Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 253

My meat and bone porridge came soon, as well as pickled green plums and sweet and sour lotus root. The porridge is very appetizing and appetizing.
I really didn’t want to eat at all, but when I smelled the sweet and sour taste, I also had a little appetite.
Xi Qingchuan helped me roll up the bed, and I half leaned on the bed and watched him pour the porridge himself.
I was flattered. Xi Qingchuan only abused me a few hours ago. Now he is serving me like this. I don’t know if he went crazy, or if I was tossed by him first.
The porridge was steaming, and I was about to reach out, but he was holding the bowl and didn’t intend to give it to me.
“I’ll feed you.” He faced me coldly: “Wait.”
He took a spoonful and blew it. I extremely suspect that there is arsenic in the porridge. Otherwise, why does he treat me so tenderly?
“Open your mouth.” He finished blowing, and handed the spoon to my mouth.
I hesitated, he looked at me: “No poison.”
He knows me well and can guess every word I want to say and stop.
I opened my mouth and he fed the porridge into my mouth.
I ate it with the craftsmanship of the chef of the Xi family. There is no residue from the stewed meat, all of which is melted into the rice. It is fragrant and rich, and the plums are also sour and very appetizing.
He feeds very slowly. After I have eaten one bite, he is sure that I have eaten it down and then give a second bite.
Xi Qingchuan lowered his head, blowing every spoonful, and then using chopsticks to put a small piece of plum or sweet and sour lotus root on the porridge, carefully as if finishing a work of art.
When he is not fierce and evil, when he is gentle and considerate, he is very confusing.
I looked at him in a daze, and he soon discovered that I was looking at him, with a cold smile like an emotional killer.
“I fed a dog when I was a kid.” A Yin Cece smile appeared on the corner of his lips: “That’s why the technique is so skillful.”
I shouldn’t have any illusions about him, any gratitude.
I was speechless, and he added: “I was bitten by a dog later, and I will never raise a dog again.”
“I will not bite you, and I will try my best to be a less obtrusive dog.” I said.
I said against him, didn’t he reflect that I am a dog?
His hand feeding me food suddenly froze in midair, and there was a wave of light flowing in his eyes that was difficult to guess.
He paused for a while and then said, “I didn’t mean you are a dog, nor did I say that you are my dog.”
I smiled indifferently and opened my mouth wide: “Ah.”
He seemed to be very angry. He put the bowl on the bedside table and continued to feed me: “You are so insulted by others, is this the reaction?”
He said that I was a dog, he attacked me, and I silently accepted that he was more angry than me. Why?
I can’t figure out Xi Qingchuan’s temper, so I chose to avoid it.
Well, he won’t eat if he doesn’t feed me, I closed my eyes and closed my eyes to rest.
However, Xi Qingchuan didn’t let me sleep. He patted my cheek and opened my eyes: “Xiao Sheng, your parents’ education for you is that you can’t fight back or scold you?”
“No.” I hummed.
“Then why can everyone bully you?”
“You are the one who is bullying me now, okay?” I really don’t understand what he is making unreasonably coaxing: “Big brother, I burned so badly, I don’t have the energy to analyze with you whether my character is cowardly.”
He was very angry and his eyes were red.
However, he still has a little bit of humanity, and he doesn’t continue to toss me.
He picked up the bowl again: “Eat.”
“I can’t eat it anymore.” When he did this, I lost my appetite at all.
“Eat more, you only ate a small half.” His voice was not as fierce as just now.
“I really can’t eat it anymore.”
He didn’t insist anymore and helped me to lie down.
He wasn’t considered completely dehumanized, he was left behind.
He put me to sleep, so he wouldn’t entangle with me about my cowardice.
Am I cowardly?
Perhaps cowardice is most appropriate.
Not everyone will bully me, there are still many people with conscience in the world.
I slept in a daze until the middle of the night. I thought Xi Qingchuan was gone. I woke up in the middle of the night, but he was still by my side.
He turned off the light and sat on my bedside in darkness looking at the computer, his face in blue light was like a Smurf.
He didn’t realize that I was awake, so I watched him secretly.
I really don’t understand the person Xi Qingchuan, who tossed me so much during the day, and now he is clumsy by my side to take care of me.
He could hire a special nurse to take care of me, or find an aunt from the Xi’s house, he didn’t need to stay here.
A handsome person is handsome even when he becomes a Smurf. The blue light is reflected in his eyes, like two more oceans, and I can’t figure out how deep it is.
I peeked at him or he found him. He saw me as soon as he looked up, and then reached out his hand to me.
I thought he was going to beat me, and quickly pulled the quilt to the top of my head, and he pulled the quilt that was on top of my head very hot.
However, he beat me and put his palm on my forehead.
“Why is it still burning?” He frowned tightly.
I now feel that my high fever is all stressful to me.
But I can’t control things like sickness.
“Hmm.” I hum.
“wake up?”
“Go to the bathroom?”
“Hmm.” How did he know, I really want to go to the bathroom.
“I hold you.”
“I’m not lame,” I said.
He pointed to the needle on the back of my hand, I was still hanging water.
I assumed that he took me to the bathroom, he put me on the toilet and helped me hold the salt water bottle.
He is standing next to me and I am under pressure.
I looked up at him: “Will you go out for a while?”
“What about the salt water bottle, where is it hanging?”
“But I can’t pee when you are here.”
He looked at me irritably, I knew I had a lot of things, but I really couldn’t urinate!
“You treat me as if I don’t exist.”
“But, you will hear.” Really, really embarrassing.
He thought for a while, and took out his mobile phone from his pocket to broadcast a heavy metal song, the kind of noisy brains coming out.
“Now, you shouldn’t be able to hear me clearly.” His voice was segmented by the percussion.
I went to the bathroom for the first time in the sound of heavy metal music, and it felt very abnormal, very torn, and very Xi Qingchuan’s style.
But fortunately, I finished going to the bathroom amid the heart-piercing singing of the rock singer, and he hugged me out of the bathroom again.
He put me on the bed, bent over and looked at me: “What do you want to eat?”
Is it true that all I have in my life is to eat?
I am not hungry because it is still burning.
I shook my head: “Stop eating.”
“You ate a small bowl of porridge in the evening.”
“Are you afraid that if I die, grandma will beat you up?”
He thought about it seriously: “It should be, my grandma is terrible.”
He finally has someone who is afraid, although I know he is just joking.

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