Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 415

That’s good, then I will make tough Chiba tofu, and will not be the kind of paper man who can be blown down by a strong wind.
The dishes tonight are very rich, and the table is full.
Seeing that Qiao Yi was also here, grandma specially ordered the kitchen to cook some spicy dishes and seafood.
Qiao Yi rubbed her palms and thanked her grandma: “Xiao Sheng is with you, and I have one hundred and twenty hearts. You are the person who loves her most except me in this world.”
Grandma smiled and clapped her hands: “Go wash your hands and eat, don’t be sloppy with me here.”
Today, the people eating at home are very crowded. Several older brothers and sisters are not talking about it, and Dad Xi also eats at home.
Father Xi is very busy. He spends a lot of entertainment in the evening. When he is not, he eats very little and does not eat at home.
Mother Xi was very enthusiastic about Qiao Yi, and she kept asking her aunt at home to prepare dishes for her.
The vegetables in Qiao Yi’s plate are piled high, and a large tongs of a treasure crab are piled on top of those dishes, which looks like a Biye’s hand.
Father Xi was sitting across from me. He bowed his head to eat and didn’t talk a lot. I just glanced at him and prepared to drink soup.
Suddenly, there was a stir in my mind, and immediately raised my head and glanced at Dad Xi again.
He lowered his head, so I could only see his forehead and bridge of nose from his angle. The more I looked, the more I realized how he looked like the man in the photo Zhen Xian gave me.
Although Dad Xi is 50 years away, his hair is thick and his hairline is not moved back, which looks almost exactly the same as the person in the photo.
I paid close attention to Dad Xi’s forehead. There was a small brown mole on his forehead.
My heart was beating wildly and my hands were shaking.
It is estimated that Xi Qingchuan, who is by my side, saw that something was wrong with me. He held my hand and looked at me: “What’s the matter, Xiaosheng, what’s not comfortable?”
“No.” I stood up from the chair: “I’ll go back to the room.”
“I will help you with what you want.”
“No, no, I’ll go up and get it myself.”
I pulled the chair away and hurried out of the restaurant.
I keep telling me in my heart that this is impossible, this is too weird, this is just a coincidence.
It’s just that this kind of angle is a bit similar, it’s impossible, how is it possible?
How can my mother have a relationship with Dad Xi?
This is too ridiculous. At eight o’clock, I dare not act like this.
I ran upstairs to my room, and found the picture in my bag.
I almost took a photo out of the envelope with my hands shaking.
From this point of view, Dad Xi is exactly the same as the man in the photo. I took the photo under the light and carefully identified it.
I looked at the person’s forehead in the photo. Although it was not very clear, I actually saw a black spot on his forehead, which should be a mole. The length of it is exactly the same as that of Dad Xi.
No wonder when I saw the photo at noon, I felt at first how this person’s forehead was so similar to Xi Qingchuan’s forehead. Now I can explain it, because the person in the photo may be Dad Xi.
Therefore, Xi Qingchuan looks like him, and there is nothing wrong with it.
My hands are shaking, my legs are trembling, and my head is dizzy.
If the person in the photo is really Dad Xi, if my mother really has anything to do with Dad Xi.
If there is no special relationship, Zhen Xian will not give me the photos.
Is she trying to tell me that Dad Xi is my father?
No, no, this is too ridiculous, impossible.
I was covered in cold sweat. I sat on the edge of my bed for a while, until someone knocked on the door outside, and I hurriedly hid the photo under my pillow.
It was Xi Qingchuan who was knocking on the door: “Xiaosheng, you have nothing to do, right?”
“Nothing.” I quickly got up from the bed, wiped the sweat from my forehead with my hand, and then tried my best to sort out a decent smile.
I went out to open the door, Xi Qingchuan stood at the door and looked down at me: “Your complexion is not so good, why are you uncomfortable?”
“Suddenly it was disgusting, and then I came up and took a slice of sour vc.”
“is it?”
“There’s something wrong.” I pulled his arm: “Go downstairs to eat!”
I returned to my seat. Father Xi had finished eating and put the bowl on the table and raised his head. I had been looking at him, so I happened to have a face-to-face meeting with him.
He looked at me and smiled with me: “Eat more and keep fit.”
Then he got up and walked out of the restaurant.
I try to pretend to eat so as not to let them see what’s wrong with me.
But my heart has already been overwhelmed.
No, I have to ask clearly, I can’t be so confused about my own suspicion, I have to ask Zhen Xian to be clear.
After eating, Qiao Yi wanted to accompany me for a walk in the garden, or play Monopoly with me, but I was not in the mood. I wanted to ask Zhen Xian to ask, so I gave Qiao Yi early. Driven away.
Qiao Yi pretended to be aggrieved: “Xiao Shengsheng, you don’t need me anymore, do you see Lushuiyou friends?”
I smiled and drove her away, then locked myself in the bathroom and called Zhen Xian.
She seemed to be waiting for my call, and she answered after only two rings.
Her leisurely voice sounded in the microphone: “Hello Xiaosheng.”
“I saw the picture you left me. I’m straight to the point.
“Oh.” She replied, “No other meaning, seeing how hard you find Dad, I will give you some guidance.”
“Just tell me if this person is my father-in-law Xi Hui?”
“You actually locked the target so quickly, you are smarter than I thought, Xiao Sheng.”
So that’s it. What she said is far away and close in front of you. Dad Xi and I will meet each other almost every day, isn’t it just in front of you?
I couldn’t breathe smoothly, but I didn’t dare to make a loud noise. I had to drive the water in the bathtub to cover my voice: “My mother and my father-in-law knew each other before? What kind of relationship do they have, how do you know? of?”
“Your mother was very beautiful and attractive when she was young, and many men flocked to her. Your mother and Qin Guan broke up because of your father-in-law’s intervention.”
My mother turned into a superfluous woman under the description of Zhen Xian.
“No, she’s not like that…”
“Let’s just tell you. Your mother and Qin Guan can be said to be in love with each other, but your mother’s family needs help, so Xi Hui appeared, understand?”

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