Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 36

Qiao Yi went to drive, and I hugged Xi Qingchuan’s head tightly. His face was very white, white like a piece of paper.
I am very scared. What if Xi Qingchuan is knocked to death by Qiao Yi?
I went to commit the crime. My father passed away anyway. I don’t have a relative who has nothing to do with him. I just said that I knocked it out. What about that brick?
I turned my head and looked back, and saw the bricks on the ground not far in front.
Qiao Yi drove the car over, and we worked together to lift Xi Qingchuan into the car. I think my psychological activity at the moment is like killing a person and throwing a corpse.
Xi Qingchuan was tall and big, and it took us a lot of effort to get him into the car. I got out of the car and picked up the bricks.
“Drive, go to the nearest hospital.”
I remember that Sanyi went out here and turned left at an intersection.
Qiao Yi started the car and Xi Qingchuan lay on my lap, his eyes closed tightly. Only then did I realize that his eyelashes were so long, like a girl.
My heart is so flustered, his face paled like this, he wouldn’t be dead, right?
I stretched out my hand to probe his breath, it was weak, but still breathing.
“Joe, drive faster.” My voice was shaking.
Qiao Yi’s back stiffened, and she was also terrified.
She drove the car like a rocket. There were few cars on the road at this time of the night and she went to the hospital soon.
I rushed out of the car to call for a doctor, and then people in the emergency room pushed the car to Xi Qingchuan.
He was taken into the emergency room, and I realized that I was soaked all over, although I was only wearing a chiffon dress, and my coat had been left in the parking lot just now.
“Xiao Sheng.” At this time, Qiao Yi was still comforting me: “I did this. It has nothing to do with you. You are a victim.”
“Don’t talk nonsense.” I lowered my voice: “You go back first.”
“How can I go back, if Xi Qingchuan has a family member who has three longs and two shorts, I won’t let you go.”
“I’m his wife anyway, and it’s housework at best.”
“A person is a criminal case when they die.”
“In short, my identity has an advantage over you.”
We are vying to die when someone is talking to us.
“Mr. Xi was the injured person sent here?”
It was the doctor who came out of the emergency room, and I bit my tongue nervously.
“Yes, he is Xi Qingchuan.”
“Are you Mrs. Xi?”
“Oh, come here to sign.”
“What to sign?” My hands and feet were shaking.
“There is a three-centimeter-long wound on the back of Mr. Xi’s head, which has been stitched up. Just now, he was in a hurry and had an operation first. Come here and sign the operation slip.”
“How about Xi Qingchuan?” He should still be alive after sewing the wound, and it is reasonable to sew it when he died.
“The wound is not big, the bones are cracked, but a major blood vessel is broken and a lot of blood has flowed. Now Mr. Xi is awake.”
“He’s still alive?” I tremble.
“Of course, Mr. Xi is nothing but bleeding too much. We will arrange for Mr. Xi to be admitted to the hospital later.”
I was relieved and winked at Qiao Yi: “You go first.”
Then I followed the doctor to sign. Xi Qingchuan was alive and everything was OK. Listening to the doctor’s tone shouldn’t be a big deal, and his body has always been healthy, and there will be no major problems.
I signed it and went through the hospitalization procedures, and rushed Qiao Yi home by the way.
She is very spine: “I did it. People like Xi Qingchuan will definitely trouble you after they wake up.”
“He’s already awake, eldest sister, can you please don’t trouble me, I can settle him, please.” I was about to cry: “Joe, it’s messy enough, you go!”
Qiao Yi only left when I cried, and turned around one step at a time: “If he makes you embarrassed, you should call me immediately.”
I waved and told her to get out, and I followed her into the ward after watching her enter the elevator.
Xi Qingchuan was lying on the bed with a bandage on his head. What was terrifying was that he was awake and his eyes were wide open.
I moved step by step and stood by the bed.
“Xi Qingchuan.” I whispered his name.
But he was indifferent after shouting several times.
I am very panic, I won’t smash him stupid, or which nerve was smashed, he is deaf?
The nurse was arranging the line of the instrument. It is estimated that after hearing I have been calling him, he said: “Mrs. Xi, Mr. Xi has just woke up now. He was attacked by a blunt weapon and has a stress response.
“Will he become stupid? Or amnesia?”
“That’s not so, it must not be too serious, but the person is still a bit slow at the moment, we will give him a shot in the bottle, and we will wake up tomorrow morning.”
I was relieved, the nurse gave him a bottle: “He will fall asleep in five minutes. Do you need to notify Mr. Xi’s other family members?”
“Oh, let’s talk about it tomorrow.” It’s too late now. It wouldn’t be good if grandma frightened her, anyway, Xi Qingchuan would be in a big trouble.
I was sitting on the chair next to his bed, Xi Qingchuan’s eyes were still staring at the ceiling. I really wanted to cover his eyelids with my hands. He seemed to be unable to stare at him now.
Five minutes have passed, and ten minutes have passed. He still keeps his eyes open and motionless, looking very scary.
I hurried to call the doctor, and the doctor came to see me and told me: “It’s a serious problem, I fell asleep after a while.”
I waited and waited, his eyelids seemed to be supported by a match stick, and they opened wide and round.
Qiao Yi called me and asked me what’s going on with Xi Qingchuan, and whether or not he is making trouble for me.
When I showed her what Xi Qingchuan looked like now, she was taken aback: “How come you are so stubborn, but you’re stupid by me?”
“The doctor said it’s not serious, the brick is not big, and your strength is not that big.”
“Who said that, I have thrown discus before, don’t doubt my athletic ability.”
“Okay.” At this time, I was not in the mood to listen to her boasting: “I’m hanging up, remember whoever asks you, don’t talk nonsense.”
I hung up Qiao Xie’s phone and just put it up. Suddenly, Xi Qingchuan spoke. It shocked me so much that I almost fell off the chair.
“It looks like you are planning to take it all in a big way?”
Xi Qingchuan has spoken!
I hurried to see him, his eyes finally moved and turned to me.
God, the stone fell in my heart.
Hearing the clear structure of his sentence just now, it seems that he was knocked silly.
“Xi Qingchuan.” I straightened up to see him: “Are you awake?”
“I woke up a long time ago, before you ring the bell again and again to find a doctor.”
“Oh.” I let out a long sigh of relief.
He sneered habitually: “If I were you, I would never have been so happy.” His hand moved inside the sheet, and then he held his mobile phone out of the sheet.
Qiao Xie’s voice came from the phone: “It seems that I just stupid Xi Qingchuan with a brick?”
“Do you still want to help her top the bag?”

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