Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 261

No matter what he saw, I went to grab it, but he raised me by a head, and when he held it high, I couldn’t grab it at all.
Anxiously, I simply yelled: “Yes, sexy pajamas, I specially bought them to seduce you, okay!”
I guess Xi Qingchuan really didn’t expect me to say that, and was stunned.
I took the opportunity to snatch the underwear from him, and then hid in the bathroom with all those on the bed.
I locked the door and locked Xi Qingchuan outside.
I plan to throw away my pajamas, but where to throw it is a question.
The toilet bowl must not be thrown away. These are not toilet paper and will block.
You can’t throw it outside the window. There is a garden downstairs.
I suddenly threw down a set of sexy pajamas, if it fell on someone’s head, I guess my backbone would be punctured.
Waste paper basket? Who provokes the good pajamas, do you really want to throw it away like this?
I threw a pajama to show my entangled character to the fullest. I was still fighting ideologically in the bathroom, and Xi Qingchuan had knocked on my door.
“Xiao Sheng, I think you can put it on now, because the sky is already dark anyway.”
I don’t want it, my intention is not to seduce him.
“It was because of this that Xiao Shi was angry just now?” He was tempted outside: “You already have this kind of image in her impression of you anyway, so what do you care about so much?”
I opened the door, and he stood leaning on the door frame, the top of the door frame touched his head: “I was talking nonsense just now, I can’t wear it!”
“Qiao Yi gave it to you, she asked you to seduce-lead me?” Xi Qingchuan is Xi Qingchuan, and he is aware of the details.
I didn’t say a word, he snorted: “I knew that such a radical style is not your style, you are a person who was beaten up, how can you be so motivated?” He took away the pajamas in my arms : “Don’t dare to wear it, and reluctant to throw it away, throwing the toilet seat for fear of blockage, throwing it downstairs for scolding?”
Is he the roundworm in my stomach? He knows exactly what I think.
There is a feeling of being stripped naked and standing in front of him.
He shook the pajamas in his hand: “If you don’t wear it, I’ll give it away. Just now I saw a little nurse whose size is about the same as yours.”
He said that he could do it, and I rushed to grab it: “You care whether I wear it or not, don’t give away my things.”
“If you don’t want me to send someone off, then wear it to me.” He threw it back into my arms again: “Don’t be too confident, even if you wear it, can you seduce it-I’m still talking about it, the main thing is, you don’t have it. This courage.”
He is using the radical technique, but he has found the wrong person.
I am No. 1 in the world, of course I can’t wear it.
Wu Ma brought food tonight, Xi Qingchuan and I were two of them.
I don’t want to burn anymore, I can sit at the coffee table and have dinner with Xi Qingchuan face to face.
The food is delicious, but I don’t know the taste.
Qiao Yi kept sending me WeChat and asked when I planned to wear it.
I didn’t return to her, she made a video call directly, and I took a mouthful of fermented bean curd juice and spinach inside to pick it up.
Qiao Yi was wearing a tiger mask, scared to death.
“Xiao Sheng, how?”
“I’m eating.”
“After eating, go take a shower, and come out and wear that pajamas directly to make sure that Xi Qingchuan is dying.”
“Don’t die first.” I was very depressed: “Xiao Shi came to see me in the afternoon and saw this pajamas.”
“I’m really good enough.” I was listless: “This is a shame.”
“What a shame, you and Xi Qingchuan are husband and wife. This is the love of the boudoir. Regardless of her ass, I guess Xiao Shi’s jealous face will be deformed. I really want to see what the original shape of Xiao poetry looks like. Yes, let her pretend to be high every day.”
“I really don’t know where Xiao Shi provokes you, as if you and her are rivals in love.”
“You know that Xiao Shi is your rival in love.”
I looked outside, and Xi Qingchuan was still eating, as if he could not hear what I said.
But I can assure you that he must have stopped the conversation I just had with Qiao Yi in his ears.
He would sometimes pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, and he can’t be guarded against.
After dinner, I went to the bathroom to wash and take a shower, and when I came out, I still wore my usual pajamas, the normal one, and my arms and legs were not exposed.
Xi Qingchuan probably thought I was very boring, so he glanced at me and looked down at his computer.
In his office, I also read the files Qiao Yi sent me.
Xi Qingchuan’s phone rang, he connected, and he kept listening to no words, and finally said, “I’m coming right away.”
He turned off the computer and got up, and I also put down the file in my hand and looked up at him.
I didn’t ask him where he was going, but he didn’t explain, so he turned around and left.
“Hey.” I couldn’t hold back: “Where are you going?”
“I thought you weren’t going to ask anymore.” He smiled faintly: “Xiao Shi called me, her car broke down, I’ll take her home.”
“Oh.” I expressed no opinion: “Drive carefully.”
He smiled, opened the door and walked out.
Qiao Yi called me again, she was really boring and tight, all the fun in the evening was concentrated on me.
I connected: “What are you doing again?”
“Which step is it?”
“Which step, even if there is a phone call on your left at any step, it will be yellowed.”
“As long as the enthusiasm of a man’s burning will not be yellow, I’m afraid you won’t be able to burn the fire at all.”
Qiao Yi really understands me, I sighed: “Xi Qingchuan is out.”
“Where did he go at night?”
“The Xiaoshi car broke down, and he took her home.”
“The Xiaoshi car is broken, it’s his fart. That Xiaoshi saw your pajamas. I was afraid that you would have sex with Xi Qingchuan at night, so I got him away for excuses. Who can’t see this clumsy trick? ”
I don’t know, maybe Qiao Yi is right.
“I have left, what can I say.”
“Why let Xi Qingchuan be dragged away by Xiao Shi like this?”
“Then what can I do?”
“You won’t call Xi Qingchuan and say you are uncomfortable?”
“He’s not a doctor, and I’m still in the hospital, all doctors.”
“The doctor is the doctor, and the husband is the husband.”
“Forget it, what if Xiao Shizhen’s car breaks down and waits for Xi Qingchuan to rescue her?”
“Xi Qingchuan is from a repair shop? She won’t find a trailer?”
“Say so.”
“Xiao Sheng, if you don’t make a phone call, I’ll call. If someone robs you of your husband, you still don’t rush or slow down. I really convinced you.”
“Uh, I’ll fight, you can sleep well!”
I hung up Qiao Yi’s phone, but there was no call to Xi Qingchuan.
That’s not my personal design, the concubines really can’t do it.
I later played games on my mobile phone, and I played badly and was abused.
I am really bad, not only being abused in the real world, but also abused on the virtual network.
I may be the kind of person who is affected by airbags, and don’t expect it to be reversed in my life.
I hit the middle of the night, and when I was too sleepy, I fell asleep, and Xi Qingchuan still didn’t come back.

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