Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 392

Qiao Yi loves to eat sashimi. I always think that eating too much will cause parasites. She said that eating more mustard will kill the parasites. I think eating too much mustard will kill me first.
And Qiao Yi especially likes to eat raw octopus, mixed with mustard, the octopus is very chewy, there is no way to bite it off if it slides in the mouth, I really don’t know what it is delicious.
Qiao Yi said that eating raw octopus can enjoy the feeling of chasing. I think she is so perverted.
She was biting a raw octopus hard, with a grim expression. Her phone vibrated on the table for a long time and she thought she could not hear it. I stretched my head and glanced at the call from her secretary.
“It’s Xiao Huang.” I said to Qiao Yi.
Qiao Yi’s secretary is a man named Huang Yan, and she calls them Huang Mi every day.
“Let him wait for a while, he doesn’t see me eating! I really have no eyesight, knowing I come to you for dinner at noon every day, and still call me at this time.”
In fact, Secretary Huang has a lot of eyesight, and it must be something that burned his eyebrows, otherwise he would not rush Qiao Yi during lunch.
Then I took it for Qiao Yi and told him that Qiao Yi was eating.
Secretary Huang’s voice was a little embarrassed: “President Xiao, there is a little trouble now, so please ask the president to pick it up in person.”
I stuck my phone to Qiao Yi’s ear, she was very busy holding sushi in her left hand and a sweet shrimp in her right hand.
“What’s the matter?” Qiao Yi asked him vaguely with an octopus in his mouth.
I don’t know what Secretary Huang said on the phone. I didn’t turn on Amplification. After all, it was Qiao’s business that I couldn’t listen to.
I saw Qiao Yi’s facial expressions change very fast. For a while, the left eyebrows were raised high, and then the right eyebrows were raised high again. She swallowed the octopus in her mouth and put the food back on the plate. He wiped his hands with a towel and stood up.
“You know, don’t cry, it’s not a big deal, wait for me to come right away.”
Qiao Yi said so, but it is certainly not a trivial matter to let him put down the food in his hand and rush to Qiao’s immediately.
I was a little worried: “What’s the matter with Joe?”
“What’s wrong, it’s not that Wu Simei has mothed up again, she actually ran to the door of Qiao’s door to pull a banner, and knelt there crying and crying, making it the same as selling her body to bury her father.”
“What banner did she pull?”
“It’s not about asking me to hand over half of Qiao’s shares to Qiao Jianqi for him to join the board of directors.”
“What did Qiao Jianqi say?”
“What else can he say? He has wiped the soles of his feet and went back to take care of his restaurant these days. I don’t know whether he is hiding behind his mother and enjoying his success, or he doesn’t want to worry about that much at all, and ran out to hide quietly. Who knows!”
Qiao Yi picked up the tissue on the table and rubbed his mouth indiscriminately: “I’m leaving. If you can’t eat these, you will save them until the evening. I will come to eat with you when you work overtime.”
We always work overtime these days, and Qiao Yi simply ran to me with her official business to work overtime together.
When I drove her to the door, I was still a little worried: “Wu Simei is quite coaxing, don’t have a direct conflict with her, otherwise the public opinion will not sound good.”
“I care about the public opinion, they just describe me as a tigress, and I don’t care.” Qiao Yi patted me on the shoulder: “Don’t care what others think of you, as long as you remember that you are not real in their eyes. You can do it.”
Qiao Yi will always cover everything that is not good for her like this. I think this is also very good, and I can’t do it.
I care too much about what others think of me, but so what? What I cannot do to make everyone happy with me.
It’s like I’m tolerant and tolerant everywhere now, but in the end, I haven’t been described as green tea essence by them.
I kept sending Qiao Zhang to the elevator entrance. Her phone kept ringing. I urged and exhorted: “Wu Simei has always been a mess, don’t coax with her.”
“I know, I’m too lazy to coax with her, so I’ll let her remove the banner.” Qiao Yi waved to me: “Okay, don’t worry, I can handle it.” Then she walked in. In the elevator, the elevator door slowly closed in front of her.
I said that, but I am still very worried. It’s not that Qiao Yi is unreliable. She manages the company and does things very well, but I am easily emotional. I am afraid that something positive will happen to Wu Simei. Conflict, it would be no good to write a random message to reporters.
I went back to the office and thought about calling Qiao Jianqi. I don’t know where he is. If, as Qiao Yi said, he has gone abroad, the distant water can’t save the nearby fire. I think he should still be in the country. Still in Huacheng.
Qiao Jianqi answered my phone quite quickly, and he was connected after only two rings: “Hey, Xiao Sheng.”
“Where are you?” I asked him immediately.
“you guess.”
I’m playing with him now, I just tell him straightforwardly: “You know what, your mother is holding a banner at Joe’s door.”
“Why?” he asked me unexpectedly.
“The content of the banner is about asking Qiao Yi to hand over 50% of Qiao’s shares to you, and then let you join the board of directors.”
“Didn’t I tell her that I would not join the board of directors? I can’t handle a lot of things in this chain restaurant, so how can I have time?”
“I don’t care what you told your mother, but Qiao Yi is very troublesome now. If you are in Huacheng, can you rush over and take a look?”
Compared to my anxiety, Qiao Jianqi seemed particularly relaxed and contented: “My mother is like that. Qiao Yi should be very clear about her routine. Just let her coax her.”
“I’m afraid that things will cause big troubles. You also know that Qiao’s stock price has not been stable recently, and your company’s business has also seen many competitors. Now we must fight against foreign enemies together instead of infighting here. Qiao Jianqi, you go and see Now, can you get your mother away?”
“Then we exchange terms. If you agree to my terms, I’ll go over and see how about it?”
I know there is no good thing to say from his mouth, but I still ask him: “What?”
“In this way, we will exchange at the same price. If you promise to be my girlfriend, I will go over and get my mother away.”
He was talking nonsense again.
“Is this an equivalent exchange?”
“Of course, if I took my mother away in the past, I would definitely offend her. She is my mother, so if I pay such a tragic price, it will definitely let me get what I want most.”
“Then you go talk to Xi Qingchuan.”
“What if he agrees?”
“I don’t agree.”
Qiao Jianqi suddenly burst into laughter, and my head buzzed with laughter.

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