Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 300

Qiao’s mother hasn’t come back yet. Qiao Yi said she’s in the hospital now. Wu Simei, Qiao Jianqi’s mother, has become nervous again in the past few days. She goes to the hospital to harass Qiao’s father every day. He viciously mentions the old sesame seeds and rotten millet. It is said that Qiao’s wicked people have retribution, and they were abandoned by him when they were orphans and widows, and they will have the retribution they are today.
When Qiao Yi told me about this, she was already very calm. If she had been furious before, she would go to Wu Simei to settle the account with a knife and a gun.
In just a few days, I found that Qiao Yi has grown up, and it has grown very quickly.
I think in the future, she will use her shoulders to prop up the entire Joe family and the whole family. He will take good care of Dad Qiao, protect Mom Qiao, and defend Joe’s family. I am very proud of Qiao Yi.
In this way, I stayed at Qiao Yi’s house. Xi Qingchuan didn’t call me that night, and he didn’t even call me on the third day of the second day because I don’t have anything to do at the moment. There is also no going to work in the Xiao family.
Qiao Yi’s affairs are very busy. Of course, she really wants to be with me, but she can’t spare so much time.
She has to go to work at Joe’s early in the morning, and rush to Dad Qiao to report on Joe’s work at noon. As for me, I can only take the place of their fourth aunt’s job of delivering food.
It turned out that my fourth aunt sent meals to Dad Qiao every day, but now I am.
Because my driver’s license was revoked and I was not able to get it, the driver had to send me off.
Qiao Yi told me to take advantage of this time to get the driver’s license.
In fact, Qiao Yiman will plan his life. If I am like her now, with so much pressure on my body, I must not be as good as her.
I don’t know if I’m waiting for Xi Qingchuan to call me these days. Although I know he doesn’t have anything to say even if he calls, I still seem to be slightly disappointed.
I seem to be a little eager to hear his voice, at least let me know that he still hasn’t completely forgotten me.
But there have always been no calls. I was not waiting for Xi Qingchuan’s call, but Xi Jinyuan called me.
He asked me out for dinner, and I haven’t seen him for a long time, but I really can’t get interested.
I was thinking about how I should reject him. His voice on the other end of the phone was faint: “Xiao Sheng, I will go back to study abroad soon, and I can only wait until the Spring Festival this year.”
I get along well with this little friend Xi Jinyuan. Although he has a prominent family background, he doesn’t have any vices that taint any brother-in-law.
Since he said so, I have no reason to refuse even if I am not interested.
I made an appointment with him to eat hot pot, because since the time we know me, he has eaten hot pot more often than he has eaten in his entire life. He loves this kind of food and eats every time he eats.
But this is good, and it saves you the trouble of tangling what to eat.
Before I went out, Qiao Yi always said that my face was black and black, and that I had completely lost my former style. It seemed that I was a bitter woman who was kicked and kicked by Xi Qingchuan.
He didn’t allow me to be in this state, so I deliberately danced a slightly brighter skirt today.
I made an appointment with Xi Qingchuan to meet at a famous and delicious hot pot restaurant in Huacheng.
Xi Jinyuan also arrived when I arrived. This hot pot restaurant is usually very popular. Although the price is high, every time including working days, both the lobby and the private rooms are full.
There was no one in the lobby today, so Xi Jinyuan was sitting there, and the whole hot pot restaurant turned into an empty city, which looked very strange.
He waved to me, and I walked over and looked around.
“What about people? Why are there only two of us?”
“I wrapped up the lobby.
I was shocked, why, why did he also learn Xi Qingchuan’s style?
“What does a hot pot restaurant do?”
“There are too many people, I think you will be annoying.” Xi Jinyuan looked at me seriously and said.
What he said was a little bit in my heart, and he really got it right. When he first made an appointment with me for a hot pot restaurant, I was actually a little bit touched.
Ever since I experienced such a big scene that day, after the celebration banquet, I now feel a little scared about densely populated places.
“Even so, you don’t have to cover the entire lobby. Isn’t it enough to book a private room? Or are you late and there is no private room?”
“I have packaged the entire hot pot restaurant.” Xi Jinyuan’s eyes had a feeling of pity and compassion.
I admit that the issue of giving up the president has made the city full of storms and has become one of the hottest topics.
Among them, there are many people who sympathize with me. In the past two days, I don’t lack sympathy from others. Although I don’t watch the Internet, sometimes the daughter of Qiao’s family gardener will quietly talk in the back, saying that the person who supports me online is still Quite a lot, most of them are sympathy.
I sat down opposite Xi Jinyuan and tried to divert the subject.
“Well, will I spend all your pocket money this time?”
“No, grandma gave me money. In fact, grandma asked me to ask you out for dinner with you today.”
“What about grandma?”
“She is at home, and she said we young people should have a better conversation and know what you are thinking.”
I don’t know what I’m thinking, I only know that I am worrying grandma, and she is sincerely kind to me.
Suddenly I became sad: “Is grandma okay recently?”
“She’s fine, in fact, she wants to see you too, but she asked me to talk to you first.”
Although I don’t think I know what to talk about, after all, grandma and Xi Jinyuan are kind.
I was ready to have a chat, when the waiter brought the menu, Xi Jinyuan lowered his head and checked what he wanted to eat on the menu.
“Xiao Sheng.” Xi Jinyuan ticked off and said to me: “I remember you like black hair belly, don’t you?”
“Well, you can order me whatever you want.”
“The bamboo fungus and mushroom platter, which one do you choose?”
“I think you quite like bamboo fungus. How about adding a bamboo fungus to a platter?”
“Okay.” I said.
I looked at Xi Jinyuan’s black head with black hair and the snow-white spin on top of his head, as he scratched the top of the menu. I vaguely thought that I might be crushed to death today.

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