Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 403

I didn’t call the police, but I asked a few technicians from the Security Department to come over and take them away. The phone on the secretary’s desk and the phone in Ruan Ling’s office were also monitored.
I believe Ruan Ling 100%, I know Ruan Ling must have never done it.
Since the secretary called Ruan Ling at 10:20, but Ruan Ling said she happened to be out of the office at that time, it is very likely that someone else used Ruan Ling’s phone to call the secretary and planted her. .
In fact, as long as you check carefully, there are still many loopholes.
Ruan Ling and I watched the people who were staring at the security department moving around, and the secretaries standing by the door turned pale.
I know they are all in collusion. I dare not say anything else. The secretaries in this entire office must know each other.
Some people are directed at me, and some are directed at Ruan Ling completely.
They think Ruan Ling is highly valued by me, her salary is higher than theirs, and her bonus is higher than theirs. I will take Ruan Ling with me whenever I attend.
Naturally, you have to wear dresses and brand-name high heels when attending such places. I gave Ruan Ling.
Although she had to return it to me every time, I declined.
These things may not seem to me in my eyes, but in the eyes of others, Ruan Ling is the object of their jealousy.
Taking her away is a good thing for the secretaries and the high-level people who are eyeing me.
The security department moved all the evidence to their department for investigation. I still have a lot of work to do and cannot deal with them.
I walked to the door and turned around to look at them: “I accept your most sincere reflection and apology, but I only give you one hour.” I looked at my watch: “Now it’s just an hour from get off work, and I’ll be there before get off work. The office came to tell me clearly what was going on, but if I was asked to find out that you not only wanted to poison me, but also planted and blamed Secretary Ruan, I would definitely not tolerate this kind of thing. Not only would I inform the whole group of criticism and expulsion, And you have no way to engage in this industry in our entire Huacheng. If possible, I will also call the police. Which one is more important to you?”
Then I walked out of the secretary’s room and returned to my office.
Ruan Ling gave me a thumbs up as soon as he entered: “President, you were so handsome just now. In such a short period of time, I didn’t think of a good way to come, so you stopped them all at once! Actually! You are really amazing, you are just too kind, and you have to use this method to deal with that kind of person.”
I smiled and said to her: “There is no way, they bullied people around me, I have to fight back, right?”
“President…” Ruan Ling’s eyes suddenly reddened. She is not such a sentimental person: “Thank you for trusting me so much, and thank you for helping me.”
Just now when the security staff were collecting evidence, I paid attention to Ruan Ling’s expression. She was very calm and relaxed, completely panicked.
Originally, I trusted Ruan Ling very much, and through my observations, I knew that this matter must have nothing to do with her, so I did this.
Before I got off work, I received feedback from the Security Department. They checked the surveillance and it was true that the secretary of the marketing department came in with a cup of slimming tea around ten o’clock.
She did answer a phone call at 10:20, but the surveillance video showed that Ruan Ling was no longer in the office at 9:30 and did not return until 10:30.
Another secretary of the marketing department entered Ruan Ling’s office.
What else needs to be said? This matter is already obvious.
They are playing a trick of thief shouting and catching the thief to plant the money on Ruan Ling.
Ruan Ling’s chest was ups and downs: “They are too despicable. It is this kind of person who made the Xiao clan smack, and the president must expel them.”
I shook my head: “Didn’t you say that? People in the world are actually the same. I think as long as they come to admit it, they can be let go.”
“Why, President, are you too…”
I interrupted Ruan Ling’s words: “This time I’m not a woman’s benevolence. In fact, it’s almost the same if you change. A few of them are already familiar with the company’s business. Besides, we grabbed their pigtails. Don’t dare to act rashly. If you recruit new people, do you know what their wind is like? Knowing yourself and the enemy can win every battle.”
Ruan Ling opened her eyes wide and looked at me with a look that was strange to me.
I know she seems to have just met me.
In fact, Xi Qingchuan once said that what I said was right. He said that I am a man of evil spirits, but it is helpless that my mother’s education has to be tolerant and tolerant in all things since I was a child, so that I have developed such a character.
I’m not stupid, I know I’m not stupid, but my heart is softened.
But it seems that in this world, if you don’t learn to protect yourself against foreign enemies, you will not only harm yourself, but also affect the people around you.
I said to Ruan Ling, “When the music starts after get off work, call the police immediately!”
“Yeah.” Ruan Ling nodded, and she said to me in a cheerful and joyful tone: “President, can you keep the way you are now? You must be able to calm them, and you can take care of the Xiao family, don’t look at it. Xiao Shi is very diligent, but she is not right in her mind. She can’t manage a company, but you can.”
I am grateful to Ruan Ling for being so optimistic about me, but I also know what is wrong with me.
But this time I will not be soft-hearted.
We Xiao’s music will sound after get off work. When the music sounded, I said to Ruan Ling, “Call the police!”
“Okay.! Ruan Ling immediately picked up the phone on the desk and was about to dial. At this time, the door was pushed open, and the three secretaries of the marketing department were standing at the door, their faces flushed.
I know that I defeated them psychologically, but they were still persuaded in the end.
“President…” the secretary who served weight-loss tea tremblingly said: “This is a misunderstanding, we didn’t mean it.”
I beckoned to them: “When you come in and close the door, you can’t publicize the scandal. Don’t publicize the scandals in your department. The entire company knows it. It breaks the ethos of our group.”
They immediately came in and closed the door. They probably seldom heard me talk like this, so they looked at me with a little more fear in their eyes.
It was the first time I saw them look at my eyes with such a look, and I also felt for the first time that managing a company, why the executives are always unsmiling, because it is too amiable and there is really no way to calm them.

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