Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 391

The pantry is always a place to create topics. I just walked to the door of the pantry with a cup of water, and I heard several women talking in it.
“Now I finally know what it means to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. I thought that Xiaoshi is powerful enough, but I didn’t think that Xiaosheng is the oss who pretends to be a pig and eat a tiger.
“Some people look weak and pitiful. It must be the ultimate white lotus. I knew it must be like this when I saw Xiao Sheng.”
“You see, if the city mansion is so deep, how could she make Xiaoshi so miserable?”
“Yes, she is really good enough. She dormant in Xiao’s house for so long, she killed her stepmother and snatched her husband from Xiao Shi. Now the company is also held in her palm, and she also used the trick of trying to catch her. It’s really torturing the flute and poems to death and alive.”
“So it turns out that I still think Xiaosheng is a little white flower with little lethality. Now I think she really has the means. I really respect her and I have to learn from her.”
“Yes, yes, someday if we want to have such a means like her, won’t the whole world be in our hands?”
The few people who spoke were well-known women with long tongues across all departments of the company. Almost every department in the company had one or two such characters. They couldn’t tell what they were together.
I heard a lot of talking about me from behind, but it was a little surprised to say that I was from White Lotus or the first time I heard it.
They actually said that I was clever and that I was great. I don’t know if I should be happy or I should rush in to correct them and tell them that the death of their stepmother has nothing to do with me. Xiao Shi’s fall was also an accident.
I was thinking about it while holding the cup. , But when I heard the footsteps, the women who were chatting in the pantry came out, and they were stunned when they saw me.
I was also stunned, I felt that I was even more embarrassed than them.
In fact, I think it is normal for people to be discussed and talked about by others in this world.
So I didn’t need to be entangled in whether others were talking about me behind my back, so I smiled with them a lot, and greeted them: “Drink water?”
I think I said something very ordinary, but their expressions changed drastically, and they didn’t even say hello to me. They exchanged glances with each other, and then they ran away from me. .
I don’t know what they are running away, and I scold them, and I don’t blame them. Why are you so scared?
They made me very stunned. I was stunned at the door for a while before I went in to make coffee.
After making coffee and returning to the office, I heard Ruan Ling was on the phone. I don’t know who she was calling, but her voice was very angry.
“Aren’t you going too far? The company group is used to communicate with you. Is it for you to talk about the president behind? I have taken screenshots of all these people who chew their tongues behind their backs. You are waiting for them one by one. Get punished!”
I understood. They also talked about me in the group. Ruan Ling happened to be in the group, so I saw it.
Ruan Ling was filled with outrage and saw me at the door after she hung up the phone.
She immediately put down the phone and stood up, looking a little embarrassed: “President.”
I walked towards her calmly holding the cup, and placed the coffee cup on the table: “Coffee has two milks and half sugar.”
“President, how can you make me coffee?” She walked over to me in a panic, “It doesn’t matter if you make coffee by yourself, how can you make it for me?”
“Why make coffee, what’s the matter? We are also friends in private, aren’t we?”
“Privately is privately.” Ruan Ling looked serious: “But in the company, you are my highest superior. This rule can’t be wrong.”
“Are you too strict?”
“President.” Ruan Ling anxiously pressed me into the chair: “Do you know? It’s because you are so kind, and those talents are confident.”
“Nothing, I have not been criticized for one day or two days. I have been used to hearing it since I was young, and there is nothing.” In this regard, my psychology is quite strong.
“You don’t know what they said about you behind?” Ruan Ling’s eyes flushed with anger.
“I know, isn’t it just green tea bitch and white lotus?”
“How did you know?”
I laughed without answering. Ruan Ling was very clever, and she guessed it as soon as she rolled her eyes: “Did you hear those long-tongued women talking about you behind your back when you went to the pantry to make coffee?”
Ruan Ling was about to slap the table angrily: “Those women are still saying this behind your back with your salary.”
“Forget it.” I said lightly.
“How can it be forgotten, do you know what they say about you in the group? They say you are a smiling tiger. On the surface, Amitabha is actually very sinister behind it.”
“What do you want to say, do I have no idea? Ruan Ling, pass me the project file of Tianrui New City.”
Ruan Ling angrily went to help me get the file, and kept muttering, “You are a true Buddha, you can bear even this kind of thing.”
It’s not that I can bear it, I think this kind of thing is not a big deal.
It’s true, there are no people who don’t talk about people, and there are people who don’t talk about people. They just talk about it, and they won’t lose a piece of meat.
However, I know that my reputation is very bad recently. Not only in the company, but also on the Internet, I have been talking about me, and I was also on a hot search for a while!
It’s because when Xiao Shi fell down the building, the paparazzi who were ambushing at the door of Xiao’s house trumpeted me on the Internet, describing me as a vicious, but weak, green tea essence, and the superior got what they wanted. Such an image that suppresses others.
I remember a reporter who was pretty good at writing. He said that someone like me, who sells miserables as a shield for me, can also attack others as a weapon. I almost believed what he said, okay?
Qiao Yi was afraid that I could not bear the rumors and gossip on the Internet, so he went to Xiao Shi to accompany me for lunch every noon.
But she was very busy and I was very busy. The process of having lunch with two very busy people was Qiao Yi kept answering the phone, while Ruan Ling kept knocking on the door and coming in to sign my files.
Actually I’m not that fragile, but Qiao Yi seems to be out of grief.
She seldom tells me about the Qiao family, but I heard that there was some internal problem in the Qiao family during this period. On the one hand, Qiao Yi had to support the operation of the Joe family on his own, but also had to deal with the internal affairs of the Joe family Changes.
And Wu Simei also jumped very well during this time, and wanted Qiao Jianqi to join the board of directors, but she was called to help Qiao Yi.

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