Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 316

Xi Jinyuan, I finally coaxed him back. I was relieved.
He walked on the front foot, and Xi Qingchuan came in on the back foot.
He stood at the door and asked me, “What?” He said, “He’s gone? What is the strategy of slowing down?”
It was really uncomfortable not to hide anything from Xi Qingchuan.
As if I was naked in front of him, without reservation.
So I didn’t nod or shook my head, so he walked over and unscrewed the lid of the fresh-keeping bucket.
The smelly smell of snail powder comes out from inside. I like eating snail powder very much. When I’m hungry, I feel that the smell is too horrible, but now it is very irritating to smell it when I am full.
“I do not want to eat.”
He curled his brows: “You don’t want to eat snail noodles by name or surname?”
“I don’t want to eat it now.” I said, “Xi Jinyuan brought me his plane meal, a whole steak.”
I didn’t look up at Xi Qingchuan, and I didn’t know what his expression was. I only knew how beautiful his expression was at this moment.
I looked at his eyes as if I had become Su Daji, who was here to fascinate men.
But he should know that I don’t have that great ability, otherwise I wouldn’t even be confused by him.
Xi Qingchuan didn’t have any patience, and then he stopped paying attention to me.
He must be very angry, because I specially sent him home to make breakfast for me, but I still didn’t eat.
He also knew in his heart that I just wanted to get him away.
Next, I did various examinations, took countless X-rays, and then took them to the experts for consultation.
During each consultation, Xi Qingchuan would personally go to audit.
I don’t know what his psychology is. He seems to be quite nervous, so Qiao Yi said that Xi Qingchuan wanted to kill me. I think this idea is a bit exaggerated.
If he really wanted to kill me, he wouldn’t have tried so hard to save me.
Otherwise, even I myself feel that he is a little too roundabout in this way, so he can just kill me directly, so why bother to treat me now?
Qiao Yi said that it was his remnant conscience discovery, or he was afraid that I was really dead and turned into a ghost to strangle him. If that is the case, then Xi Qingchuan is also afraid of him. When did he fear ghosts? ?
I thought that after Xi Jinyuan returned home, his family would not let him out again, or sent him out of the country directly, but he didn’t think I had just finished lunch when he slipped over.
He held a paper bag in his hand, and he didn’t know what was bulging in it.
He showed it to me in the same way: “These are the little biscuits I baked. Doesn’t it smell delicious?”
I saw the lumps of weirdly shaped solids in the transparent crisper, with indistinguishable colors, and I could only temporarily confirm that they were biscuits.
“You don’t want this expression, Xiao Sheng. Although it doesn’t look good, it tastes very good. I don’t put a drop of water, but all of it is milk.”
“How can you bake cookies?”
“Mother Wu taught me? It’s too pitiful for you to lie on the bed alone. I just thought. Doing something with your own hands will give you strength.”
Although I don’t think these strangely shaped cookies can give me any strength, I still thank him for his enthusiasm.
He enthusiastically let me have a taste. Since the children are so enthusiastic, I can’t refuse it cruelly.
I squeezed a piece with two fingers and put it in my mouth to chew. The taste was really not as horrible as I thought, it was very crispy, and the aroma of chocolate and milk was very strong.
I gave him a thumbs up: “It’s delicious.”
He smiled so that his eyes were narrowed.
There seemed to be stars in Xi Jinyuan’s eyes. When he laughed, people couldn’t help laughing with him.
I was so smiled by him, and the gloom in my heart was wiped out.
He accompanied me to eat biscuits, and a box of biscuits was eaten by the two of us at once.
He was very excited to see that I had finished eating: “I will bake for you when I go back tonight.”
“No, I’ll get tired of eating this.”
“I will do something else.” He was eager to try.
“When do you plan to go back?” I always talked about it.
“Why? Did my third brother embarrass you just now? It’s none of your business.”
“No, no.” I patted his hand: “Be calm, don’t worry, he doesn’t tell me anything, and he doesn’t embarrass me.”
Just now Xi Jinyuan was still happily, suddenly drooping his eyebrows, frowning and frowning: “Xiao Xiaosheng, you divorce my brother, I will protect you.”
“I know.” I felt listless when I mentioned this topic: “I am not alone in the divorce.”
“Why should my third brother keep you by his side? Do you keep it to torment you?”
“Children’s family, don’t take care of our affairs.” I patted his head, but he still caught his hand and pressed it to his chest.
His eyes were a little strange, and they seemed to be flashing with water.
I don’t know what this kid is doing, and I didn’t withdraw my hand, just let him hold it like this. Anyway, in my heart, Xi Jinyuan is one of my little brothers.
Especially when I know that he is still an adult.
He looked at me as if to talk, his mouth opened and closed, closed and opened, his throat and eyes were grunting, and he didn’t know what he was going to say.
“What’s wrong with you? Where is it?”
He shook his head in confusion and nodded again.
“You are unwell, do you want to see a doctor? I asked the nurse to come and see you.”
“It’s not that uncomfortable, it’s that it’s uncomfortable here, my heart beats so fast.”
He pressed my hand to his chest, and indeed his heart beats quite fast.
“Do you have a bad heart?”
“No, no, no,” he still shook his head, his eyes widened and his face flushed.
“Xiao Sheng, I…” He was speechless, and he couldn’t say anything for a long time.
I was almost anxious to death by him, he suddenly stood up and let go of my hand, turned around and ran out.
What happened to Xi Jinyuan?
The door was pushed open again, and I thought it was Xian kowtow and came back, but Xi Qingchuan walked in.
He twisted his brows: “What’s wrong with Xi Jinyuan? He ran out violently, what medicine did he take wrong?”
“How can I say that to my own brother.
“I found that Xi Jinyuan has been with you for a long time and has become a little nervous.”
Xi Qingchuan is really enough, and treats his younger brother so harshly.
I was wondering whether to argue for Xi Jinyuan, but suddenly the door slammed open again. Xi Jinyuan stood at the door, yelling, “Xiaosheng, I tell you, I like you.” I want to be with you!”

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