Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 37

Unexpectedly, Xi Qingchuan still kept a hand, my mind is a little short-circuited.
“Even if I don’t have a recording, you forgot the monitoring, but the shot is clear.” He continued mockingly.
I’m relieved to listen to him clearly, and I’ll just let him kill or pluck.
“No matter what happened to Qiao Yi, she also helped me.”
“Yesterday she drugged me to sleep with you, but today I want to take the initiative to sleep with you, but she knocked me out?” Xi Qingchuan’s lips slightly raised and he was smiling, but I knew he was going crazy.
“It’s all for me, don’t trouble her, you can call the police and catch me.”
He might really not want to tell me, so he closed his eyes.
Perhaps it was the effect of the drug that he fell asleep without being able to hold it.
I sat on the side of the bed and looked at him blankly. Xi Qingchuan’s sleeping face is really invincible. This is the 360-degree standard without blind spots. It looks good no matter what.
He was asleep and it made people feel so stressed. I was thinking about how to explain to the Xi family the next day.
Xi Qingchuan is Mama Xi’s darling. She has given birth to several, but the one she loves most is Xi Qingchuan.
My mind was so confused, I fell asleep when I thought about it.
Sleeping on the side of the bed is uncomfortable. My arm was numb and woken up. I sat on the side of the bed for a long time and couldn’t recover.
It’s already dawn, and it’s a good thing for me to sleep on my stomach without crushing and crippling my arms.
I stayed for a long time until I heard Bai Yu’s voice: “Miss Xiao.”
I looked up at him and saw Bai Yu’s handsome face.
I don’t know when he came. I can’t stand up and my legs are numb. I can only look at him with my neck up, “Assistant Bai.”
“You can go to rest on the sofa over there.” He pointed to the sofa outside the room.
Only then did I notice that there is a sofa in this VIP suite, so why did I fall asleep all night so stupidly?
Xi Qingchuan had already sat up, eating porridge on the small table while watching the computer.
I can finally stand up from the chair: “I’m going to wash.”
“There are toiletries in the bathroom.” Bai Yu was polite.
In fact, I have always had a good impression of Baiyu, but since knowing about his relationship with Xi Qingchuan, I feel that his choice is a bit biased. People like Xi Qingchuan are not suitable as partners, whether they are male or female.
I went to the bathroom to wash, and heard Xi Qingchuan telling Bai Yu briefly: “Call the police again this afternoon. Today is Qiao Keran’s birthday. I caught his daughter at his birthday banquet.”
I was so excited when I heard it, I hurriedly put down the toothbrush in my hand and the foam in my mouth ran out: “Don’t call the police, please.”
He didn’t even look at me: “Did you write it down, Bai Yu.”
I wiped the bubble from my mouth with my sleeve and moved to Xi Qingchuan’s side, reaching out to grab his wrist, but he avoided it in time.
He hates me very much.
“Xi Qingchuan, please, even if you catch Qiao Yi, you won’t do any good.”
“She will be punished if she does something wrong.”
“She is for me, and if she is punished, she is also me.”
“Don’t forget that I have audio and surveillance video. You are also useless to intercede.”
“Aren’t you still calling the police? Godfather has a heart attack, and Qiao Yi is his darling. If you catch Qiao Yi at his birthday party, he will not be able to stand it, please.” I almost crawled. Go to the bed and grab the sleeve of his gown.
The quality of the clothes in the hospital was not good. I used a lot of strength. I only heard a stab. His sleeve was torn off by me.
Xi Qingchuan’s face was even more ugly, it was hard to see the extreme.
Bai Yu persuaded me in a low voice: “Miss Xiao, you let go and take a rest outside first.”
“Xi Qingchuan.” I clenched and didn’t let go: “Qiao Yi is all for me. If she goes to jail, I will pester you even if she is dead.”
He looked at me in astonishment, maybe he was so angry that he was actually laughing.
I feel that Xi Qingchuan’s nerves will be irritated by me.
He laughed for a long time before stopping: “I heard that you were often bullied at Xiao’s house. After spending a little bit of your life, you suddenly came to my side and turned upside down.”
No matter what he said, I just didn’t let go, Xi Qingchuan raised his hand vigorously, and I was holding half of his sleeve in my hand.
Xi Qingchuan was like a lama, with only sleeves and the other without sleeves.
“Bo Yu, let her get out!” Xi Qingchuan waved his hand in disgust.
When Bai Yu didn’t even rush me, I grabbed the glass saline bottle that was just replaced on the bedside table and held it up high: “Xi Qingchuan, I’m sorry for you, and now I’m cracking my own head to apologize to you. , You forgive Qiao Yi!”
My brain is hot, anyway, I am going to fight it out, as long as I can save Qiao Yi, I will be bloodied.
I heard Xi Qingchuan yelling: “Catch her!”
Bai Yu reached out and stopped me, but my speed was so fast that a glass bottle had been knocked on my forehead, and I heard the sound of bones and hard glass bottles hitting each other.
With brute force, I knocked a bottle down, and I was dizzy when I knocked, and all the butterflies flying in front of me.
Boyu grabbed my hand, and I didn’t have the strength to knock myself a second time.
I fell softly into Boyu’s arms and didn’t recover for a long time.
I successfully knocked myself out, and when I became aware I was lying on the sofa, and the nurse was bending over to help me deal with the wound.
“Mrs. Xi, don’t move. Your forehead is now with percussive edema, but the skin is not broken. I will apply some medicine to you and do a head examination later.”
The potion was cold, and it was very comfortable to apply to my hot forehead.
Edema? It is probably swollen.
After the nurse applied the medicine, I lay half on the sofa and looked inside, and I could see the profile of Xi Qingchuan.
His profile was deformed by my anger, and it seems that I was mad at him this time.
As a Xi Qingchuan who can wear big-tailed eagles the most mad, I am also considered excellent.
I lay down for a long time before I came back to my senses, and Bai Yu’s face appeared above me.
Boyu is also a well-known handsome guy in Xi’s family, so the flesh looking down on my face doesn’t collapse.
He looked at me with sorrow and compassion: “You just stunned yourself. If you hit your eyes, the consequences would be disastrous.”
“Xi Qingchuan, I apologize to you, can you spare Qiao Yi!” I shouted hoarsely.
I really can’t yell out, the voice is the same as the husband duck.
It took a long time for Xi Qingchuan to reply: “Let her shut up, I don’t want to hear her voice!”
Bai Yu put his finger on his lips and made a shush gesture, then squatted down to my ear and said: “Miss Xiao, don’t worry, you smashed yourself like a goose. Mr. Xi is not so cruel. My heart can’t live with you anymore.”

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