Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 368

The strong momentum of the aura is aggressive, and Li Chengming nodded like garlic: “Yes, yes, I have heard the words of Mr. Xiao, I am not a talkative, how can I talk around? I am not a maiden.”
I looked at him, I’m still a bitch, not so broken in his mouth.
Xi Qingchuan took my hand and left. He likes to put his hand on his back, and then hold my hand, like an old man herding cattle.
I followed him and looked back at Li Chengming. He kept looking at us with an inexplicable expression.
“Why are you looking at his cell phone?” I walked into the elevator, and I asked Xi Qingchuan.
“Look at the party classification of your Xiao family.”
“From his phone book?”
“Well, I will compile a list later. You have to be careful of these people.”
“Have you copied it down?”
“I use eyeballs to copy?” He laughed at me.
“Then how did you write it down?”
He pointed to my temples: “Brain, fool, use your brain.”
I also have a brain, but he is not good at it.
He put his hands on me again in the elevator, his palms against my thin shirt and slowly moved down.
I backhanded and pressed his hand that was reaching my waist: “What are you doing?”
“You have a bug here.” His hand, like a slippery fish, slipped from the palm of my hand, still leaning toward my waist.
He is really shameless, where do I have bugs?
“Hey, Xi Qingchuan.” His hand has been inserted into my clothes, his palm is against the skin of my waist, his palm is hot, and I seem to have received some kind of ambiguous message.
I looked up into his eyes, his eyes were shining with fire.
Oh, it’s dangerous.
“Xi Qingchuan.” I held his face approaching me: “This is the elevator, don’t be nervous.”
“Do you know how cheap it is to make a small movie now?” He actually looked up at the surveillance camera in the elevator, which was really shameless.
“What do you mean?”
“The cost is super low, but if the male and female protagonists are eye-catching, they can definitely sell and make a lot of money.”
“Are you going to make a small movie? If you want to be a actor, don’t find me, I don’t need money.” I really didn’t know that he was so funny, and got out from under his arms.
Fortunately, the elevator door opened, and when a few people walked in, Xi Qingchuan stopped making trouble.
We went back to the stepmother’s ward, she still closed her eyes, I’m not sure if she continued to pretend or fell asleep while pretending to be.
“Xi Qingchuan.” I looked up at him: “Let the Xiaoshi and the others come out first!”
Now that my stepmother is sick, I don’t want to ask them to apologize anymore.
Xi Qingchuan finally nodded this time: “Okay.”
I saw stepmother’s eyes move under her eyelids.
She felt that her goal had been achieved, but she would rather not know everything that she knew after pretending to wake up.
Xi Qingchuan’s executive power was really strong, and her stepmother was still pretending to be sick, so Xiao Shi and Xiao Lingling were released.
I heard Xiao Lingling’s voice in the ward. She almost yelled, “I just came out of that place to take a bath with grapefruit leaves and jump into the brazier. I was so unhappy that I would come to the hospital. Aren’t you afraid of worse luck?”
“Xiao Lingling, shut up.” Xiao Shi’s voice is soft and soft, but still has a deterrent effect: “This is the hospital, can you not be like a fool.”
“Hey, Xiaoshi, you are not big or small.”
Xiao Shi appeared at the door of the ward, changed into a white shirt and skirt, she was very thin, and she felt that her clothes were particularly generous, and all her people were drowned in them.
In the past few days, Xiao Shi has lost a lot of weight, which looks very distressing.
Her eyes were dim, like a lingering flower blown by the cold wind.
She saw us, her face seemed paler, walked up to us and whispered: “Thank you.”
Then she walked to the stepmother’s bed, Xiao Lingling followed, Xi Qingchuan took my hand and pulled me into his arms.
Xiao Lingling is a mad dog who doesn’t look long. She rushed over when she saw me: “Xiao Sheng, you bitch…”
She probably only saw Xi Qingchuan on the way over, and then she braked sharply and almost fell.
“Xi Qingchuan.” Her gaze fell on Xi Qingchuan’s hand holding my hand, and then she wilted.
“What’s wrong with my mother.” Xi Qingchuan was here, and Xiao Lingling didn’t dare to mess around again.
Xiao Shi stood in front of the bed for a while. I saw her expression was calm. She must be smart to see that the stepmother was acting, but I still have to tell her about the fact that the stepmother is really sick.
I thought for a while and said to Xi Qingchuan: “Will you go and talk to Xiaoshi?”
“I don’t understand the situation, go ahead and say it.” He refused.
In this case, I am the only one to talk about it.
I asked Xiao Shi to go out and tell me, she didn’t know what I was going to tell her, and came out with me down her head.
We stopped at the end of the corridor, the window was open, and the wind was so strong today that it almost blew my head off.
I closed the window and wiped the dust off my hand with a paper towel, not knowing where to start.
“Xiao Sheng, what’s the matter with you?” Xiao Shi’s voice was very soft, as light as it was floating from outer space.
“Auntie came to the company today and suddenly fell off the table and fainted.” I said.
“Yeah.” She replied in a low voice, “Someone has already told me, Xiao Sheng, I know it’s none of your business, I won’t bother you.”
“I’m not explaining this, I’m telling you.” I took out the stepmother’s inspection report from my bag and handed it to Xiao Shi: “This, you first understand, and then we will talk to the doctor about the specific plan.”
“What’s the plan?” Xiao Shi took the report and opened it inexplicably. She took a hurried look, looked up at me, and then lowered her head to take a closer look.
“Left brain fibroma?” She muttered in a low voice, and then went to see the name of the person being examined.
She paused and looked up thoughtfully, I know what she was thinking.
I told her: “I know that Auntie pretended to be today, but this report is true.”
Xiao Shi looked at me for a long time, as if he didn’t quite understand what I was saying: “Huh?”
“Auntie was pretending to be sick and fainted, but after an examination just now, she really found out that she was sick. That’s the term you just mentioned.”
“My mother has a brain tumor?” Xiao Shi suddenly shook, and I was worried that she would fall, so I hurried to support her.
“Now you don’t know benign and malignant, don’t worry.”
“So, this is why you let us out?” Xiao Shi opened her eyes wide, her eyes filled with tears quickly: “If my mother doesn’t get sick, it’s likely that Xiao Lingling and I can’t get out of there yet, right? ?”

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