Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 330

Soon a bodyguard went up to get Fatty’s phone. I saw Xiao Shi sitting on her seat in a daze, her eyes were complicated, and she didn’t know what she was thinking.
The bodyguard quickly took the fat man’s phone and handed it directly to Sang Shixi. Sang Shixi turned it over and dialed one of the numbers on it. The phone in front of Xiao Shi rang.
The phone vibrated on the table, and everyone at the table was shocked.
Xi Qingchuan held the phone and slowly turned to Xiao Shi, and raised his chin to her: “Answer the phone, and see who is calling?”
Xiao Shi looked at Xi Qingchuan with a look I had never seen before, and I couldn’t say whether her eyes were frightened or what.
She kept not answering, and the phone stopped screaming.
Xi Qingchuan called again, and now everyone knows who made the call.
Seeing that she didn’t pick up, Xi Qingchuan walked over and connected her directly to the PA.
He said to the phone, “Hello, Miss Xiao.”
Then Xi Qingchuan’s voice came from the phone in front of Xiao Shi.
I found the call from Xiao Shi from the fat man’s phone. What does this show?
The entire banquet hall was in an uproar, and he f”g French vr were whispering quietly.
Xi Qingchuan threw the fat man’s phone to the bodyguard, and then bent over and looked at Xiao Shi condescendingly with both hands on the table.
The look in his eyes should make everyone afraid of FRGB, because Xiao Shi lowered his head, his face pale.
“I’ll explain to you in one minute, Xiao Shi.” Xi Qingchuan said to Xiao Shi.
“I don’t have any explanation. I won’t do this kind of thing. I have a clear conscience.”
“Don’t tell me this!” Xi Qingchuan’s voice suddenly became louder and very fierce: “I only look at the evidence. If you can find the evidence before overthrowing, it was not you who did it.”
“Then what if you can’t find it?” Xiao Shi suddenly raised his head to meet Xi Qingchuan’s gaze.
“Very simple, call the police!”
Xiao Shi stared at Xi Qingchuan’s eyes tightly: “You won’t.”
“That means you don’t know me too much. I’ll give you one minute. Now the countdown starts. 60, 59…”
The silence in the banquet hall was restored again, and only the Arabic numerals could be heard by Xi Qingchuan in the countdown.
I saw Xiao Shi trembling, Xiao Shi has always been calm, in Huacheng is a celebrity among the ladies, the kind of moody and inexhaustible, wherever it is like Xiao Lingling, who just rolls around at every turn.
Maybe this is the first time I have seen Xiao Shi’s face showing fear. Although she is trying to adjust, the fear and fear in her eyes cannot be hidden.
In addition to being afraid, there is also incomprehension and thin anger.
Yes, Xiao Shi is angry, she must be angry why Xi Qingchuan is so angry.
Actually, even I don’t know.
Xi Qingchuan quickly counted to single digits, his countdown was like the footsteps of death, approaching step by step.
“I made the call!” When Xi Qingchuan was counting down to three, Xiao Shi spoke, and she almost shouted, “I made the call.”
“Did you let that fat man rape my wife?” Xi Qingchuan’s voice was low, even mild.
However, the mountain and rain are about to come before the tranquility.
Xiao Shi lowered his head and remained silent.
“Is it?” Xi Qingchuan suddenly slapped the table, Xiao Shi was frightened, and touched the red wine glass on the table with his hand. When the glass arrived, the red wine inside spilled all over her.
She hurriedly wiped the red wine on her body, the dark red wine stain stained her snow-white dress, which was ugly.
I was a little bit at a loss because I didn’t expect Xi Qingchuan to get angry with Xiaoshi.
He turned around and ordered the bodyguard: “Call the police.”
“Xi Qingchuan.” Xiao Shi stopped wiping the clothes, raised her head and said to Xi Qingchuan in astonishment: “Have you figured out the whole thing?”
“I can’t figure it out, so I asked the police to figure it out.” Xi Qingchuan only turned half of his body and talked to Xiao Shi with his side face: “Whether it’s your mother pushing you out of the pot, it doesn’t matter. Whether you really did it, if you don’t say I’m not patient, I’ll ask you again, and I’ll leave it to the police.”
I was still there, and Xi Qingchuan grabbed my hand and walked to the door.
“Xi Qingchuan.” I whispered to him.
He ignored me, just held my hand tighter.
We walked to the door, and I looked back at the venue.
I didn’t even watch other people, I only saw Xiaoshi.
She stood straight, and the whole figure was petrified, like a sculpture.
But her eyes are alive, and there is something from it that I have never seen before, and I can’t read it.
The look in her eyes suddenly made me feel that Xiao Shi is very strange, not the one I used to know.
Xi Qingchuan took me out of the venue and got into the car, but didn’t leave, just sat in the car parked at the gate.
He wrapped me in a blue fleece blanket, like a mummy.
“I’m not cold.” I said, obviously it was summer, and I was sweating.
“I will go to the hospital for a checkup later.”
“I have nothing wrong, but he scratched one.”
“Check it out, too.”
“He really didn’t touch me.”
He suddenly turned his head to look at me: “I didn’t mean that, I was afraid you would get hurt.”
His tone was suddenly so gentle, so gentle that I couldn’t know what to do.
The police car came really quickly. I didn’t expect Xi Qingchuan to call the police. I thought he was just scaring Xiaoshi.
I leaned on the window and looked at the door. Soon a few police officers walked out of the hotel with Xiao Shi. The red wine stains on Xiao Shi’s body were very clear. She was dragged by the police and looked particularly embarrassed.
This day is probably the most shameful and unbearable day of Xiao Shi’s life.
Xiao Shi was taken into the police car by the police and drove away from our car.
When their car passed by our car, Xiao Shi saw us, she clung to the rear window and looked at me with wide eyes.
I think those red wine stains went to her eyes, because her eyes were full of blood.
The police car walked away with Xiaoshi, and it took me a long time to come back to my senses.
Xi Qingchuan told the driver: “Go to the hospital.”
The car moved slowly, and I turned my head to look at him in confusion: “Did you really let the police take Xiao Shi?”
“if not?”
He looked ahead, and there was a kind of tragic and vigorous righteousness.
I still didn’t jump out of the shock of the whole thing: “Do you really think Xiao Shi did it?”
“What do you think?” He always asked me back, and then turned to look at me: “You have calmed down now, analyze it yourself.”
I am so confused now, what else does he ask me to analyze?
I didn’t even react from Xi Qingchuan’s sudden cry, or from the fact that he took Xiao Shi to the police. Now my mind is like a pot of rotten tomatoes. What else did he let me analyze?

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