Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 379

I have a brain, but I don’t have the guts.
Under the description of Xiao Shi, I became a person who fell into trouble, and became a particularly principled person.
Originally, I was not very principled. Xi Qingchuan said that I don’t have a bottom line, or I can change the bottom line for the sake of one person. Oh, this is me.
Xiao Shi made my scolding dog gore, and in front of so many people, I couldn’t stand up to the stage.
Although she was wrong, I was speechless.
Ruan Ling used a notebook to cover her face, only showing her eyes and winking at me.
I know she was afraid that I would shrink again. I have already said so, and I can’t go back and slap myself in the face, so I have to bite the bullet and continue.
“Xiao Shi, you have done nothing wrong.”
“Of course I did not make a mistake. The person who did the wrong is you, Xiao Sheng, I don’t think you are such a person.” Xiao Shi dropped the file folder in his hand on the table, shaking with anger: “You remember You lost the position of the president to me, and now you have to go back again. Okay, I will return it to you, but you remember that I will withdraw from the board of directors from now on. Don’t ask me about Xiao’s official business!”
After Xiao Shi finished speaking, she turned around and ran out. This time I made her angry. I have never seen Xiao Shi so angry and so gaffey.
Xiao Shi’s secretary soon came to tell me to go to her office to complete the handover procedures. In fact, I was still hesitating at this time.
I also feel that what I did this thing seems to be a bit unorthodox, not too authentic, just too unorthodox.
Before I went to Xiao Shi’s office, I struggled with myself. Ruan Ling kept pushing me in. Then I mustered up the courage to push Xiao Shi’s office away. She was packing up her things and put all her things on the paper. Inside the box.
Because this office is exchanged with me, these two months have been really tossing.
It turned out to be my father’s, then my stepmother’s, and then later became mine, and then later became Xiaoshi’s.
Now Xiao Shi has to be returned to me again.
Looking at her pale face and thin figure, I felt a little uncomfortable in my heart.
I knocked on the door lightly, Xiao Shi didn’t even lift his head, but said softly: “Come in!”
I walked in and gently closed the door, Xiao Shi put a bunch of keys and a file folder on the table: “The handover on this is the thing you gave me last time. I haven’t touched it. You’ll see it later. Now, I have already completed this handover procedure. Please sign on it!”
“Xiao Shi.” I grumbled: “I know, I do this a little bit too authentic, but you…”
“Xiao Sheng, Xi Qingchuan asked you to do this, right? You are really his echo bug. You can do whatever he asks you to do. Are you in love with Xi Qingchuan?”
Seeing Xiao Shi’s sharp eyes, I staggered her gaze in embarrassment, neither admitted nor denied.
She smiled: “No matter how much you love someone, don’t lose yourself.”
“Xiao Shi, it happens that Auntie’s health is not very good during this time, and you can still take care of her wholeheartedly.”
Xiao Shi smiled and handed me her pen: “You sign, I have already signed it.”
I took the pen, and after pulling it out for a long time, the cap was not removed, or Xiao Shi took my pen and helped me pull it to the cap, then handed it to me again.
I hesitated, Xiao Shi pressed me on my shoulder and pressed me on the chair: “If you want to sign, just sign it. If you don’t sign, you will face her in front of everyone, and in front of Xi Qing. Chuan’s face told him that you don’t want to be the president. You can do whatever you want. I don’t see you like this the most.”
Even if I don’t look up, I can feel the anger of Xiao Shi.
I thought about it and signed my name on the agreement.
I swear to myself forever and forever, even if I can’t make it by myself, I won’t be able to hand over the position again.
This is indeed not a house wine, not a child’s play.
I sincerely apologize to Xiao Shi: “I’m sorry Xiao Shi.”
“Okay,” she interrupted me: “Stop talking, I don’t want to listen.”
I signed it and checked the contents of the safe again. Nothing was wrong, I said to Xiao Shi, “Okay.”
Xiao Shi held her suitcase and walked to the door. I followed her and wanted to send her off, but I thought she definitely didn’t want to see me again at this time, so I stopped where I was.
She took two steps and stopped at the door to look back at me: “Xiao Sheng, I’ll give you a piece of advice.”
I was silent to show that I was listening respectfully.
“Xi Qingchuan treated me this way today, and he will treat you this way in the future. He is such a moody person who only comes according to his own wishes, remember? Three weeks ago, he held me high. But today in three weeks, he threw me to the ground hard. Xiao Sheng, your luck will not be better than me, and your fate must be worse than mine! But I advise you not to ask him why , Maybe even he doesn’t know why!”
Xiao Shi held the carton in one hand, and opened the door with the other hand and went out.
Her back is thin and bleak, and now I am not a human being inside and outside.
The stepmother was seriously ill and she lost her position. Thinking about why I promised Xi Qingchuan to do this, it was really wicked.
“Xiao Shi,” I called her name and chased her and took her arm. Her reaction was very strong and she threw my hand away.
“Xiao Sheng, you don’t want to do this set again, okay? I’m fed up with you, do you know what you are? You pretend to be weak and pretend to be innocent, in fact, you are the biggest white lotus, the most bitch Green tea bitch!”
For the first time, the first time someone scolded me Bai Lianhua.
This kind of white lotus green tea bitch is called Xiaoshi from behind by Qiao Yi, and now he points to my nose and throws these to me.
“Xiao Shi, all this is really not my will.”
“Yeah, so you are very good at making a few words. It’s not your will. You just throw everything away easily. What have you done for Xiaoshi? Ask yourself, you have been the president of Xiaoshi since you took office. After that, have you added another shift? Have you worked hard for the development of Xiaoshi? No, you know, I put all my hard work on Xiaoshi. Xiao Sheng, you are really enough, you You took away Xi Qingchuan, and you took away the position of the president. But you used such a despicable and circuitous method. You think it’s too cheap to take me directly from me, don’t you? Let me get it and then take it away, let me feel the taste of loss, right?”

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