Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 366

What should I do now? I was confused.
“After all, the big thing about craniotomy is to communicate with the patient, and then we will prepare to perform surgery on her as soon as possible!”
Since the doctors have mentioned the operation, it shouldn’t be a fake. Otherwise, the stepmother can pretend to be sick and go for the craniotomy by herself?
The direction of this matter surprised me a bit. Ruan Ling and I walked out of the doctor’s office, and the two stood stupidly at the door and looked at each other for a long time.
“Why do you mean to inadvertently insert Liu Chengyin?” Ruan Ling said.
“Your analogy seems a bit inappropriate.”
“It seems to be, are you saying this is true or false? Did the doctor collude with her?”
“I think, because the doctor is so authoritative, it is impossible for him to have such medical ethics.”
“What do you need medical ethics? Can you eat or drink? I don’t believe it is such a coincidence.”
But things in the world are so coincidental, maybe there is such a coincidence?
Ruan Ling and I came to the ward where our stepmother was, and she was still lying there.
I asked the nurse how she was. The nurse told me that there was still no sign of awakening, but her vital signs were fairly stable.
Ruan Ling’s expression of disdain: “It’s just a pretense at all.”
I was standing next to my stepmother’s bed, and it was still possible to tell whether a person was really unconscious or pretending to be.
Her eyelids moved slightly, and there were signs that her eyeballs were moving slightly under her eyelids.
I think so, this coma is fake, but I think her illness is real.
Maybe things in the world are just such a coincidence. The stepmother pretended to be sick, but she didn’t expect to have a checkup, but it really found something wrong.
It is estimated that even if the doctor told her the truth, she herself thought it was fake.
I asked Ruan Ling to go back first. I sat down by my stepmother’s bed and looked at her.
As soon as I sat down, a nurse came over and told me: “Miss Xiao, the patient needs a rest. You can’t be in the ward.”
“I don’t have any influence on her rest, isn’t Auntie in a coma? In a critical situation, I have to guard her.”
“She is in a fairly stable condition now.”
“Everyone is unconscious, still stable?” I asked the nurse.
The nurse was speechless. Looking at her expression, I knew she was bought by her stepmother.
Although I am cowardly, I am better at being able to perceive people’s hearts and words. This is my specialty.
Under my gaze, the nurse was obviously guilty of conscience, and hummed away.
I continued to sit next to my stepmother’s bed, looking at her face with her eyes closed.
She was a beautiful woman when she was young, and she began to gain weight after middle age. Although she is not as fat as she is now, her waist is still like a bucket in a velvet cheongsam.
In short, what the lyrics said is correct, time is like flying knives, and knives make people grow old.
I was staring at the stepmother’s face in a daze. Suddenly the door was pushed open. Li Chengming walked in from outside with most of the senior officials of the Xiao clan. I knew that he was coming to me to settle the account.
Those people stood by the stepmother’s bed in unison, and if they bowed three times neatly, it would be a bit like a dead body farewell.
I still didn’t speak, Li Chengming preemptively took the initiative: “President Xiao, now Mrs. Xiao has been harmed by you, what do you think?”
He is the one who touched porcelain. It seems that he has a life. The traces of touch porcelain are too obvious.
“Mr. Li, you happened to be here, and we just took a step to speak.”
He didn’t know what I was going to say to him, but he obviously didn’t want to listen, he just wanted to finish what he was going to say.
He was arguing, and the people who came with him followed suit. The noise made me dizzy, and finally I figured out what his central idea was.
To put it bluntly, what he meant is that if I make my stepmother unconscious, I must release Xiao Shi and Xiao Lingling.
It turned out that the stepmother used a bitter trick, but the result of this bitter trick seemed to make her unexpected.
I understand. Although they are arguing and make my head hurt, I still understand.
I told Li Chengming, I have something to tell you, and then I dragged him out of the ward: “Mr. Li.” I handed him the stepmother’s test sheet: “It turns out that my aunt suddenly became ill today. No wonder she has been in a coma so severely. .”
In fact, I know that my stepmother fainted and pretended to be sick today, so I just made the mistake. Li Chengming thought I really believed it, so he took a casual look at the report. It was obvious that he didn’t see it clearly.
I pointed to a very important sentence in the laboratory report: “Aunt Lee is sick about it?”
“Clear and clear.”
He knows a ghost, he doesn’t even take a closer look, okay?
“So does Li always know that Auntie is sick?”
“Isn’t she angry with you?”
“Mr. Li, when did you become illiterate?” I choked him occasionally, and Li Chengming immediately became ashamed. He wanted to refute, but after thinking about it, he looked down at the report in his hand.
Looking at it, he raised the report to his eyes, then took out the reading glasses from his pocket and put it on, carefully reading it line by line.
“What does the shadow at the cerebellum mean?”
“It means literally.” I answered him.
“What do you mean by brain fibroids?”
“It’s a tumor. The doctor suggested that you have to take out the tumor to confirm whether it is benign or malignant.”
Li Chengming raised his head and looked at me dumbfounded. He looked like an idiot.
It can be seen that not only Li Chengming does not know, but even the stepmother herself does not know that she has such a disease.
Li Chengming looked like an idiot, and it took a while before he seemed to feel relieved. He frowned, “What kind of plane?”
He turned and left with the report in his hand. He probably went to the doctor to inquire about the situation. He must have taken care of it before, but it was definitely not such a serious illness.
I stood at the door quietly waiting for him, went to the doctor to settle the account, and after a while he held the report back, standing in front of me in a forehead lawsuit: “What’s the situation?”
“It’s the situation after you consulted the doctor.” I looked at him: “It seems that Mr. Li doesn’t know yet, how are you going to tell my aunt?”

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