Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 393

I don’t have the patience to wait for him to finish laughing, I interrupted his laugh: “Qiao Jianqi is not joking now, it is your mother who is your sister, and you don’t want the conflict to get bigger, so you can’t make friends.”
“You are all lacking in sales, and still have the energy to manage Qiao Yi’s affairs?”
“Qiao Yu is my sister, her business is mine.” Forget it, he won’t go, I’ll go and see for myself.
“I just got out of the airport, and I got on the bus now. I don’t have wings. I can’t fly over with my wings. I will be there in about half an hour.”
It turned out that Qiao Jianqi was on the way to Qiao City, and he still talked so much nonsense with me.
“Then trouble you.”, I told him.
I still have a lot of things on hand, and since Qiao Jianqi has gone, I will not rush over.
I asked Qiao Jianqi to call me after processing it, but I waited for a long time for this call. I was about to call Qiao Jianqi. Ruan Ling ran over to tell me the latest developments: “President, now Qiao is big The door was in a mess. That Wu Simei actually ran to the top of Joe’s rooftop to jump off the building. The police went to a lot of firefighters. The intersection of Joe’s was blocked.”
I didn’t expect the situation to become so serious. Didn’t I let Qiao Jianqi go and solve it? How can the more trouble be solved?
I put the pen on the table and got up, picked up the bag hanging on the back of the chair, and ran out: “Ruan Ling, come with me!”
I called Qiao Xie on the way, and she didn’t answer it all the time. It was estimated that the scene was very chaotic. She couldn’t hear the ringing of the phone. I was so anxious that I could hardly sit still in the car.
Ruan Ling has been comforting me: “There are a lot of police officers there, there should be no problems.”
I was afraid that Qiao Yi’s emotions could not be controlled and caused some trouble. When we arrived at Qiao’s, the water that was already surrounded there was not able to drain.
We went in from the actual back door and came to the top of the roof. After going up to the roof, I saw that there was more than Wu Simei standing outside the railing on the edge of the roof, and Qiao Yi was also on it.
The two of them were separated by a distance, and Qiao Yi was approaching Wu Simi step by step.
Wu Simei yelled hysterically: “Qiao Yi, if you want to swallow it alone, I will jump from this upstairs and let you be scolded by the world! I think you can sit firmly as the president for a few days!”
“Aunt Wu, please calm down!” The wind was very strong on the roof, and Qiao Xie had to shout out her voice so that her voice would not be blown away by the wind: “Now my father is still alive, the company’s shares are still not allocated, and I have no allocation. The right to share!”
“You don’t come here, I’ll go to your father, your father pushed it on you, you pushed it on your father, you two want to swallow the shares of Joe’s alone!”
“Qiao Jianqi is also a member of the Qiao family. He is his father’s son. He is indispensable for the company’s shares.”
“You asked when your father died? They are already very sick and have not made a will.”
I could see that Qiao Yi was so angry that she was so angry that she held her chest and paused before speaking: “You should be married to my father anyway, so you won’t curse him so viciously!”
“He and I are husband and wife, bah, he and I are enemies! He deserves to be sick for our wife so much!”
Qiao Yi walked two steps towards her, Wu Simei screamed: “Don’t come over, if you dare to come over, I will push you down first, do you believe it or not?”
“Qiao Yi!” I couldn’t help yelling at her: “You stop and don’t move, you come down first!”
I have no time to worry about whether Wu Simei will fall, and I am worried about Qiao Yi.
She turned her head and saw me: “Why are you here? Xiao Sheng, you go back quickly, there is nothing wrong with you here.”
“Nonsense, how can I go back like this? You get down quickly, it’s too dangerous.”
The steps outside the railing are very narrow, and there is a danger of falling off if the body shakes a little.
Although there is a firefighter’s air cushion below, it is on the 26th and 26th floors. Even if there is an air cushion below, it is estimated that I would have a concussion if I fell from such a height without falling to death.
Qiao Yi hesitated for a moment, then grabbed the railing and bent over to turn over from the other side of the railing.
Wu Simei saw Qiao Yi turned over and screamed: “Qiao Yi, what are you doing? You stand still for me, didn’t you say you want to save me? You vicious little bitch, do you think I am dead? Me? You’ll be a hundred if you die, right?”
“I told you to come down, you won’t come down, and now I say I want to kill you.” Qiao Yi was angrily smiled by her: “You hurry down, I don’t have time to spend with you here!”
The wind is getting stronger and stronger, there is still rain in the wind, it is raining.
The rain wet the ground, and the bottom of her feet became even slippery. Wu Simei seemed to be a little bit physically exhausted. She hung on the railing with her whole body holding on to it, and didn’t forget to negotiate with Qiao Yi: “In this way, you call your dad. Let your dad make a will now, give us 50% of the shares, and I will come down from above.”
“My dad’s current situation, how can I make him make a will?”
“So you just watched me jump down, right?” Wu Siwei said hoarsely.
I don’t know when this negotiation will go on, but she will not let Qiao Yi go down.
I saw Qiao Yi squatting on the railing with his arms, moving step by step like Wu Simei.
I shook my hand desperately to her and told her not to go there. I always feel that Wu Simi’s brain is a little bad now, and his eyes are crazy. I’m afraid she will do anything radical.
Although Qiao Yi had a hard mouth, her heart was very good. Of course, she couldn’t just watch Wu Simi fall down.
On the surface, Qiao Yi was entangled with her, but in fact she wanted to save her.
Several firefighters on the other side of Wu Simei were approaching her. Wu Simei quickly spotted the firefighter there. She screamed: “Don’t come here. If you come, I will jump down!”
She patronized the other side without noticing that Qiao Zhang had approached her, and then hugged Wu Simei.
Onlookers also Wu Simei and I screamed at the same time.
The two shook and pulled on the railing tightly, and my heart was about to jump to my throat.
I saw such a thrilling scene for the first time, and the protagonist of this incident was still Qiao Yi.
Wu Simei was controlled by Qiao Yi, but she still refused to come down from above, and the two were entangled outside the railing.
The wind was too strong, and their clothes were blown like a flag. It was very, very dangerous for the two of them to sway in the rain.
I can’t control that much anymore, I ran to the railing: “Joe, hold on, don’t move, I’ll come and save you!”
But Ruan Ling dragged me tightly: “Don’t go there, it’s too dangerous.”

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