Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 352

“Qiao Yi…” I suddenly noticed that I had split my voice. Although I was quite persuaded, my temperament had always been quiet.
This time, I was really frightened by Qiao Yi’s attitude. She was so indifferent to me for the first time and turned me out for the first time, so that I could not see her.
I knocked on the door with a loud sound. At this time, the door of the next room opened, and Mom Qiao came out: “Xiao Sheng.”
She was surprised to see me: “What’s the matter?”
It turned out that Ms. Qiao was at home tonight. Seeing her swollen eyes, she must have been awakened by me just after she fell asleep.
She is so tired to take care of Dad Qiao every day, and I woke her up.
“Godmother, I’m sorry, I woke you up.”
“Nothing.” She came over and whispered softly: “Is Qiao Xie asleep? She can’t even hear you knocking so loudly?”
“It doesn’t matter if I call her.”
“You wait for me to get the key.” Mom Qiao went to get the key to me: “The small one can be opened.”
“Oh, good.” I tried it, and it really opened the door.
I saw Qiao Yi quickly get into her quilt, and then pulled the quilt all the way to the top of her head.
She doesn’t want to see me…
I walked to her bed, wanted to lift her quilt but didn’t dare, so I talked to her through the back sheet.
“Qiao Yi, listen to me explain, I really have nothing to do with Qin Guan, the day I was with him…”
“It’s just that I was a little busy this morning, so you don’t need to explain, I don’t want to listen…” Qiao Yi’s voice came from the sheet.
“I really have nothing to do with Qin Qinguan, I know you like him, how could I have anything to him…”
Qiao Yi suddenly pulled off her sheet, her eyes widened: “I don’t care if you have anything to do with him. In short, Xiaosheng, your pitiful appearance will make all the men in the world rise up. Protection wants to protect you. The question is, how can there be so many princes and princesses in this world?” Qiao Yu yelled these words to me. She seldom speaks to me so loudly. once.
“Qiao Yi, I know I shouldn’t plunge into his arms and cry, I should think carefully, and draw a distance from him…”
“Well, don’t talk about it. It has nothing to do with Qin Guan. Do you think I am such a narrow-minded person?”
“Then why are you angry with me?”
“Who told you that I was angry?” Qiao Yi rubbed his nose: “I’m sleepy, I’m going to sleep, Xiaosheng, you go!”
When a person does not want to communicate with another person at all, she will refuse or deny her own emotions. If Qiao Yi is angry with me, why not communicate with me?
I was sad, but there was nothing I could do, I watched Qiao Yi was about to cry.
“Qiao Yi, let me tell you the truth. In fact, Qin Guan knew my mother. The time Xi Qingchuan took me on a cruise I ran into him, it was the time I went to the island. The ring on his hand is my mother. For him.”
Qiao Yi opened his eyes and looked at me stupidly with his mouth wide open.
After she was listening, I hurriedly said: “I have always had an illusion. I think he may be my father, so my feelings for Qin Guan and Qin Guan are actually the kind of father’s desire, not what you think. ”
Qiao Yi was suppressed by these words of mine, and she was relieved for a long time.
“What’s the situation?” She sat up from the bed, and I took the opportunity to sit down on her bed.
“Qin Guan is a former boyfriend of my mother. I don’t know what the two of them have developed into, but it must be a good relationship for my mother to give him a ring.”
“Why don’t you tell me?” Qiao Yi was dumbfounded.
“How do I tell you, you say, if I tell you, your current boyfriend is your godmother’s former boyfriend, how would you feel, is it embarrassing?”
“This is…” She scratched her scalp.
I saw her tone calmed down completely, just like the way we got along before, I quickly took her hand: “Then you don’t get angry with me!”
Qiao Yi raised her eyelids at this time and took a look at me, and then her eyes froze a little behind me. I didn’t have time to turn my head to see what she was looking at. She suddenly threw off my hand and then again. Lie down again and pull the quilt over your head.
“Why are you telling me these things? I don’t care about your affairs. Go, Xiaosheng.”
Under what circumstances, she was not like this just now, how can she turn her face?
“Qiao Yi, the two of us have never quarreled. Don’t you think it’s weird to quarrel for this kind of misunderstanding that is not a misunderstanding?”
“I didn’t quarrel with you, now I want to sleep, good night, goodbye!” Qiao Yi’s voice still came from under the sheets.
I am helpless, I don’t know what happened to her.
I thought I explained to her clearly the relationship between my mother and Qin Guan, and she wouldn’t be angry with me anymore.
But she still looks like this, and I feel a little angry.
“Qiao Yi, do you know what I went through today? I was in deep water today and embarrassed on all sides. The entire Xiao family surrounded me and attacked me. I am also very surprised, why I am a victim, but all of a sudden Become the culprit of all the targets. They asked me to clarify Xiao Shi and Xiao Lingling, saying that I personally sent them to prison, I can’t argue with each other, Qiao Yi, I don’t know what I should do, what am I doing wrong? What? They are obviously…”
“Okay, Xiaosheng, I don’t want to listen to you talking about this anymore. What’s the use of you telling me about this?” Qiao Ele yelled to me very loudly.
“I thought you would help me…”
Qiao Yi lifted the sheets again, and got up with a grunt: “Can I help you? I can help you for a while, can I help you for the rest of your life? Ever since you were a child, you have always shrunk behind me and let me help you. Shelter from the wind and rain, can I still help you shelter for the rest of your life?”
“Aren’t the two of us a lifetime thing?”
“It’s not like that, Xiaosheng, there is no one who can help you for the rest of your life.” Qiao Yi’s tone, what Qiao Yi said, made me particularly strange.
Just before this morning, it was not the case. She saw me in the morning and still wanted to help me block the world, but why did everything change all of a sudden?
I used to think that things in this world are very unpredictable, and everything is easy for people to change.
But Qiao Yi will never change. The relationship between me and her sisters is as solid as a rock, and nothing can be shaken.
Now for one thing that I have explained clearly, the past and the past have all been overthrown by her.

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