Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 350

Fortunately, now I’m scanning the code to place orders. I don’t have to shout to the waiter to come and order, so I don’t need to be heard by the ladies at the next table. If they turn around, it would be embarrassing for us to look at each other.
So I lowered my head and ordered food quietly, Xi Qingchuan used both hands to form a bridge, put his head on his bridge and kept looking at me.
I asked him in a low voice, “What do you want to eat? Do you want to eat the fat intestine?”
He doesn’t eat water, but recently his persistence seems to have been gradually dismantled by me.
I just asked him politely, and then went on.
I finished placing the order, and he was still looking at me, and I sighed, “If you have anything, just tell me!”
“They said one sentence just now, which one do you know?”
I want to say you guess, but I dare not.
I thought about it, and found a sentence that I think can get me through: “They say I am incompetent and weak, but poor people must be hateful.”
“It’s not too complete, let me add, why have you handed over all your things to Xiao Shi, and just had a car accident and a broken leg, so they still want to take you for being so miserable? You are cowardly and timid, even if you are hurt by them, you won’t do anything to them. That’s why they will feel confident. You should be aware of the saying that the persimmon is softened.”
“In other words, I inspired their magic?”
“It can be understood that way.”
My hungry brain lacks oxygen and has no way to think. I wholeheartedly waited for my pot to come up.
To be honest, I am now embarrassed on all sides by the enemy, and I can still take care of it. My heart is really getting bigger and bigger.
Xi Qingchuan doesn’t like to eat water, but I have ordered a lot of water, because compared to meat, the water is really delicious.
Xi Qingchuan quietly looked at my eating appearance: “You finally showed a clear preference for something, which is not easy.”
I can’t tell if he is complimenting me or mocking me.
I scalded a piece of hairy belly and put it in his bowl: “This one is dipped in a dish with dry ingredients, it’s very delicious.”
He didn’t eat, and his face was solemn: “How are you going to solve the matter today?”
“At that time I will ask Qiao Yi.” I blurted it out, and then I saw his face instantly pulled off.
He would definitely scold me that he would only count on Qiao Yi for everything, so who would make him not count on it?
I don’t expect Qiao Yi to count on whom?
“If Qiao Yi doesn’t help you, what are you going to do?”
“Qiao Yi will definitely help me, our two good sisters for so many years.”
Xi Qingchuan told me with certainty: “She won’t help you.”
I was chewing on my crunchy hairy belly. When I was too hungry, my brain turned slowly, like a machine with no lubricating oil, it couldn’t turn at all.
This kind of thing doesn’t make any difference, I won’t know when I go back to call Qiao Yi at night.
Xi Qingchuan doesn’t have a good appetite like mine. He almost doesn’t eat a bite. Today, I’m not in the mood to persuade him, so I just have to eat myself.
When we finished eating at this table, the girls next door didn’t even find the person they had been complaining about was sitting next to them.

In fact, I am the focus of their topics, and every word surrounds me.
“You 100% approve of what they said?”
“That’s it if you recognize it or not.”
“Xiao Sheng!” Xi Qingchuan suddenly called my name at this moment, which shocked me.
What does he call me by name so nicely? In this way, the girls next door heard it and turned back immediately.
I was also looking back to see their reactions, and then I had a face-to-face with them.
Presumably because Xi Qingchuan was sitting opposite me, they all stood up in panic.
“Xi Dong.” Their name was Xi Qingchuan, and they seemed to be afraid of Xi Qingchuan’s deterrence, not because of me.
The awkwardness of looking at each other was extremely embarrassing, and now Xi Qingchuan deliberately put me in such an embarrassing situation.
I was about to wave my hand to say hello to them, Xi Qingchuan gave me a fierce look.
He was staring at me with no moral integrity, and they were scolded by them to make such a hippie smile.
I had no choice but to smile, maybe they noticed that they were speaking badly about me all the time, so they seemed particularly embarrassed.
“President Xiao, Dong Xi, you guys come here to eat too, I really didn’t expect it.” A front desk accompanied a smiling face.
Because Xi Qingchuan’s face was too stinky, I had to stretch my face and snorted.
Xi Qingchuan never said a word, depending on how I communicate with them.
He and the others felt embarrassed, so they couldn’t ask for words: “The food here is delicious!” said a front desk.
“Not only is it delicious, but it also sounds good.” I will also say if it is not good or bad, and I can say it well if I want to.
They froze for a moment, then pretended to be stupid: “What sounds good?”
“Of course it’s what you said is nice,” I looked at my watch: “A full hour and a half, my name appeared in your mouth for at least an hour and 20 minutes, and another 10 minutes were talking about my husband and others. Gossip.”
Their faces flushed immediately, and it is estimated that I, who thought of the little sheep, would also take the initiative to attack.
Unexpectedly, naturally I don’t know how to deal with it.
“President Xiao,” they stared at me blankly, not only they looked at me, but Xi Qingchuan also looked at me.
He wants to see how I should deal with them. If I hear them say that by myself, then forget it. Anyway, the mouth is on someone else’s body, and what I want to say is their business.
Now I can only use Xi Qingchuan’s handling method, which is simple and rude.
My eyes flicked over the faces of these girls one by one. In fact, I could see that they were mainly afraid of Xi Qingchuan, not me.
They may also know in their hearts that I am 80% good at making peace, and that’s it, so they are just embarrassed and not afraid.
In fact, I want to forget it, but under Xi Qingchuan’s slightly contemptuous gaze, it is really easy to arouse my combat effectiveness.
I guess my face is also very stinky. I quietly looked at them and said, “Since you like to talk so much, go to a position that is more suitable for you and speak slowly. Some employees in our Xiao’s factory have resigned. Go on top!”
“President Xiao, what did you say?”
“I said there are a lot of machines there, so you can be female lathe workers, and you can talk to the machines as much as you like.”
While they were blindfolded, they did not forget to fight back: “President Xiao, you are just a department manager now, don’t you have this kind of power?”
“Don’t forget, I am Xiao’s largest shareholder, and I have decision-making power over the management of the enterprise group, let alone personnel changes.”

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