Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 346

If Xi Qingchuan’s dislike of flute and poems is good news for me, then I may have fallen into the whirlpool of Xi Qingchuan, and I am still deeply stuck.
Because I found small bubbles in my heart, as if there was a feeling of chuckle.
I shook my head, trying to shake off this feeling, Xi Qingchuan kept staring at me: “Why shaking my head?”
Qin Guanzhen’s presence at Qingchuan had anything to do with that incident, and Xi Qingchuan also personally denied it in front of me just now.
There may be many things about him that I don’t know very well, but one thing is certain is that he dares to recognize it.
So I sincerely apologized to him: “I’m sorry, it’s my villain’s heart.”
“If you are wary of other people like this, then I will be very pleased.”
Qiao Jianqi also said that I will not protect myself, and I am used to being questioned.
Even if my conversation with Xi Qingchuan ended in a hurry, one of the main reasons for my uneasiness is that Qiao Yi hasn’t called me up to now.
She is a very important person in my life, very, very important.
I don’t know if she is angry with me, but at least she wants to give me a chance to explain.
I was sitting in the window holding the phone, waiting and waiting, but Qiao Yi never called me.
This is not her style, she will ask me if she has any questions, instead of secretly getting angry with me.
If it doesn’t work, I will take the initiative to attack. I was about to call Qiao Yi, but a piece of news that popped out of my phone caught my eye.
The headline is particularly eye-catching, the newly promoted small fresh meat is willing to be the king of soft rice, and the half-old mistress is near.
Then click to open the photo of the stepmother and the actor that we took yesterday at Xiao’s house, and it is the one of Chi Guoguo, with mosaics underneath, which looks even more ambiguous.
I didn’t expect grandma to actually release this photo, I thought she was just scaring her stepmother.
But I really didn’t think that this old lady was so stubborn, so that the stepmother’s face was lost, and that little fresh meat also ruined his future. Isn’t this more exciting than his being exposed to a love scandal?
Everyone is about the same age when they fall in love, but it’s different when he and his stepmother get together.
This news is too hot, so let’s put the matter of calling Qiao Yi first.
I went out holding the phone and ran into Xi Qingchuan in the corridor. He didn’t even go to the company.
I plunged into his arms and almost fell, he held me back: “Why do you panic?”
“Did you watch the news?”
“I never watch entertainment news,” he said.
“How do you know I’m talking about entertainment news?”
“Then what will you watch? Financial news?”
I quarreled with him, opened the phone and held it in front of him to show him.
He just glanced casually, completely not as shocked as I was, and then faintly replied, “Oh.”
Oh what kind of reaction?
“If you walk a lot at night, you will always encounter a ghost. I believe this person is not the first to your stepmother. It is only now that it is revealed that it is cheaper for her.”
He glanced at it and returned the phone to me: “I’ll go to the company.”
He and I followed him behind his ass: “What should I do now?”
“You are so flustered that I think you are Xiao Shi instead of Xiao Sheng.” What he meant was that his stepmother has always been very bad to me, it can be said to be my enemy, I shouldn’t be so anxious.
It seems like this is the case, but if something like this happened to the Xiao family, I can’t be happy!
“Daddy Zai Tian Youling must be very angry when he knows all this, Xi Qingchuan, can you suppress this matter?”
“It can be, but I don’t want to.” He rejected me cleanly.
“Then if Xiao Shi begs you, would you help her?”
“Unfortunately, you are not Xiaoshi, Xiaoshi is in the detention center, and I can’t even keep myself.” Xi Qingchuan is so unfeeling, I don’t know how I feel about it in my heart.
After all, Xiao Shi was his fiancée before. Whether he loves her or not, the stepmother is also his expectant mother-in-law. It is really hard to understand that he just stood by and watched.
Xi Qingchuan went downstairs soon and I couldn’t chase him out.
He walked very fast, my legs and feet were still unsatisfactory, after thinking about it, I went back to look for the old lady.
The old lady was praying to the Buddha. I couldn’t disturb her, so she said to Sister Xi: “Wait until the old lady finishes reciting the sutras and tell me.”
I just turned around and heard the old lady’s voice from inside: “Xiao Shengsheng.”
I immediately turned my head, and the old lady walked out slowly from the inside. She looked at me with a grin and kind eyebrows, but she was very decisive when she started things.
“Did you see the news?” Grandma walked over and took my hand. She still held the Buddhist beads in her hand, which was smooth and icy on her palm.
“Now Xiao Shi and Xiao Lingling are in the detention center, and this kind of thing happened to the stepmother.”
“Xiao Sheng, this is what they deserve.” The old lady interrupted me: “I ask you, is it because of Xiao Shi that you were almost raped? Is it true that Xiao Lingling pouring your boiling water made you almost burned? Then you saw your stepmother and a young actor mingling with your own eyes, right?”
I have nothing to say about what the old lady said.
“Anyone has to bear the consequences for what she has done.”
“Grandma’s words are wrong, but my father’s closest person, grandma, can you raise your hand and take this matter out first?”
If I said this to Xi Qingchuan or Qiao Yi, I would be scolded.
I don’t know if grandma will scold me, but now is not the time to care about these things.
Grandma squinted her eyes and looked at me for a long time, and finally she patted my hand: “Okay, I will have someone take this thing down right away, but don’t beg me about Xiao Shi and Xiao Lingling, it’s their own fault. .”
Grandma was willing to suppress this matter, and I was already relieved.
While there was still a breath of breath, I received a call from Xiao’s senior management and asked me to rush to the Xiao’s meeting.
This is the first time in the world, but think about the decision makers of Xiao’s jail, and the scandal-ridden scandals, I am the only one.
I hurried to Xiaoshi. As soon as I entered, I felt that the atmosphere was different. Even the front desk lady looked strange when she saw me, and could even feel a bit of anger.
What did I do that caused public outrage?
I got into the elevator and went upstairs. I didn’t even walk to the door of my office. I saw the door was full of people waiting for me. It was like an unscrupulous merchant selling bad products to them. me too.

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