Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 348

In fact, it is not important to them whether it is true or not. What they want is to restore the reputation of the Xiao Group and let the group turn back from adversity.
Although this method is very unfair to me, it is also the most useful method at present.
They quarreled my brain a lot, and my two hands were shaking on the conference table, and both ankles were shaking.
“Is there any other way?”
“Where is there any way, now we disappear like a piece of rotten meat, besides the flies come and bite, who else is willing to care about us?”
A high-level executive took out his mobile phone and patted it on the table. He pointed to the mobile phone and said to me, “I have been covered by all the list of major customers on this. Is Xiao’s century-old foundation going to be ruined?”
“You are acting in a bitter drama!” Ni Yizhou sneered: “A group with such a deep foundation, just because this kind of thing can’t pass?”
“That’s because our chairman I was really confused for a while and entrusted the group to inhumane.”
“When these things happened, Xiao Sheng had already handed over the position of president to Xiao Shi.”
“That’s why he performed this bitter trick with a grudge.”
If he didn’t tell me, I would never have thought that this was a bitter trick.
Yes, Xiao Shi is in jail, and nothing happened to me, Xiao Lingling is also in jail, and I am not scalded to death.
Judging from the conspiracy theory, my pawn is really insidious.
If I had this brain, I wouldn’t be attacked by others now, I can’t argue.
It seems that this meeting can’t go on anymore, and they won’t give me room to speak at all.
I looked at Ni Yizhou helplessly. He shook my hand and whispered to me, “It doesn’t matter.”
Then he said to the seniors: “Since everyone is so emotional now, it is not a good time for a meeting. Let’s study this matter again.”
“Still studying? If you study our Xiao family, we will fall. By the way, you are just a lawyer. What qualifications do you have to speak for her?”
“I am the legal counsel of the company, and I have a say in the actions that affect the company.”
“No, the matter is not resolved today, Xiao Sheng, don’t expect to leave! Things started because of you, what is it that you always stay behind the lawyer?”
A man crossed the table and tried to pull me out from behind Ni Yizhou. He didn’t expect someone to do it, and I didn’t expect it, so he pulled my arm and almost dislocated me.
“Ouch…” I yelled, and Ni Yizhou immediately looked back at me: “Are you okay? Xiao Sheng?”
I clutched my arms and shook my head to him: “Nothing.”
In fact, I really hurt, Ni Yizhou is very annoyed: “If you do it again, then I will call the security guard.”
“The security guards belong to our Xiao family. They also have to eat if the Xiao family doesn’t work well.”
In other words, my behavior made the company’s security guards no longer want to protect me.
“That is your high-level incompetence, and all the responsibilities have been placed on Xiao Sheng’s head.”
“That’s also the decision maker’s problem!”
They were clamoring, and there was no way for this meeting to go on.
Ni Yizhou looked down at me: “Xiao Sheng, I will take you back to the office first.”
“Okay.” Well, I can’t talk about it, I can only go back and hide from the limelight.
Ni Yizhou escorted me to squeeze out of the conference room, and his phone rang as soon as he drove me into the office.
While he went to answer the phone, I sat behind my desk and looked at the bustling world outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.
People are very busy, and busy pedestrians trot all the way.
Huacheng is a modern metropolis. Everyone is in a hurry and can’t stop their steps. The pace of life is too fast and the price level is too high. Everyone is very tired this year.
Everyone at the high-level and grass-roots levels is very tired, the high-level people want to stabilize his current height, and the grass-roots people want to climb higher.
Someone outside was tapping the door, and my head buzzed. I didn’t even have a way to think normally. After Ni Yizhou answered the phone, his face was anxious: “My mother is in the hospital again, I have to go quickly.”
“What’s wrong with Auntie?” I haven’t been to see Ni Yizhou’s mother for a long time, so I hurriedly stood up.
“Otherwise, you can go to the hospital with me first. It’s not an option for you to stay here alone.”
This can only be done. I stood up with Ni Yizhou, and just walked to the door, when the door was opened, the door was crowded with people.
“Manager Xiao, you can’t go now, you have to solve the problem.”
“The urgent task now is to release the President Xiao and Manager Xiao from the detention center. This is the question of your sentence.”
“You have to clarify the matter about Mrs. Xiao, now this matter has seriously affected our Xiao’s reputation.”
They attacked me as soon as they saw me. Ni Yizhou held me in his arms. In this situation, I can only shrink my head and act as an ostrich.
Ni Yizhou hugged me through the crowd and walked to the elevator. Those people were still surrounding us.
“Manager Xiao, if you do nothing, then you can only end this dispute if you take the blame and resign.”
“Why did Xiao Sheng resign? It wasn’t her who did the wrong thing!”
“It happened because of you…”
Maybe I will never be able to explain it clearly, and I will never be able to explain it clearly to them.
At this time the elevator door opened, and Ni Yizhou circled me as I was about to walk in, but a person walked out of the elevator.
Seeing him, all the people around me shut up. I was still wondering who had such a great deterrent. I looked up and understood.
It was Xi Qingchuan, who stood in front of us without anger.
He is two people when the corners of his lips are raised and when his face is expressionless.
Xi Qingchuan’s gaze flicked over my shoulder, and then I consciously broke free from Ni Yizhou’s arms.
He hooked his finger at me and I walked up to him.
“A legal affairs agency does not have so much power to interfere with the operation of the group.” Xi Qingchuan clasped my wrist and walked past Ni Yizhou: “What can that lawyer teach you? Teach you how to be a turtle, teach you how Fleeing at a critical moment?”
So I was brought to the elevator door with great difficulty by Ni Yizhou, and was taken back by Xi Qingchuan.
When Xi Qingchuan came, those people didn’t dare to slap the door. I nestled in my executive chair and gnawed at my nails intently.
I think Xi Qingchuan is here. Basically, my brain can be thrown in the refrigerator. He will help me solve everything.
Sometimes it is definitely a good thing to have a stronger husband.

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