car and walked towards me holding an umbrella.
His speed is very fast, almost for running. When he ran in front of me, I saw that the man was Xi Qingchuan.
Why did he get out of the car, and when he saw me not leaving, he came back and abused me?
How much money do I owe him and why do you do this to me?
He stood in front of me and moved the big umbrella in his hand to the top of my head. The rain was too heavy and the wind was too strong, his voice and his face were floating in the rain and fog.
I vaguely heard him yelling at me: “Do you know where you are stupid?”
I’m not stupid, I’m just cowardly.
He was still questioning my IQ in the wind and heavy rain, it was enough.
“In such a harsh environment, you can only run forward desperately and there is hope. It really can’t. You look back, Joe is still in the car, you are parked where you are. If the car behind can’t see you, you are already The one that was hit flew in the sky!” He was roaring, and the rain cut across his handsome face.
At this moment, he is like a combination of a demon and an angel.
I shivered coldly, and there was no way to answer his questions.
But he came up to tear my clothes, and I could only resist him inexplicably: “What are you doing?”
“Don’t move, you will get sick if you get wet clothes on your body.” He tore off my thin coat, and the rain hit me. As expected, there was no difference between wearing and taking it off. It was very cold.
He took off his coat and wrapped it around me, then walked into his car around my shoulders.
I followed him numbly, what happened to him? Suddenly he didn’t abuse me. Did you get out of the car and put on my clothes?
An upgraded version of slapped two sweet dates?
I thought coldly, but he was stuffed into the car, and he told the driver to turn on the warm air. It is enough to turn on the warm air in early summer.
However, the hot wind blew on me, and I quickly warmed up, and his clothes were very long and very large, which wrapped me all in it.
He didn’t know where he conjured a cup of hot water and stuffed it into the palm of my hand. I sipped it one bite at a time, only to feel warmer.
I drank two sips of water and finally I was able to speak normally: “Xi Qingchuan.” The first thing I said was to pray to him: “Will you let someone from the repair shop repair Qiaoyi’s car? It is also called on such a windy and rainy mobile phone. No cars coming.”
“Take care of yourself, there is only one driver and one car in Qiao Yi’s house?” He threw me a towel. I didn’t wipe it in my hand and looked at him blankly.
He pulled the towel from the palm of my hand and wiped my hair rudely.
The car started, my hair was wiped dry, the skirt was half-dried by the hot air of the air conditioner, and my body was warm.
But I was still emotionally wilted, and my body leaned softly on the back of the chair, shrinking into a small ball.
Xi Qingchuan sat opposite me, with his elbows on his knees, his body slightly bent and his back looked at me.
“What do you want to ask me?” He was aggressive.
I was thrown by the wind and rain, and I had no fighting spirit.
“No.” I turned my head and saw huge raindrops hitting the car window glass, and then a lot of raindrops gathered together and flowed down the glass.
I don’t like rain. When my mother passed away, it was raining heavily. On the big funeral, my dad in a raincoat helped me hold an umbrella and was soaked.
When my father passed away, it seemed to be raining too. Although the rain was not heavy, the strands were falling into my heart.
“You have nothing to ask me?” he asked again.
I shook my head. I felt that it was heavy and filled with water. As soon as I shook it, the water dangled in my head.
“Okay.” His voice floated in the car: “You should never ask.”
What can I do after asking? Xi Qingchuan is so difficult to figure out, and he can’t change him after asking, so why bother.
I was drowsy in the corner, my body felt cold and hot.
I became a bean curd dregs project, and got sick as soon as it rained.
I have a fever, and my throat is smoking and dizzy.
“Xiao Sheng.” I felt Xi Qingchuan touching my forehead, and his face came close to me: “What’s the matter with you?”
I want to talk, but I can’t make a sound.
“You have a fever?” His palm was much colder than my forehead, and he felt very comfortable.
I hope he keeps touching my forehead like this, but he quickly retracted his hand and said to the driver: “Hurry up and go to the hospital.”
“Are you paper?” He fiercely fiercely fierce me: “How come you get a fever when it rains?”
“I was like this before my menstrual period, and my immunity was reduced.”
“Why is my menstrual period again?” He suddenly took away my clothes, and I shrank coldly.
“It’s cold.” I raised my head and saw Xi Qingchuan’s eyes, bursting into flames.
“You have a fever. You need to dissipate heat. You can’t cover it.”
“Oh.” Whatever, I feel uncomfortable anyway.
He let me lie in his arms, with my head resting on his lap, and I looked at his face upside down like a monster, with my eyes and nose reversed.
Hey, this is fine, anyway, I can’t understand him when he is right there.
He was very puzzled about why I had a fever suddenly, and kept chattering to me: “You have only been in the rain for less than ten minutes, why did you get sick?”
How can I answer? I looked at him, too lazy to open my mouth.
“Last time I played basketball and played in the rain for an hour, the whole team was sick.”
Can people be compared? Especially physical fitness. For him, he can play basketball for an hour in the rain. For me, before my menstrual period, I am so vulnerable that a heavy rain can give me gonorrhea.
Also, Xi Qingchuan, who can’t figure out his moodiness, is also torturing my spirit.

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