Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 323

I opened my eyes wide and looked at Qiao Yi in front of me. There was a huge black eye on my left eye, color was hung on my cheek, and my chin was red. It seemed that the injury was really serious.
I leaned out of the bed and pulled her arm: “How can I slap her face?”
“It’s not just the face.” She immediately rolled up her sleeves to show me: “There are also on the arms, as well as the legs and buttocks.”
Qiao Yi seems to be a battle-tested general, showing off to me the scars of her accomplishments.
“Here, here, here…” she pointed to me.
“Qiao Yi,” I really didn’t know what to say, holding her hand: “Why are you fighting with Xi Qingchuan? You will suffer, okay? You see, you are all injured now!”
“Xi Qingchuan was also injured, okay, it’s just that he was injured a little bit less than me, because he is taller and has inherent advantages. Besides, he has a lot of muscles. I hit him with a punch. The chest is hard, there is no reaction at all, and he almost bounced me back.”
“I knew why you were going?”
“He is too arrogant, thinking I dare not fight him.”
“You said all day that Xi Qingchuan is not your opponent, okay?” I inspected her inside and out: “Where else is there any injury? Just go for an injury test!”
“Don’t, I fight with him, everyone is willing, and it’s normal to have no eyesight. But Xi Qingchuan is not too mean.”
“He beats your face like this. Isn’t it mean?” I really don’t understand Qiao Yi. I was filled with outrage just now. How can I still help him when I was beaten up.
“Every time he punches, he tells me where he is going, which is not too despicable.”
“Then you were beaten like this?”
“The problem is I don’t believe it, I thought he was slamming him.” I was really defeated by Qiao Yi, and I was defeated to the ground.
“Have you been on medicine just now?”
“Yeah.” Qiao Yi nodded: “It’s been, don’t worry.”
“Then how do you go to work with Joe’s with your colorful face now? How do you go to see Dad Qiao?”
“Today is Saturday. After tomorrow, I won’t see anything the next morning. On my dad’s side, I didn’t fight often before. He is used to it.”
“Qiao Yi, you are also the CEO of a group anyway, do you know this is naive?”
“Xiaosheng, everyone has their own way of dealing with things, and Xi Qingchuan and I can only solve it with fists.”
“What about now? Is it resolved?”
“Solved, at least I know I can’t beat him.”
I looked at her dejectedly: “Miss, please hide your godmother for a little bit these past two days. The godmother was already coaxing enough by Wu Simei. Look at your colorful face, you have to be mad. No. How old girls are still fighting.”
I said it was Joey, but I still felt sorry for her.
The more I think about it, the more I feel that Xi Qingchuan has no books, and Qiao Yi just talks about it all day long, and he really does something with her.
Qiao Yi took out a pear from my fruit basket, rubbed it on his body, and started to bite.
There was a wound on her cheek, and her mouth was so wide that she grinned with pain because of the wound.
I looked at her angrily, snatched the apple from her hand, helped him to cut it, and then cut it into small pieces and fed it to her mouth.
She squinted and smirked: “Xiaosheng is still the best for me.”
“Bah!” I couldn’t wait to choke her to death: “Can you save me a snack?”
After eating the apples, Qiao Yi wants to eat watermelon, holding the watermelon everywhere to find a slightly larger fruit knife.
Looking at her, I really don’t feel relieved, I always feel that she will cause some trouble.
Dad Qiao and Mum Qiao are now in utter discomfort, and there is no way to take care of Qiao’s affairs.
I thought about it and called Qiao Jianqi. Although he and Qiao Yi could not deal with him, I don’t think Qiao Jianqi looks like a villain.
Anyway, they often meet in the hospital in their company and ask him to take care of Qiao Yi.
I got through Qiao Jianqi’s phone, and it rang for a long time before answering. I don’t know what he is doing. It seems to be exercising.
He has a loud voice: “Hey, Xiaosheng!”
“Qiao Jianqi, please one thing.”
“Okay, you say.”
“You usually pay more attention to Qiao Yi, you also know that his temper is like a detonator, a little open flame will explode, and if you hurt others, you will also hurt yourself.”
“What happened to Qiao Yi?”
“She’s all hurt when she fights with people.”
“Who is fighting with? Ouch!” He yelled, and then Ding Li did not know what he was doing over there.
“what are you doing?”
“I’m fighting too!” He has a loud voice. These brothers and sisters are really enough. Who is he fighting with?
“Qiao Jianqi!” I shouted loudly.
“Xi Qingchuan!”
“Xi Qingchuan beat my sister, okay, he added another piece of evidence. Originally, I just wanted to beat him to a half body. Now I can’t take care of myself!”
Then Qiao Jianqi’s phone seemed to be thrown aside, and I suddenly heard Xi Qingchuan’s voice on the phone.
“Qiao Jianqi, if you want to pair up with your sister’s black eyes, I can fulfill you.”
Qiao Jianqi is fighting with Xi Qingchuan, what is going on?
“Originally, this punch was for Xiaosheng, and another punch was for my sister. You even beat women!”
“You’d better ask clearly what’s going on with your sister, and then come to me to settle the account, and if you vent your anger for Xiaosheng, which green onion do you count?”
Then I heard the sound of a chair falling on the ground and the sound of fists.
Qiao Jianqi is also tall and burly, but I don’t know if he has fitness in private, I always feel that there are few people who are Xi Qingchuan’s opponents.
“Qiao Jianqi Xi Qingchuan!” I yelled anxiously, but they guessed that they were playing in full swing, so there is no time to take care of me.
I don’t know how long it took before I heard Qiao Jianqi say to the phone: “It’s okay, Xiao Sheng.”
“How are you?”
“Still alive.”
“What about Xi Qingchuan?” I don’t worry about what will happen to him, as long as they don’t use weapons.
“He is still alive.”
Is not this nonsensical?
Qiao Yi came in with a watermelon in his hand, holding a fruit knife in his hand: “Fuck, I went around the entire floor of the ward before borrowing this fruit knife. The watermelon is too big to cut without a bigger one. ”
She put the watermelon on the table: “Who are you calling?”
“Qiao Jianqi.”
“Why? Why call him?”
“Qiao Yi, how many punches Xi Qingchuan has beaten you, I will help you back, and there will definitely be more.”
Qiao Yi took the phone and put it in his ear: “You have nothing to do, Qiao Jianqi, you went to fight with Xi Qingchuan, please, brother, where is his opponent with your delicate skin and tender meat? Tell you, we crippled us, Joe. You don’t have to pay for the soup and medicine.”

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