Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 327

I’m done, this is the last cognition that my brain passes to me.
That fat man was already in a hurry, not only because of how tempting my appearance is in front of him at the moment, but also because he wants to complete his task.
The fat man pressed me to the ground and tore at my clothes.
My silk dress was torn off like rags. Apart from shrinking my body into a ball like a ball, I didn’t know what to do.
Between the lightning and flint, I even figured out my back path.
If I was really raped by this fat man, I would definitely find any sharp object in the room as a murder weapon and kill him afterwards, and then jump off the 16th floor by myself.
Because of this shame, I can’t continue to survive.
The fat man threw himself on my body, his fat lips pressed against me.
I struggled hard, but to no avail.
At this moment, I heard the sound of someone kicking the door. The fat man was taken aback and stopped immediately and turned to look back.
I took the opportunity to push him away, when someone opened the door with a room key.
I saw someone rushing in, rushing in front of me very fast, then took off his coat and wrapped me up.
I smelled the familiar mint shampoo on his hair. It was Xi Qingchuan.
He rushed to the corner of the fire.
I breathed a sigh of relief and leaned softly in his arms. He seemed to pull a sheet to wrap me up and put me on the bed.
I closed my eyes and trembled, and I didn’t have the strength to speak.
This is when I heard the sound of a heavy fist hitting another person.
I opened my eyes and saw that Xi Qingchuan was throwing a fist at the fat man. He hit the fat man in the face and hit his brow with a punch.
The fat man screamed, and the fat all over his body was shaking.
The moment I saw Xi Qingchuan’s hand retracted, the fat man’s eyebrows were already red and swollen.
Although the fat man is huge, but where is he Xi Qingchuan’s opponent?
With only a few punches, the fat man fell to the ground and wailed: “You killed someone, you hit the wrong person!”
The fat man called louder than I was just now, Xi Qingchuan didn’t say a word, kicked the fat man hard and began to untie the belt.
I didn’t know what he was going to do, he took off the belt on his waist and walked into the bathroom.
I heard the sound of splashing water, and the fat man was beaten up and lying on the ground for a long time without moving. Xi Qingchuan walked out of the bathroom with a belt in his hand.
Water was still dripping from the belt brush, and then he lifted the belt high and drew it on the fat man.
The fat man broke out a heartbreaking cry for help, twisting on the ground like a huge fleshy insect.
It must be very painful to hit someone with a belt dipped in water, and I saw red welt after another on the fat man’s body.
Because he didn’t wear clothes, I looked down and quickly lowered my head.
At that moment, I also saw Xi Qingchuan’s face. His eyes were flushed with fire burning inside.
I’ve never seen Xi Qingchuan look like this before, he was so angry, with fireballs burning in his eyes, and he almost swallowed the fat man he was about to talk about.
His attack was heavy and ruthless, almost meant to beat the fat man to death.
I wanted to tell him not to kill him, but the nausea and huge humiliation that the fat man brought me made me start to talk.
At this moment, I heard high-heeled shoes coming in, and then Xiao Shi’s voice took a deep breath: “Ah, what’s the matter? Qingchun Qingchuan, what’s the matter? You stop, you are going to kill this person. Up!”
Xiao Shi is here…
I opened my eyes again, Xiao Shi hugged Xi Xinchuan’s arm: “What happened, you stop!”
Xi Qingchuan stopped, but he only glanced at Xiao Shi very briefly, and then shook her hand away forcefully.
Not only I guess that even Xiao Shi himself didn’t expect Xi Qingchuan to throw her off so rudely.
She was still wearing high heels, staggered a few steps before she could stand firm, hit her back heavily against the wall, and then slid down the wall and sat on the ground.
Xiao Shi fell heavily, and I was taken aback, but Xi Qingchuan didn’t even glance at him, then raised the belt in his hand and pulled it towards the fat man.
But the fat man was pumped from the ghost crying wolf howling at the beginning to the back, he couldn’t even scream, only the sound of inhaling.
Xiao Shi finally recovered and called my name loudly: “Xiao Sheng, stop him quickly, he will kill people!”
Yes, if the fight continues, that fat guy will really be killed.
I said dumbly, “Xi Qingchuan, don’t fight!”
His ears seemed to be deaf, and the belt in his hand was lifted up and pulled down again and again.
“Xi Qingchuan, don’t fight!” My voice was louder, hoarse.
He stopped his hand abruptly and looked at me, his eyes were straight, and the water gleaming in his eyes made me feel a little at a loss.
“Are you okay?” he asked me.
I nodded: “It’s okay.”
He threw away the belt in his hand, but stepped on the fat man’s face with one foot: “Come in…”
I don’t know who he is talking to. As soon as his voice fell, several sturdy men walked through the door.
I recognized him as his bodyguard, and he pouted at the fat man on the ground: “Get him down!”
“Where can I get it?”
“Banquet hall.”
Xiao Shi stood up from the ground, trembling, she was not lightly hit, she stood firmly by the wall.
“Qing Chuan, what does it mean to get the banquet hall? My mother is having a birthday banquet, just beginning.”
Xi Qingchuan walked to my bed and took a look at the sheet that I was covering on my body.
His face is ugly, the one that even I feel scared.
“Go find a new dress right away!”
The bodyguards went out carrying the fat man who was already weak in screaming. Xiao Shi looked at him in astonishment: “What happened? Don’t be impulsive and make things clear. Now you get the fat man to the meeting place, and he again Foolish, this is not good for Xiaosheng’s reputation.”
“Get out!” Xi Qingchuan said to Xiao Shi briefly, his tone was very fierce, and he should have never been so fierce to Xiao Shi.
Xiao Shi was stunned for a moment, and said: “Qing Chuan…”
“I’m letting you out, don’t you understand?” Xi Qingchuan suddenly yelled at Xiao Shi, Xiao Shi’s face turned pale immediately, she bit her lip and turned around and walked out of the room and closed the door.
Xi Qingchuan sat down hard next to me. He was sitting very heavy, and the mattress bounced with his strength.
I think Xi Qingchuan will definitely scold me to death, scold me for being foolish, scold me for being fooled by my stepmother, scold me for almost losing, and wear him a big green hat.

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