Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 317

Xi Jinyuan’s voice is so loud, and his words are so clear that I can hear every word very clearly.
He stood at the door and yelled with his eyes closed, still blushing with a thick neck.
Although the ward was two rooms inside and outside, it was a ward after all, and the space was not big. Xi Qingchuan was standing in front of my bed, and what Xi Jinyuan said just now, he heard every word in his ears.
I subconsciously wanted to jump out of bed and cover Xi Jinyuan’s mouth, but he had no idea that Xi Qingchuan was in the room, still yelling with his eyes closed: “Xiaosheng, I like you, I just like you. The first time we met, when you stood by the playground at our house and wanted to watch me play basketball, I liked you at first sight!”
“Xi Jinyuan!” I hurriedly called him: “Shut up!”
“I don’t have to like it, I just like it, why should I be evasive.”
“My third brother doesn’t cherish you. If you divorce him, I will marry you!”
“Ho ho,” Xi Qingchuan was actually amused by Xi Jinyuan.
He certainly didn’t smile from the bottom of his heart, he was laughed with anger.
Xi Jinyuan heard Xi Qingchuan’s voice and quickly opened his eyes, but it was too late.
Xi Qingchuan had already heard all the words he had just said.
I looked at him in frustration, and I didn’t even think that Xi Jinyuan had this thought for me.
He usually likes to play with me, he always likes to pester me. I thought he was just in Xi’s family and he didn’t have anyone his age, and he had been studying in a foreign country since he was a child, and Huacheng didn’t have any friends, so it’s a little closer to me. It’s a natural thing.
But I didn’t expect it would rise to the level of liking or even marrying me, and it would scare me out, okay?
Originally, I was suspected of hooking up with my uncle, but now Xi Jinyuan yelled at me like this again, my Su Daji’s reputation was proper, and I didn’t run away.
I didn’t even dare to look at Xi Qingchuan’s expression. He stretched out his finger and pointed at Xi Jinyuan’s nose.
“You get me in!”
In front of the brother’s confession to the sister-in-law, this operation is also hard-core.
I don’t know how Xi Qingchuan will teach him, and I am a little worried, but I can’t help him expressly intercede.
Xi Jinyuan hesitated for a while, and then walked over arrogantly, standing in front of Xi Qingchuan, raising his head: “Brother, since you are here, let you know what I want by the way.”
“By the way? By the way, Xiao Sheng and I were forced to divorce, and then she married you. Don’t forget that you are still an adult.”
“I will be an adult soon.”
“Our country’s marriage laws have yet to reach the age of late marriage.”
“Then we can go abroad to get married.”
“Xi Jinyuan, who do you want to be angry with?” I really couldn’t hold back, and threw him with a leftover cookie: “Can you just say a few words?”
“Don’t, didn’t he want to confess? You just let him confide in his heart all at once.” Xi Qingchuan pulled the chair away and sat down, with an expression of listening.
“Xi Jinyuan, I will give you a chance now. You can continue to confess.”
“I just confessed it,” Xi Jinyuan scratched his head: “Brother, since you don’t like Xiaosheng, why are you always tied to others?”
“How do you know I don’t like her?” Xi Qingchuan asked him back.
“If you really like her, why do you treat her like this?”
“How do I treat her?”
Xi Jinyuan’s eyes were shiny and wet, and I felt as if he was about to cry in the next second.
“Xiaosheng is the kindest and most transparent girl I have ever seen. It is more innocent than that, a thousand times and ten thousand times more innocent. If you don’t like her, don’t cherish her, so why do you always bully her? ”
To be honest, I am very happy that Xi Jinyuan commented on me like this, at least there is someone who understands me.
Although Qiao Yi often said that my kindness is always used in the wrong place.
However, he contradicted Xi Qingchuan in this way, I think there should be no good fruit.
Xi Qingchuan’s expression was rather calm, as if he didn’t care what Xi Jinyuan said just now.
He pondered for a moment, turned his head to look at Xi Jinyuan, and told him word by word: “No matter how I treat Xiaosheng, no matter what position Xiaosheng is in my heart, in short she is my wife, don’t even think about it. Tomorrow I will send you to a foreign country to distribute to the army, and don’t even think about coming back for the time being.”
“Brother, it’s unfair for you to do this.”
“When you become an adult and your hair grows up, you will be fair to me. There is also a wife who robs your brother so powerfully. If you let your dad find out, you will break your leg. Now roll back to me and pack my luggage. ”
“After saying that I will wait until Xiao Sheng’s legs are better and go with me.”
“I’m not discussing with you now.” Xi Qingchuan got up from the chair, lifted Xi Jinyuan’s collar in one hand, and walked outside.
Xi Jinyuan struggled desperately: “You let go of my brother, you are not necessarily my opponent if you want to fight.”
I’m really afraid that the two will fight, and it is said that the two brothers are the same woman. This reputation is too unpleasant.
“Xi Jinyuan,” I couldn’t bear it: “Don’t go crazy with me here, go out to study tomorrow.”
“Xiao Sheng, I want to go with you.”
“Where do you go with me? I was thoughtful before. I only treated you as a kid. Now that you tell me something like this, it’s even more impossible. And I told you, whether we have it or not. I won’t choose you at the level of my uncle’s relationship.”
“Why? Is it because I am not an adult?”
“There’s no reason, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.” I simply told Xi Jinyuan clearly.
This kid also belongs to the kind of guy with a stubborn head. If he doesn’t explain it clearly to him, he will definitely be stalking, and he won’t be able to get around this corner.
Xi Jinyuan’s face flushed again, and he gritted his teeth and stood there staring at me: “You lie, you said that in front of my brother.”
I almost laughed angrily by him, and then cried again.
“You are so self-confident, where do you tell I would like you?”
“If you don’t accept it now, you will accept it later.”
“It’s impossible, Xi Jinyuan.”
“Why why?” He jumped and yelled, completely like a child.
Why, yes, why I rejected him so simply, not only because I was afraid of Xi Qingchuan, but also because I was rooted in my heart like a small seedling, and now it has grown into a towering tree Up.
Should I pick the fruit from this tree and show it to Xi Qingchuan clearly?
Dare i?
I lowered my head and gnawed my nails, Xi Jinyuan kept jumping and screaming there for me to explain.
I was forced by him to raise my head and tell him word by word: “No matter what your brother treats me, no matter what your brother thinks of me, I like him. Xi Jinyuan, you hear it clearly? I can’t like it. You, because I like Xi Qingchuan, your third brother.”

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