Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 4

I was depressed. I thought I would be able to guarantee the end of my life until the end of my marriage with Xi Qingchuan, but I didn’t expect such an accident.
I called Qiao Yi, and her voice was dumb: “Hello?”
“are you sleeping?”
“Why is your tone so surprised?”
“It’s only eight o’clock.”
“Who stipulates that you can’t sleep at eight?”
I don’t want to argue with her, I said simply and concisely: “Come out for a drink.”
“Just your drink, forget it.”
“Qiao Yi.” I felt ashamed and annoyed: “I slept with Xi Qingchuan, come out to comfort me.”
“Oh?” Qiao Yi’s voice immediately energized, and I heard her leaping up from the bed: “What’s the situation? You finally broke into the enemy?”
“Don’t talk nonsense, I’ll be waiting for you.”
“What’s there to go there? There is no good-looking little brother. I will take you to a good place. The little brothers there are so handsome. I will send you the address!”
I arrived at the bar according to the address Qiao Yi sent me, and it felt weird outside. After I went in, I ordered a drink and sat down in a booth. It was even more unusual.
There are almost no girls here, they are all clear men, but as Qiao Yi said, the little brothers here are really handsome.
Even the little waiter who came to serve him was handsome and unstoppable.
However, he put down the wine and left, with a particularly cold attitude.
Although I am not a super beauty, but in our Huacheng is still one of the best beauty, even if he has a girlfriend, he doesn’t have to look so disgusting.
I pour the wine for myself first, sip it slowly, and then move my eyes randomly in the court.
Hey, I seem to have discovered an incredible situation.
Why is that little handsome guy leaning on the shoulders of that burly and tall man while that man is touching his ass.
My inspiration came, just then Qiao Yi came and sat down beside me.
“Qiao Yi, did you see that one?” I took her and pointed to the hot scene I just discovered.
She was rather calm: “What’s so strange, here are such pairs of pairs.”
I blinked, and then came to my senses: “You asked me to be a comrade, right?”
“Then what’s wrong, there are so many handsome guys in the gay bar!”
“You are crazy, even if you are all handsome, but people don’t even look at you.”
“At least it’s eye-catching, hey, since you and Xi Qingchuan have married, there has been no man to see in Huacheng.” Qiao Yi tilted Erlang’s legs, raised his wine glass, and still had a thin cigar in his mouth.
I found out that she was wearing a particularly masculine dress today, with a shirt, trousers, and a suit. She is tall. If she is not from a good family, she would be a model. She is almost 1.8 meters tall and wearing these is not a violation.
“What do you intend?” I tugged at her clothes.
“Maybe those little brothers treat me as a man and start a romantic journey of love?”
“It’ll show up as soon as I go to bed.”
“Don’t be so vulgar, does Plato know?” She hit me with an elbow: “Tell me, what’s the matter with Xi Qingchuan?”
I was too depressed just now and couldn’t help but say it. Now I feel a little regretful when I calm down. I promised Xi Qingchuan that I won’t tell his secrets, so I omitted the most important paragraph.
“I went to his office to find him, and then…”
“Oh?” She was very interested. She had a bamboo stick in her hand and forgot to eat the watermelon: “It’s so exciting? Isn’t he usually at home, he doesn’t even look at you? Why is it still like that in the office this time?”
“How do I know?” I knew the reason in my heart, but I couldn’t say it.
“Will it be.” She approached me: “What special hobbies does he have, such as in some special places, offices, meeting rooms, elevators.”
“You are less perverted.”
“This is not a pervert. There are still people who like more exciting places, such as cemeteries and deserted grasslands…”
“Where do you know so much?” As far as I know, Qiao Yi is full of pornographic jokes, but in fact, she is still a young boy. Her boyfriend makes each other every day and breaks up at night, usually less than a whole day.
“On the Internet, you can know the world.” Qiao Yi took a sip of wine and stared at me: “What does it feel like?”
“How does it feel?” I was stared at me uncomfortably.
“What does it feel like with Xi Qingchuan?” Her face was about to stick to mine.
It was dim in the bar, and the light above my head was dangling, even if I blushed, it was hard to notice.
After two glasses of wine, I slowly lost my shame.
“What does it feel.”
“Nonsense, do you know that Xi Qingchuan ranks first in the sexy category of Huacheng’s beautiful men’s rankings.”
“Where did you get a leaderboard?”
“Usually let you go to a celebrity party with me, you don’t always go, now it’s out of date!”
The celebrity party that Qiao Yi said is the gathering of the ladies and wives of the famous officials and ladies in the whole Huacheng. I don’t want to go there anymore.
“I won’t go, there are those who despise the chain.”
I know very well in my heart that although my family can be regarded as one of the four major families in Huacheng, because my mother is not in the main room, I am quite unwelcome at Xiao’s family.
Fortunately, my dad liked that I was very good to me. After my mother passed away, he took me back to Xiao’s house. There was an older brother and two sisters above me. The relationship was not only estranged. When my dad was away, those two sisters and Cinderella The two sisters here are not much different.
Therefore, I can’t fit into the circle of the real rich lady, I belong to the outside, the kind of dangling outside.
“Is there anyone who despises the chain, I am also a junior.” Qiao Yi stabs.
I turned around and glared at her, and she immediately apologized: “Sorry, sorry, I know your mother is not the same thing as my mother, but your mother is too kind and too hard, and died a long time ago, or my mother is powerful and squeezes out the evil boss now Superior, hahahaha.”
Because she can still laugh, I’m not as heartbroken as her.
I sipped my wine and looked around the bar.
There is no noisy music here, and there are no DJs to cheer you up, so the environment is pretty good.
I drank too much, I got up to go to the bathroom and passed a corner where two men were hugging each other.
This is a very common scene in this bar, and they hold it beautifully and don’t make people feel uncomfortable.
I just took a casual look, but the handsome profile of one of the little brothers made me stop immediately.
He wore a white shirt and black trousers, the style of office elites.
Isn’t he Baiyu? He still wears the clothes he used in the company during the day.
However, the man behind him is not Xi Qingchuan!
Oh, is your circle so messy?

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