Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 289

“I don’t bother to spend this kind of tongue, knowing that you are the most stubborn person, and it is not easy to decide good things.”
Didn’t you come to persuade me? ”
Ni Yizhou spread his hands: “Persuade you to do it well?”
I shook my head.
“That’s not it,” he smiled: “There is no use to persuade you, why do you need to persuade, I know you feel a sense of powerlessness towards your management of the company, and I also think that there is no point in Xiao’s existence for you, does it? ”
“Now that I know, why do I have to say it so clearly?” I feel that it is the same thing, and it is not too comfortable to hear that denying me from other people’s mouth is another.
“I have a suggestion. In fact, you can manage the Xiao family better without surrendering your position to Xiao Shi.”
“What advice?”
“Are you willing to adopt it?”
“You don’t even say anything, how can I adopt it?”
“In fact, you can authorize your position to others. For example, whoever you are optimistic about in the company, you can let him exercise your business rights on your behalf, but in fact, the person who makes the decision is still you. Whether you give all the power to Xiao Shi, you won’t be able to take it back when you want to.”
“Who do you give it to?”
“It depends on you. Apart from Xiaoshi in the entire company, I am not familiar with anyone else.”
“Then you can’t, whoever is familiar with, give the position of president to someone? Isn’t it?”
“This is too much trouble. Actually, I think Xiaoshi is really more suitable than me.”
“Maybe he and she are more suitable than you, but there must be someone more suitable than her. For the management company. Xiao Shi is not the most talented one. She is also just a Chinese capital. Since you plan to hand it over, It’s better to hand it over to a more reliable person. I don’t know who that person is. You can keep your opinion and not hand over your position for the time being. I will talk about it when I find the right person.”
I looked at Ni Yizhou: “How do I think you are delaying time?”
He smiled: “At some point, your reaction is really fast. My suggestion is that you can think about it seriously.”
If Ni Yizhou’s suggestion is to propose to me before I talk to Xiao Shi, then I will really think about it, but I have already said everything to Xiao Shi, if she asks me tomorrow, I will Tell her that I don’t want to hand over the position to her. Isn’t that a backlash?
Although there are not too many virtues in my person, my character is not that bad.
Ruan Ling justified me all day today. I am also one of the most failed presidents in history, so that even my secretary is unwilling to take care of myself.
Qiao Yi called me in the afternoon. She could hear that she was very busy. She yelled to me on the other end of the phone, “Xiao Sheng, do you know what I am doing now?”
I said I didn’t know, she said, “I’m eating lunch!”
I see the time is already 4 pm: “How did you get lunch until now?”
“Don’t mention it. I used to have a bunch of idiots from my dad. My dad didn’t come to the company for a few days. The company has a lot of things to deal with. Do they have a brain? Some small things should be handled by themselves. Ah.”
“How about you, Xiaosheng? In fact, the human resources of the Xiao family are still very good, otherwise you are not so leisurely.”
Yes, maybe I’m too idle.
Of course I dared not tell Qiao Yi about my decision. When it was done, she would have no choice but to kill me.
In the evening, I consciously returned to Xi Qingchuan’s villa.
Xi Qingchuan came back quite early today. I just washed my hands and sat at the dining table. Xi Qingchuan came back.
“Have you eaten the young master?” Wu Ma greeted, “I have the beetroot you like today.”
Xi Jinchuan glanced at the dining table and nodded: “No food.”
He washed his hands and changed clothes and sat across from me. Wu Ma’s dishes are super delicious, and I am addicted to his drunken crabs.
It turned out that I have never dared to eat it because I was afraid of fishy. After eating it today, I thought it was simply too delicious.
The beet head Xi Qingchuan likes is a purplish red radish.
Cut into small cubes and mix with the seasoning, which is a bit like a dragon fruit with a red heart.
Xi Qingchuan ate the beetroot for the entire dinner, and the other dishes were not changed.
I was about to wipe out a whole dish of drunken crabs by myself. Xi Qingchuan, who had been silent all the time, suddenly looked at me and said: “If you have a cold stomach, you should pay attention to eating drunken crabs, and be careful of greedy moments of mouthfulness. When the time comes, you will have diarrhea. ”
Although his words are not very pleasant, they are also good for me.
I stopped the chopsticks, he glanced at me and continued to eat.
Xi Qingchuan was very kind to me when I was sick and hospitalized. When my side just recovered, he ignored it.
I was half full, and after thinking about it, I should tell him my decision.
“Xi Qingchuan.” I called his name.
He was drinking soup, his eyes looked at me through the mist of the hot soup from above the edge of the bowl.
“I talked with Xiao Shi today.”
He still looked at me, waiting for my next words.
“I have already told her that the advice you gave me last time is actually a serious consideration. I think what you said is quite right. Anyway, I am not managing the company’s materials, so I plan to give the position of president to Xiao Shi. .”
I can’t read the emotions in his eyes in the heat of the soup.
After a while, he said, “Did you think about it?”
“Yeah.” I nodded: “It’s decided, but Xiao Shi won’t accept it immediately. She said that she would give me one day to consider.”
“Then what are you thinking about?”
“I will formally hand over the position of president to her tomorrow.”
“Oh.” He continued to lower his head to drink soup.
I thought at first that he would at least make me think twice, or give me some poisonous chicken soup, but he was surprised that he didn’t say anything, as if he was waiting for my decision.
He put down the bowl after eating and walked out of the restaurant, and I went upstairs after dinner.
Xi Qingchuan is not on the terrace in his room. He occasionally smokes on the terrace. He doesn’t smoke often and has a good habit of never smoking indoors.
I was going to take a shower in the cloakroom, and Xi Qingchuan waved to me through the glass door.
I ran to open the door and asked him what was wrong, but he still waved to me.
I walked to the terrace, and he stood by the railing and waved to let me pass too.
I stood by the railing and looked around inexplicably: “There is nothing, why do you tell me?”
“Jump down,” he said.
He said a nonsense sentence, I was really a little confused.
I looked at him inexplicably: “What do you mean?”
“Don’t you listen to me very much? I do whatever I ask you to do, and now I let you jump, you just jump.”
“This is the third floor.” My jumping ability has always been poor. If I jump down, I will definitely fall into a pizza, and the stuffing will come out.
He should be referring to his proposal to give me the position to Xiao Shi.
Haven’t I already listened to what he said, as his wish?
He still said that, does it mean that he is a bit cheaper and still behaved?

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