Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 28

Xi Qingchuan’s physical strength has always been very good, and he seems to particularly like places like the wild.
For the first time, I found that a recliner is very suitable for this kind of thing, because it will sway back and forth, and it will take advantage of certain exercises. In short, it will reduce labor output.
Xi Qingchuan’s enthusiasm influenced me and changed me from resistance to obedience.
I looked out through the gap in the blanket and saw the figure outside the flower room.
I saw Xiao Shi and Xiao Lingling. When they saw my face exposed from under the blanket, Xiao Lingling opened her mouth wide and was about to die in shock.
But Xiao Shi’s face became very white, white astonishing.
Xi Qingchuan also turned his head and followed my gaze to look out, and then sneered: “It turns out that Qiao Yi’s purpose is to let me perform a live erotica in front of my ex-girlfriend?”
He wrapped us tightly with a blanket and pinched my chin: “Concentrate.”
I don’t know when the onlookers left, and I don’t know when Xi Qingchuan ended.
All I know is that I have become a victim of Joe’s, and I will break her neck when I see her.
After everything died down, I shrank under the blanket and put on clothes, while the orchid petals had fallen to the ground.
I got dressed and squatted down to pick up the petals one by one and put them in an iron box.
Since I was a child, I like to collect these things that others seem to be useless at all.
For example, falling flowers, such as the hair loss of parents, such as the colorful candy papers of candy that I like to eat.
Xi Qingchuan had already put on his clothes, and Bai Yu’s clothes didn’t fit him well, they were a little tight.
He leaned to the side watching me clean up the fallen flowers, and suddenly asked me, “Do you have any looser clothes for me?”
“Yes, my father’s, if you don’t mind.”
“do not mind.”
“Yeah.” I put the tin box in the drawer and walked out of the flower room wrapped in a cotton jacket.
Xi Qingchuan is in front and I am behind.
Still so alienated and unfamiliar, as if the lingering lingering just now happened to someone else.
However, there are still Xi Qingchuan’s tooth marks on my earlobes, which are hot and red.
The stepmother and Xiao Lingling were both in the hall. After I went in, I found many people were watching me, and they blushed immediately.
Xi Qingchuan took the lead upstairs. When I passed by Xiao Lingling, I heard her gritted her teeth at me: “Shameless, bah, dad is still seduce a man when he is dead, how impatient?”
I know that this is the effect that Qiao Yi wants. The more angry they are, the effect will be achieved.
Xi Qingchuan waited for me in my room. I went to my father’s room to get clothes. I remember I bought a suit and shirt for my father because I didn’t know the size and bought it. This style will be changed when I change it. He didn’t have a number, and my father liked this suit very much, so he asked me to change it, saying that he could wear it when he gains a little more weight and collects a little more length.
I took this suit to Xi Qingchuan. He tried trousers and a shirt, and it actually fitted well.
He stood in front of the full-length mirror and looked at himself, and looked at me in the mirror: “Your father’s clothes number is the same as mine?”
Although my father is also very tall, Xi Qingchuan has always been so abnormal that he grows to 1.9 meters, and of course his size is different.
I shook my head: “I bought the big clothes for my father, and he doesn’t wear them.”
He hooked his finger at me: “Come here and button me.”
Counting that I am sorry for him today, I had to walk over and stand in front of him to help him button up.
The sliding of my fingers to his chest was definitely not intentional.
He frowned and held my finger: “Why, continue to seduce?”
He looked back at my bed: “Well, the bed is still big.”
“No.” I hurriedly defended: “I didn’t mean it.”
Suddenly he hugged me and hid his face in my collar: “I haven’t gotten medicine yet.”
I wanted to cry without tears: “No, there are many people downstairs.”
“Just now, there were more people outside the flower room.” He put his arms around my waist, his fingernails almost sinking into the skin of my back waist.
It was just over, why did you come again?
At first I resisted it, but the medicine turned him into a cheetah in Xi Qingchuan’s body, and he threw me down and bit me.
I found that he particularly likes to bite when he is excited. Although he doesn’t use much strength, his upper and lower teeth just touch the skin of his neck lightly and then loosen it.
However, there are still traces.
When I stood in front of the mirror on the washstand in the bathroom and looked at myself, I felt ashamed.
There are fine tooth marks on my neck. I have a scarred physique, and there will be marks after a little touch. Not to mention that Xi Qingchuan bit me like a wild dog just now, although he doesn’t have much strength.
I rummaged through the boxes and found a black turtleneck, but it couldn’t cover it near my chin.
Xi Qingchuan’s medicine seemed to have finally passed, and he was smoking a cigarette while leaning on the sliding door of the terrace.
His profile image is a moving statue. Because his facial features are too deep, he feels a bit perfect and not like a normal person.
From the outside, Xi Qingchuan looks perfect. He is from a wealthy family, handsome and rich, powerful and powerful. He is the object of all the celebrities and Cinderella in Huacheng.
However, when I was close to him, I knew that his emotional life was not only complicated and entangled, it was still incomprehensible to ordinary people.
Unfortunately, I was also involved in his whirlpool.
I hope I can get out in time and not be cannon fodder.
The worst thing is that I am not only a cannon fodder, but also his sex slave.
After I changed my clothes, he was still smoking, looking into the distance.
What was he thinking about? Thinking of Baiyu or Xiaoshi?
I hurried downstairs first, Qiao Yi was still not leaving, and was helping me receive guests who came to pay homage to my father.
Seeing me coming, she ran over, raised her hand and looked at the watch on her wrist: “Wow, Xi Qingchuan’s stamina is really good, more than three hours in total.”
Is it so long? I looked around. Xiao Shi and my stepmother were all downstairs. The eyes of my stepmother and Xiao Lingling looked at me as if I had become a wicked concubine who harmed the country and the people.
My face was red to the root of my ears, and I dragged Qiao Yi into the corner, really wanting to slap her to death.
“I killed you.”
“Anyway, you guys slept.” She was completely remorseful for her behavior, and she was still complacent: “Look at your stepmother’s eyes, they will all stare out of their sockets, hahaha. And Xiaoshi, you Regardless of the light and windy appearance of her appearance, her heart has long been overwhelmed.”
She grinned and silly, even knowing that her starting point is for my own good, but I still can’t help kicking her: “You give Xi Qingchuan medicine, you don’t expect to have good fruit in the future.”
“What am I afraid of him?”
“Immediately your father’s company bids, are you afraid that Xi Qingchuan will give your father’s company shoes to wear?”

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