Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 324

What day is today? These people around me fight in turn.
Qiao Yi finished cutting the watermelon in front of me for me to eat, but I couldn’t eat it. How could she be so heartbroken.
She gnawed off half of it by herself, then patted her belly and told me, “My face hurts. My family has special medicine for bruises. I will spray it and it will be fine tomorrow.”
“Qiao Yi.” I called her: “If you have time, contact Qiao Jianqi to see how he hurts.”
“It’s strange to say, how could he fight with Xi Qingchuan?”
“I don’t know, he was already fighting with Xi Qingchuan when I called him.”
“Hey, he is really overwhelming.”
“I told him that you were injured by Xi Qingchuan. He also avenged you with outrage. In fact, Qiao Jianqi is not broken. You get along with him, after all, it is your brother.”
“He’s indifferent, okay? I don’t know how many catties he has, how can he beat Xi Qingchuan? He can’t even beat me, okay?” Qiao Yi raised his arm to reveal his biceps: “Look, we are not training for nothing.”
“If you were beaten up, I would definitely not be so arrogant. Hurry up and go back to apply the medicine.”
Qiao Yi compared me with an OK gesture and left, I was exhausted.
I usually don’t want Xi Qingchuan to be here with me. Today I would rather expect him to come early. I want to see how he hurts.
He came over at about dinner time with a thermos in his hand. He should have brought him by the way when he met Wu Ma in the corridor just now.
He puts his suit jacket in his arms, and his other hand is holding a thermos.
It was just beginning of autumn yesterday, and it was raining today. It was a bit cool, and the room felt very cool without turning on the air conditioner.
He walked to the table and put down the thermos to take out the vegetables in the same way as the soup.
I watched his face carefully, as if there was no difference from the way I saw him in the afternoon.
I really couldn’t hold back asking him: “You got injured in the fight with Qiao Jianqi?”
“Men fighting is different from women. They don’t just greet their faces.” He walked to my bed with the soup and handed it to me: “I drink it myself or I feed you?”
I took the soup from his hand and sipped slowly one bite at a time.
Xi Qingchuan kept looking at me, but I ignored his gaze.
He suddenly said: “Qiao Jianqi is chasing you?”
I swallowed a mouthful of the soup and almost squirted it out. I quickly pressed my mouth with a tissue and looked at Xi Qingchuan: “What?”
“Xiao Sheng, you really have some rotten peach blossoms.”
I know that Qiao Jianqi wants to pursue me. He had already expressed it to me the last time I met.
Originally, I stayed away and ignored it, but what Xi Qingchuan said made me sound particularly uncomfortable.
What is rotten peach blossom? Other people like me to chase me, it’s a lousy peach blossom, what about Xi Qingchuan?
I continued to sip the soup: “Qiao Jianqi is a very direct person. He will put it on the front door and say at least what he has.”
“Hey, don’t think you can really understand people’s hearts. You look too superficial.”
Hey, just look at it on the surface, anyway, he changes the law every day to educate me.
Xi Qingchuan did not seem to have suffered any injuries, but I heard that the call on the phone seemed to be quite intense, so Qiao Jianqi was more likely to be injured.
I asked Xi Qingchuan: “How about Qiao Jianqi?”
“Still alive.”
“Of course I know that he is still alive. Even if you are Xi Qingchuan, who covers the sky with only one hand, you will still be unable to escape the law if you kill someone.”
“I hope you can keep your sharp teeth, not just in front of me.”
Well, he didn’t tell me, so I called Qiao Jianqi myself.
While Xi Qingchuan was going to the bathroom, I took out the phone and just dialed, Qiao Jianqi’s voice was still not ringing in the microphone, Xi Qingchuan took the mobile phone in my hand, then hung up the phone and lost it. Give me two words: “No receipt.”
“What are you doing?”
“Calling other men in front of your husband is not allowed with me.”
He simply put my phone in his pocket.
“I don’t even have the right to call the opposite sex?”
“I have the final say.” Xi Qingchuan walked out after speaking. I couldn’t wait to hit him on the head with the slippers on the bed.
Because I couldn’t remember Qiao Jianqi’s phone number, after the nurse came in, I asked her to call Qiao Yi by phone and asked Qiao Yi to call Qiao Jianqi to greet him from time to time.
Qiao Yi is of course yin and yang strange: “Why should I call him? Why should I greet him?”
“You don’t talk nonsense, let you fight.” The two of them are really brothers and sisters, and even the fight is the same person at the same time.
I just hung up the call to Qiao Yi when Xi Qingchuan came in.
He watched me return the phone to the nurse, and then coldly snorted, “Call Qiao Yi and ask her to condole her brother?”
I know his brain is so good and understand everything, but there is no need to show off in front of me like this.
I thanked the nurse. Miss nurse ran away when she saw Xi Qingchuan and even said she was not polite.
Why is everyone afraid of him? Is it because he is irritable, or because he is powerful?
I don’t know. I asked myself if I’m afraid of Xi Qingchuan, but I’m not good.
If he really treats me badly, I don’t have any fear, but sometimes he is very gentle with me.
In the past few days, even eating and drinking soup, I have personally fed it. Whenever he took the soup to my lips after blowing a spoonful of soup, my heart was flustered.
I think the relationship between me and Xi Qingchuan is very unfair to me.
Because I know what I am thinking, but I don’t know what Xi Qingchuan is thinking.
Xi Qingchuan was cutting the fruit for me to eat, cutting the guava into small pieces and dipping it in plum powder and passing it to my mouth.
I didn’t open my mouth, and he looked up at me: “What’s the matter, I don’t want to eat it? You seemed to like guava last time, so I asked them to buy a little more.”
“Xi Qingchuan.” I called his name.
“What’s the matter?” He retracted his hand and looked at me.
“Let’s advance the time of divorce.” I only spoke with the courage.
His eyebrows were very calm, he didn’t even move his eyelashes, he just stared at me quietly: “Reason.”
“Anyway, leaving early and leaving late is to leave.”
“Don’t stop you from running towards happiness?” Xi Qingchuan sneered: “Which is your happiness? Ni Yizhou, Qiao Jianqi?”
Recently, Ni Yizhou went abroad, and I didn’t even tell him about my injury on the phone.
I smiled hardly: “Whatever.”

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