Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 341

So Qiao Yi and Qiao Jianqi had a meeting, and all the people in important positions were much busier than when I was the president.
But I am easily distracted here, Qiao Yi, she is always worried that I will be bored by myself, and she raised her head from time to time and said to me: “I have Nintendo in my drawer, you can play with it.”
I’m not a kid, besides, I don’t like to play games. Qiao Yi likes it. She has a lot of game consoles.
I don’t play Nintendo, I use my phone to play Bee, but I can’t turn on the sound, otherwise it will affect them.
I was really boring to play. Their meetings had been going on for a long time, and I was drowsy. My head straightened up when I played games and almost fell asleep.
When Xi Qingchuan called in, I almost fell asleep, and then the phone vibrated in my hand, so scared that I almost threw it away.
I started not picking up, fearing to interrupt the meeting, so I sneaked out of Qiao Ye’s office while pinching the phone at my waist, and then hid in the back stairway to answer the call.
Xi Qingchuan probably feels annoyed that I have taken the call for so long, but his voice is not fierce, but I can hear that it is suppressed hard: “Xiao Sheng, your phone is dead?”
“The phone has no life, how can it die?”
“Then you did not pick it up until now?”
“I’m in Qiao Yi’s office. People are in a meeting. Of course I have to come out to answer the phone.”
“Why go to Qiao Yi’s office?”
“What’s so strange about me going to Joe’s office?”
“You like going to other people’s office so much, you can go to your own.”
“That’s not the point, okay.” Why should I argue for a long time around whose office I am going to?
“Are you looking for me?”
“Have you been to see Xiaoshi?”
“Why didn’t you call me afterwards?”
“What do you want to hear?”
“Xiao Sheng.” He called my name patiently: “Or if I say that, you’ve seen Xiao Shi, and your heart is starting to feel more comfortable now?”
“In fact, it’s even more uncomfortable. I see the environment she is in now.” Although Xiao Shi and I are not sisters in the true sense, we thought they were half-parents, but now they are not even with half-parents. She is in such a situation, I still feel a little uncomfortable.
Xi Qingchuan suddenly paused on the phone, and then said after a while: “If you sympathize with her, you can go to jail for her.”
What is he talking about?
“I didn’t do anything wrong again, why should I go to jail?”
“Your sympathy has always been a bottom line, so how can you go to jail for someone else?” Xi Qingchuan snorted: “I went back to dinner at noon, and the house made soup for you.”
“I might have to eat with Qiao Yi at noon.”
“If you have to eat with her, you can take her back, because grandma not only asked Ma Wu to stew the flower maw chicken soup for you, but also a big pot of bird’s nest. If you don’t eat it, she will deliver it. My company comes.”
It turned out that Xi Qingchuan was afraid of her grandmother harassing him, so I thought about it and wanted to say okay.
Just after I finished talking on the phone with Xi Qingchuan, I put my mobile phone in my pocket, and a person came out of the elevator, and it was Qin Guan.
I was a little surprised when I met him in Qiao Yi’s company. I guess he didn’t expect to meet me here.
“Xiao Sheng.” He stopped: “Come to see Qiao Yi?”
“She is in a meeting now, are you looking for her too?” I said.
“Recently I have a business relationship with Qiao Yi.”
Qiao Yi didn’t even tell me that she is now doing business with Qin Guan, and now that Qiao Yi is so busy, we haven’t had a good chat for a long time.
But about the company, I don’t even ask her anything to tell me.
Qin’s eyes were still gentle when he watched me: “How are you doing?”
Last time I broke my leg, Qin Guan came to visit me.
“It’s much better already.” I said.
“But your complexion is not very good, and you look worried. If you have anything you can find me, as long as I can do it.”
Qin Guan might just be polite to me, but suddenly a bright light flashed in my mind.
Yes, in addition to Xi Qingchuan and Qiao Yi who have this ability, there is also Qin Guan in Huacheng. Why did I forget him?
I asked Qiao Yi to check Xiaoshi for me. Qiao Yi hated her for Xiaoshi. I was afraid that what she found out was unfair. I can ask Qin Guan!
But how should I tell him? I bit my lip and looked at him for a long time. Qin Guan patted me on the shoulder: “Tell me if you have anything.”
“Then let’s talk further.” I pointed to the stairs, and then Qin Guan bent over and followed me into the back stairs.
Many people didn’t know what happened at the stepmother’s birthday banquet, so Qin Guan didn’t know either.
I groaned for a long time before I told him about what happened that day. Qin Guan listened very carefully, and I noticed that the anger that gradually rose in his eyes became more and more obvious.
“I will find you the best lawyer in Huacheng. Those who hurt you, I promise they will never get away with it.”
“No, no, I’m not asking you for this.” I shook my hand quickly: “Do you know Xiao Shi?”
“I saw her twice at banquets, what’s wrong?”
“Do you think she is the one who does that kind of thing?” I really want to hear Qin Guan’s opinion.
“This kind of thing can’t be seen by the face, people’s hearts are hidden in the chest.” Qin Guan lowered his head and stared at me: “Some people hide deeply, but her face is very beautiful, you can’t see through it. .”
“But I think Xiaoshi shouldn’t be that bad.” I muttered to myself. Fortunately, I didn’t ask Qiao Xie to check it for me, otherwise she would definitely scold me.
“Since she has been arrested, you can leave it to the law and leave the rest alone.”
“Can you help me?” I raised my head and looked into his eyes: “Help me find out if Xiao Shi did this thing?”
“Why not find Xi Qingchuan? I heard that Xi Qingchuan and Xiao Shi had a relationship before.”
I didn’t know how to answer, so I could only shook my head: “Can you help me? I want to know the truth, Xiao Shi is father’s daughter after all, and I don’t want her to be wronged.”
“Okay.” Qin Guan readily agreed to me: “I will find someone to investigate immediately.”
“Thank you.”
His hand on my shoulder suddenly made me powerful.
He kept staring at me like that, but bathing in his gaze didn’t make me feel uncomfortable.
He suddenly whispered softly: “Xiao Sheng, you are kind and pitiful!”
Suddenly he stretched out his arms to me, and I didn’t want to put my arms in his arms.
His embrace is like a father.

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