Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 288

I was very moved by Xiao Shi’s words to me.
If she hurriedly accepted it all at once, then I must be whispering in my heart.
She was willing to tell me something like this, and I was very touched.
“Xiao Shi, I think very thoroughly. I have already decided. Dad will give this to me, and he doesn’t say that I can’t give it to others, but I really think you are more suitable than me. You are very good. ability.”
“I have the ability and I know it very well in my heart, and I also recognize me. Of course, Xiao Sheng, when you first did this, I was very unconvinced. I think I can do better than you with my ability. But giving up by yourself is another matter. Don’t deny yourself just because others think of you.”
“Xiao Shi, I’m very happy if you can tell me this,” I stretched my arm across the table to catch her hand: “Actually, if my father is still alive, he will agree with me. I really have thought about it. Clearly, I made this decision, not only for you and me, but also for Xi Qingchuan this is the most correct.”
“Xi Qingchuan?” She looked at me unblinkingly: “What does it have to do with him?”
“In fact, he suggested that I cede the position of president to you, so I thought about it. Otherwise, how can I have that consciousness?”
She opened her eyes wide, her face was in disbelief, and I was quite sure about her expression, Xi Qingchuan did not collude with her.
Regardless of whether Xi Qingchuan has entrained personal feelings, in fact his proposal is also wrong, Xiaoshi is indeed more suitable than mine.
Moreover, the Xiao family and the Xi family also have business dealings. The cooperation between the two of them is the real strong alliance.
“Qing Chuan really said that?”
“Yes, he suggested it to me. I thought about it for several days and felt that what he said was wrong.”
What I was talking about next, Xiao Shi seemed to be out of ears, she kept leaning against the chair with her arms folded.
I don’t know what she is thinking, and I can’t understand her facial expressions, but I want Xi Qingchuan’s approval, which should make her very happy.
Xiao Shi was stunned for a long time. I sat opposite her and was bored. Later, I really couldn’t resist bending my fingers and tapping on the table. Then she came back to her senses and looked at me in a daze.
“Xiao Shi, don’t doubt, Xi Qingchuan really told me that. He told me that if I really think I am not competent, I will give you the position of president. You are more suitable than me.”
“He really said that, do you really think about it? It’s easy to hand over the rights, but it’s hard to take it back. If you tell me again, I will really accept it. I am If you really want to make a career in Xiao, of course you need a higher position, so if you stick to it, I will really accept it. You have to think about it, Xiao Sheng.”
“I’m thinking about it,”
“you sure?”
“Definitely and surely.”
“There is no regret taking medicine in the world. If one day you think you come and tell me, Xiao Shi, I think I can be qualified for the position of president again. I will not give it to me as easily as you did today. I will pay it back. Give you.”
“I know.” I nodded: “Since I leave it to you, I won’t take it back. I know you can do well. If you can’t do it well, I might take it back.”
Xiao Shi looked at me and said, “Xiao Sheng, you can’t do better than me.” Her conceited look is really like Xi Qingchuan’s. To do business, she needs her confidence.
The confidence of Xiao Shi is precisely what I don’t have. I am always persuaded and always feel that I can’t do well.
“I will give you another day to think about it. If you still think like this tomorrow, then I will do my part,” Xiao Shi stood up from the chair.
Xiao Shi looked at me earnestly: “The opportunity is in everyone’s hands. Since you are giving me this opportunity now, why should I not seize it?”
Xiao Shi is really a gentleman in some respects. She left after she finished speaking. She didn’t agree to it immediately, but gave me time to think about it, fearing that I might regret it later.
In fact, I have already thought about it, so what can I regret?
As long as it’s for the sake of the Xiao family, I think it doesn’t matter who is the president. I am not this piece of material, so why do I occupy the magpie’s nest?
After I decided, I was particularly relaxed, but at least I can’t let Qiao Yi know in a short time. At least I have to wait until the raw rice is cooked. Xiao Shi is already sitting in this position, and it’s not too late for me to tell her.
Or don’t need me to tell her, the message goes quickly.
Ruan Ling was really angry with me. She didn’t reason with me all morning. At noon, Wu’s mother came to deliver the food. I wanted Ruan Ling to come in and eat with me. Wu’s mother brought a lot of dishes, and I couldn’t finish it alone.
She was sitting behind her desk holding a box of lunch. When I talked to her, she put down the lunch box in her hand and stood up, using the tone of a purely subordinate superior: “What’s your order, President?”
“Come and eat with me. Auntie at home brought a lot of dishes and soup. I can’t finish it alone.”
“No, I’m fine with the box lunch.” She sat down with a straight face and continued to eat with her box lunch.
I am helpless, but there is no way.
I can’t make her understand me now, maybe she will understand me in the future.
I have thought about it. What will I do after I hand over the job to Xiao Shi?
I want to go to sketches from all over the country with my drawing board on my back. I live here for a few days and there for a few days, living the life of a nomad, without having to deal with these data every day.
Think about it, isn’t this kind of day beautiful?
I just had lunch at noon, and I plan to take a break. Ni Yizhou is here.
He went abroad some time ago. When I was hospitalized, he called to greet me and said that he could not come enough to visit me.
I haven’t seen it for a long time, and I’m very happy to see him.
I took out the fruit for him to eat, his face was solemn, and he sat down opposite me without any opening remarks, and went straight in: “I heard that you plan to hand over the position of president to Xiao Shi?”
“How did you know?” Although I didn’t intend to use it as a secret, after all, I just talked to Xiao Shi.
“Ruan Ling called me.”
This Ruan Ling, but I have no reason to say her, I just don’t call her Qiao Xie, but I don’t say I can’t call Ni Yizhou.
“Have you talked to Xiao Shi?”
I was sitting behind my computer gnawing on a plum. The flesh inside the plum was very red, but it was especially sour when it was eaten with the skin. My sour eyes and eyebrows were squeezed together.
“Ah…” I hummed, “If you are also here to oppose me or to persuade me, then it is not necessary, I have already thought about it.”

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