Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 338

Wu Ma and they all turned their eyes to me: “Young grandma is injured again?”
I noticed that they said that word again, which was very embarrassing.
Several young girls in the family hurriedly held up my arms one by one, as if I had been scalded and wrapped into a mummy.
I hurriedly said: “I have nothing to do, it is not serious, and there is nothing serious about it.”
They just gave up.
In the evening, the soup is stewed with pig lungs and pears. In fact, I can quite accept all the water, and the pig lungs are delicious.
Qiao Yi always said that the taste of pig lungs resembled human flesh, as if she had eaten human flesh.
I just drank a bowl of soup, and Wu Ma went to serve me a second bowl.
Xi Qingchuan came back before the second bowl was on the table. I thought he would stay in the hospital for a while, but I didn’t expect to come back so soon.
He didn’t eat dinner, and after going to wash his hands, he sat down directly at the table.
Grandma looked at him coldly and said, “What? Did your Lin Daiyu keep you for dinner?”
Sometimes I think Xi Qingchuan’s meanness should be the true biography of grandma, and when it is mean, it is really mean.
Xi Qingchuan is used to it, and he is not angry at all.
Before the soup bowl was ready to be served, I asked me first: “How do you feel?”
I was flattered by his care: “I’m okay, it’s fine, it’s not serious at first.”
He just picked up the bowl. Now that he greeted me, I had to ask Xiao Shi politely: “How about Xiao Shi? She has nothing to do with it?”
“There’s nothing wrong, I woke up when I was sent to the hospital.”
“The hospital is not a shelter. After waking up, you still have to go back, unless some people have heart protection.”
Grandma had something to say again. I think Xi Qingchuan should be able to move the boat along the river since Xiao and Shi have all been admitted to the hospital. Originally, he should have no idea what Xiao and Shi would be like, he almost got it.
I’m not the kind of person who is unreasonable and unforgiving. Anyway, I’m not caught by that fat man, just forget it.
I thought so, but Xi Qingchuan didn’t say anything else, and we finished the whole meal quite peacefully.
After eating, I went back to my room, but Xi Qingchuan followed in, leaning at the door and looking at me: “Is it convenient for you to chat?”
“Convenient, how inconvenient?” I know what he wants to talk to me, nothing more than talking about Xiao Shi, let me not say to her.
I think he thinks too much, and I didn’t plan to think about Xiaoshi.
Xi Qingchuan walked in and sat down on the sofa. The elbows of both hands were placed on the knees and the cheeks were dragged while looking at me. The posture was able to take a blockbuster.
I can guess what he wanted to say to me, but he didn’t speak for a long time, and it was too long to pass the door, so I couldn’t bear to speak first.
“I don’t sue Xiao Shi. After all, I grew up together, so let’s forget it!”
“What’s the matter?” Xi Qingchuan frowned and looked at him. Why didn’t we just talk about the same thing?
“I mean what happened yesterday is a misunderstanding!”
“How to treat everything as a misunderstanding?” He asked me back.
I just shut up and listened to what he said: “Then what are you going to tell me?”
Xi Qingchuan looked at me intently, his eyes were very strange.
The look in his eyes reminded me of the way he held me crying in the hotel room last night. Suddenly my mood was like a pot of eight-treasure porridge, red beans, barley, and everything, super chaotic.
“What do you want to say?” I said.
“Xiao Shi is no longer a serious problem. She has also undergone a full-body examination and will be sent back to the police station soon.”
“I will tell the police…” Before I finished speaking, he stretched out his finger and shook it: “Listen to me first.”
Well, I will just listen to him and see what can be said that is different from what I thought.
“The police found the room opening record in that hotel. The room was opened by Xiao Shi, and the room card was handed to the fat man by her hand. Not only did the card find your stepmother’s fingerprints, the fat man’s, and the Xiao Shi’s. .”
What did Xi Qingchuan tell me about this? Aren’t you going to get rid of Xiaoshi’s charge now? Where is this singing?
I didn’t know what to say, so I looked at him stupidly.
“This matter may not be a misunderstanding. Xiao Shi has a lot of suspicion, but this matter is going badly. It doesn’t mean that you don’t complain if you don’t. This is a direct prosecution by the court and has nothing to do with personal wishes.”
Xi Qingchuan speaks Chinese, but I don’t understand how the language is organized.
“Now what?”
“The evidence is conclusive. If Xiao Shi doesn’t recognize it, then the legal procedure is normal.”
“What kind of program?”
“She hired a lawyer.”
“Isn’t it going to court?” I don’t think Dad would like to see this scene. I said, “Is there any room for maneuver? I am the client. If I choose not to sue her, there is no way. ?”
Xi Qingchuan looked at me: “Now it is not discussing how to lift the prosecution of Xiao Shi.”
“Then what are we talking about?” Isn’t this the central idea?
Xi Qingchuan looked at my eyes as if I was an idiot: “I am telling you the development of the whole incident, which means that Xiao Shi is very likely to go to jail.”
“Then what to do?”
“You ask me, is this what a victim should say?”
“Then what should I say?”
“To be honest, aren’t you sad at all for Xiao Shi to do such a thing to you?”
“Me.” I thought about it carefully: “I don’t know.” I shook my head.
“do not know?”
“Actually, I haven’t really believed that Xiao Shi will do this kind of thing until now. What about you? Do you think Xiao Shi did it?”
I just asked him casually. I thought he would either say no or would not answer, but I didn’t expect him to answer: “Xiao Shi has the motivation and possibility to do this kind of thing.”
I am dumbfounded, what does Xi Qingchuan mean by saying this?
From last night until now, he has shown a state of righteousness and extermination. If he hadn’t proposed to call the police, Xiao Shi might not have been arrested yet.
“What are you talking about?” I couldn’t believe it.
“Not only do you have a bad brain, but you are also deaf.”
I ridiculed me as much as he wanted, and vaguely felt that this thing was a bit unusual.
“Then you mean to say that Xiao Shi might have done this, then she will go to jail.”
“Everyone has to pay for the wrong things they do, and Xiao Shi is no exception.” Xi Qingchuan finished speaking and stood up: “You have to sleep on your stomach tonight. I will ask Mother Wu to take a bath for you.”
I heard what Xi Qingchuan said to me just now, maybe no matter if I was sleeping on my stomach, sleeping on my back, or somersaulting, I couldn’t fall asleep tonight.

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