Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 290

“Xi Qingchuan, I am not stupid. If I jump down, I will become disabled if I don’t die.”
“You are indeed not stupid, but your brain lacks a string. Xiao Sheng, I will make a deal with you. I will buy 10% of your shares at a price that is double the market price.”
Why does he talk so often?
Is the little share in my hand that is coveted every day?
Of course I refuse.
He was playing with a lighter in his hand, which was lit for a while and then extinguished.
The metal lid knocked on the fuselage and made a bang-bang sound, which was quite noisy.
I think this should be Xi Qingchuan’s usual tactic in negotiating with others. This kind of noise will disturb my thoughts and make me unable to think normally.
But I don’t need to think about this kind of thing. I only have one answer, which is to say no to him.
But Xi Qingchuan didn’t intend to let me go and continued to lobby: “Anyway, your shares won’t be preserved sooner or later. It’s better to keep the fertilizer from the outsiders’ fields. If you sell it to me, you will not give it away for nothing. There will be a large amount of money in the bank account. No matter what. Do you use it for investment, or keep it and spend it slowly, you will never spend it in a few lifetimes.”
“I told you that this is the shares that my father left me, and I won’t sell it to you.”
“It’s okay to be filial, but you have to do what you can.”
“Xi Qingchuan, don’t think that if I give the position of president to Xiao Shi, it means that I will sell you the shares. These are two different things.”
He smiled: “It will be one thing soon, wait and see.”
Well, Xi Qingchuan is angry with me for success.
I was so angry that my chest was stuffy. Maybe it was too hot. After I walked back to the room, I still felt dizzy.
Xi Qingchuan is really an out-and-out businessman, and taking advantage of the fire is not such a way of playing.
How long hadn’t I been in the room, he followed out, and then he went to the cloakroom to change clothes.
I thought he would change his washing clothes, but he changed his pajamas as if he was going out.
I didn’t want to care about him, but I couldn’t resist: “Do you want to go out at this late?”
“Why can’t you go out so late?” He never answered my question properly, always asking me back.
Well, anyway, he is not a big girl, and there are bodyguard assistants and drivers around him. The possibility of a big man encountering a pervert is still slightly low.
He changed his clothes and went out. I also took the pajamas to take a shower. Who knew that he walked out of the room and turned back, leaning at the door and looking at me with a smile.
“What are you doing?” I was stunned by him.
“Suddenly remembered that today is July and a half.”
“July and a half is the Ghost Festival, Hundred Ghost Night Tour. If you see your father, remember to tell him about your gratifying decision.”
Xi Qingchuan is not only acrid and mean, but his speech is also so unpleasant. If I were small-minded, I would surely come forward without a sigh, and he would pass by with a scream.
He usually tells me to forget it, but now when it comes to my dad, I am naturally not to be outdone.
I looked at his outfit and slipped out if I was more mean than him.
“Your dark gold striped silk shirt, worn out at night, others will doubt your career if they don’t know it!”
“How is my profession?”
“Xi Qingchuan, if you don’t have so much money. If you go to be a duck in the future, you will definitely please rich women.”
It is the first time that I have said such harsh words to others, and I would feel embarrassed to be anybody, and I am very uneducated.
But the other party is Xi Qingchuan, so I don’t think it is so ugly.
Xi Qingchuan was so angry that he wanted to laugh or not.
He answered lazily with his arms folded.
“What if I just go to be a duck? It seems that you have the potential to be a rich woman and know the trend of duck shops.”
Well, I can’t quarrel him. I sneaked into the bathroom holding my clothes to take a shower.
Today is a depressed day, I don’t want to be blocked by him before going to bed.
I don’t know where Xi Qingchuan has gone, and then he didn’t come back all night.
Half a year after I got married, I rarely guarded the vacant house alone. I vaguely felt that Xi Qingchuan seemed to be very upset with me, and I couldn’t say where he was offended.
But when Xi Qingchuan wants to abuse me, does he need a reason?
He is happy at any time and abuses as he wants.
When I got up the next morning and changed my clothes after washing and going downstairs to eat, I met Xi Qingchuan in the corridor.
I don’t know where he went last night, and I didn’t plan to ask him, but his face was tired, and he looked very bright. It shouldn’t have been all night.
After he saw me, he greeted me in an unprecedented way: “Wake up?”
Then I also exchanged courtesy and greeted him: “Come back and change clothes?”
I planned to leave after the greeting, but Xi Qingchuan grabbed my wrist and stared into my eyes: “How do you know I’m back to change clothes?”
“Because I know you!” I still have insight as a person, and I have been in contact with him for so long: “Why do you, such a person who loves beautifully, wait for you. Will you tolerate yourself not changing clothes all night? And You’re going to Xi’s later, you smell of perfume and go to a meeting for the senior management, it seems difficult to convince the crowd, isn’t it?”
Xi Qingchuan looked at me and smiled slightly, but it didn’t mean that his temper had improved.
Sometimes it’s weird that he gets angry. He gets angry when I think it’s totally unnecessary. When I think my words are a little too much, he is okay.
Anyway, he is a person who plays cards unreasonably, what can I do.
He raised his arm and sniffed his clothes, and then leaned under my nose: “I don’t know how you smelled perfume. Didn’t you mean to ask me, there was someone with a woman last night? ?”
“You think too much,” I told him: “If you are with a man or a mixed man and woman, there will be no waves in my heart.”
He tilted his head: “Duplicity is not a good habit.”
It hurts to talk to him early in the morning, and I still have very important things to do today.
I thought Xi Qingchuan would make me think twice. But thinking that he didn’t say anything, he walked into the room.
But why should he stop me? He also asked me to cede the position of president to Xiao Shi. If it weren’t for him to remind me, I still can’t remember.
So his goal was finally achieved, he should be happy.
But I think he should do it too, just say a few words to me.
Who knew he didn’t even want to do this.

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