Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 281

Qiao Jianqi’s home is furnished to a high standard. It can be seen that every decoration is of great value, but only the value can be seen but the price is not. This is where the brilliance lies.
I was very surprised how he had such a house when he just came back. He said: “I have been back to Huacheng before, knowing that our roots will still fall in Huacheng in the future, so I bought the house early. It is not in handy now. Huh?”
He put on his apron, it looked like that.
I want to help him wash the vegetables. He moved a chair to let me sit in the kitchen and watch him work: “Your duty is to accompany me to chat.”
“I’m sorry to see you alone.”
“Put away your guilt, and remember, everything will be different if you feel at ease.”
“You should be a psychologist and not a cook.”
“I am a cook who can help with psychological problems.” He shook the yellow carrot in his hand at me: “How about borscht?”
“It will take a long time to cook.”
“I have beef bone broth in my refrigerator. It’s quick to make.” He washed the tomatoes and put them in the food processor to smash them, and then cut the cooked beef brisket.
“I got a bit hot on this.” He cut a small piece and put it in my mouth: “How?”
The sirloin is soft and rotten, and the fibers that are well bitten off have a gelatinous texture. The aroma of beef fills the mouth, which is really delicious.
“Raising two thumbs is not enough praise.” I praised it sincerely.
He hooked his lips: “This is just the raw material, the finished product is more delicious.”
Watching a handsome man cook is really a pleasing process, if Xi Qingchuan keeps calling to harass me during the period.
I want to turn off the phone, but Qiao Jianqi said: “Don’t run away, don’t answer if you don’t want to answer it, you won’t be able to see it if someone calls you after you hang up the phone.”
I know, but the frequent calls from Xi Qingchuan really affect my mood.
His cutting of vegetables surprised me. It was really fast. The blade hit the cutting board and made a dangdang sound, which was very nice.
Xi Qingchuan knows everything, but can’t cook.
I still remember the bowl of noodles made for me on the day of my father’s death. Of course, there were deliberate ingredients, but it was so unpalatable that I had never eaten something so unpalatable.
Qiao Jianqi works very fast, stew the soup in a pot here, and start marinating the ribs over there, half of the ribs with salt and pepper and half of the garlic.
He handles the scallops neatly when he marinates the ribs. I now believe that he has been alone in the kitchen since he was a child.
After about an hour, the food was on the table.
He took out the pink bubble wine: “This has no degree, it is said that the wine is actually soda.”
I took a sip, it was sour and sweet, and it really didn’t smell like alcohol.
Qiao Jianqi’s craftsmanship is really good enough to burst, the ribs are delicious, the garlic aroma is very strong, and the taste of salt and pepper is also excellent. I ate two large roots in a row.
It’s strange that Qiao Jianqi and I have not seen each other for many years, but he has a sense of familiarity that makes people uncomfortable and feels very comfortable with him.
Of course, it’s just a friend’s comfort.
I need a friend, although I know this friend’s motivation for approaching me may not be pure.
But he also said that he liked me first and challenged Xi Qingchuan second.
He is very honest, at least, I think he is very honest.
Didn’t Xi Qingchuan say that I only have Qiao Yi as a friend in the entire Huacheng?
I am very unconvinced with his conclusion.
The dishes he cooks are delicious, the borscht is rich and delicious, and the chunks of sirloin are just too enjoyable.
In fact, the food I have eaten these days is very nutritious, but it is slightly lighter.
We ate almost the same, and I suddenly realized that there seemed to be one dish missing.
He got up and went to the kitchen, and after a while, he brought out a plate with scallops that had been opened and cleaned before I remembered.
The scallops are chilled in the refrigerator with ice cubes underneath.
He put the scallops on the table, and I looked at him a little inexplicably: “Are you eating raw?”
“Of course not.” He took out the lighter, sprayed some brandy on the scallops, and then lit the brandy. The white flesh of the scallops and the yellow yellow were burning with blue flames, and for a while, the strange aroma was pungent. .
“I thought you were going to steam it with fans.” I muttered as I watched the little flames.
“It’s too old-fashioned, of course you have to eat it differently.”
When the flame burned out, he directly picked up a scallop with his hand and handed it to me: “Here.”
“Just eat like this?”
“If you want to worship and eat again, there is no problem.”
“Who would worship scallops?” I was amused by him. I picked up the scallop meat with chopsticks. When I got close to my mouth, I smelled a faint smell of alcohol and the unique taste of seafood cooked by fire. The others seemed to have no seasoning.
I stuffed the shellfish into my mouth, and the sweet taste spread throughout my mouth.
The taste is difficult to describe, simple, direct, fierce, and wild with the sea.
The scallops are crispy, and the yellow scallops are not fishy at all when sprayed with wine. Qiao Jianqi puts a pinch of fried ginger on the yellow, with special light soy sauce, which gives it a special taste.
“I think.” I said vaguely to Qiao Jianqi with a mouthful of shellfish in his mouth: “After eating your meal, I will miss it often.”
I thought he would say something like he wants to eat anytime, but he didn’t think of him saying, “The first meal is a long-awaited reunion. If you want to eat the second meal, then it’s a bit of an argument. There is a second meal.”
I didn’t think he would use food to intimidate and lure, but Qiao Jianqi’s food can make people forget the troubles.
“Your craftsmanship is so good, you can occasionally make some delicious things for Dad Qiao to taste. He has no taste in his mouth when he is sick.”
“The one I brought here this morning was fried rice noodles. He ate very well.”
“You did it?”
“Well, the rice noodles are also made by myself by grinding rice milk. The biggest gimmick of our restaurant is that all the ingredients are basically our own. We have a large farm in China, where we grow and raise livestock, and even the milk is our own. Produced.”
This made me amazed. He pointed to the borscht: “Why the sirloin is delicious, because it is raised on my own farm.”
He spread his hands: “In terms of financial resources, I am actually no worse than Xi Qingchuan. I just don’t have much influence, Xiao Sheng, I, the largest farmer in the Asia-Pacific region, still has a lot of capital.”
“Oh.” I nodded in recognition: “You are really the best choice for the majority of young women to marry.”
He laughed, he laughed heartily.
I also smirked, the sparkling wine has no degree, but I think it is a bit superior.
He didn’t need me to collect the bowl after eating, and he didn’t even let me do things like cutting fruit. I just walked around in his living room.
Calm down after eating, thinking about the Xi Qingchuan I will face, my heart is still a little hairy.
At this time, the doorbell rang, which made me tremble.
Could it be that Xi Qingchuan found Qiao Jianqi’s residence?

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