Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 42

This face, I sometimes dream of it in my dreams, but at that time it was more three-dimensional and mature than it is now.
At that time, he was still a teenager, leading me, who was also a teenager, and ran wildly on the grass in front of my small building.
My mother and his mother sat on our terrace and looked at us with a smile. When they were tired from running, they went back to drink the bamboo cane water that our mother prepared for us. They were frozen in the refrigerator, and some lemons were added, sweet and sour. Sweet and delicious.
That time was the best time in my life. There was father and mother, friendship and Ni Yizhou.
Later, Qiao Yi told me that it was a puppy love, and I didn’t believe it. I was never precocious and insensitive to those things.
Now I know that even if it is not a puppy love, there is still affection buried in it.
Later, their family moved, moved out of Huacheng, and immigrated to the UK.
A few years ago, I still received his letter. Later my mother passed away and I was taken back to Xiao’s house by my father. I wrote a lot of letters to him, telling him my new address, but I won’t receive it again later. I’ve been to his letter.
Our contact was so broken.
I have been looking for him, using my method.
When my father went to England, I asked him to find it. The last time Xiao Shi escaped from marriage to England, I asked her to help me find it, but I couldn’t find it.
It turns out that he is not in country Y, but in country M.
I looked at him stupidly, my chest filled with incomprehensible emotions.
There is joy, there are surprises, and there are all kinds of messy emotions anyway.
He walked up to me and stretched out his hand to me: “Hello, Miss Xiao, this is Ni Yizhou, your lawyer representing this case.”
Ni Yizhou, yes, after eight years, he grew up and became a lawyer, but he was still Ni Yizhou.
I watched him smirk, and he passed his hand again: “Hello, Miss Xiao.”
I came back to my senses and stretched out my hand and shook his hand: “Brother Boat.”
What I called was the nickname that Qiao Yi and I gave him. His name is Ni Yizhou, and we will call him the boat.
He was expressionless, even a little cold. He retracted his hand and sat down, spreading the information in his hand and pushing me over: “I rushed over after receiving the call from the master. I looked at the file on the plane. I think this lawsuit is not difficult to fight, it depends on the entry point we want to fight.”
I was stunned. He called me Miss Xiao, who didn’t greet me at all, with cold eyes, like a stranger to me.
Does he remember me?
It makes no sense. I was fifteen when we were separated, and Ni Yizhou was three years older than me. There is no reason why people who are 18 years old will forget.
Why is he so indifferent to me?
I am a very emotional person, so I completely forgot that we were talking about business.
My whole body was about to reach across the table: “Brother Boat, don’t you remember me? I am Xiao Sheng, Xiao Sheng Sheng!”
“Miss Xiao.” He just glanced at me lightly: “You sit down and talk. If you have any comments on the way the case is played, I can explain it to you.”
No, it’s not like that.
I used to fantasize and look forward to a long-term reunion that was not like this.
Ni Yizhou saw that I should rush towards me and lift me up, just like when he was a child.
I was only a few years old when we first met, but he has grown taller, and he always likes to lift me up high, and then exclaimed by his mother and my mother.
“Boat! Put Xiao Sheng down quickly and don’t fall her!”
The meeting scene I thought was sensational and moving, my tears flowed, and he hugged me tightly.
It’s definitely not the way it is now.
He was cold, as if he didn’t know me.
I couldn’t hear what he said next, and there were many little bees buzzing in my ears.
I have been trying to communicate with him, but he only talked about the case and didn’t even look at me.
What’s up with him?
He won’t forget me, and he didn’t contact me later.
Could something happen later, and then he lost his memory?
Although things like amnesia are absurd and bizarre, they are not impossible.
Yes, yes, it’s only when I am amnesia that I do this to me, for sure.
At this time, Qiao Yi rushed in again, holding two cups in his hands: “Xiao Sheng, Lawyer Hai’s coffee is great. It is made from coffee beans. I drank a cup and grind it for you.”
She took a coffee and passed by Ni Yizhou’s side and glanced back casually, and suddenly it froze.
“Oh oh, oh oh?”
I quickly took the coffee in her hand, for fear that her coffee would spill on Ni Yizhou’s body.
She bent down and looked down: “Brother Boat!”
She jumped up happily. When we were young, the three of us grew up together. Qiao Yi was a standard tomboy, and said all day that she would worship Ni Yizhou to protect me.
Ni Yizhou looked up at her and finally smiled: “Hey, Qiao Ye, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”
He recognizes Joe’s, he has no memory loss.
“Brother Boat!” Qiao Yi opened his arms and hugged Ni Yizhou, screaming endlessly.
I watched Ni Yizhou hug Qiao Yi with a generous smile, and patted her on the head affectionately: “You are still like a little boy, I almost didn’t recognize it just now.”
“Why are you, Brother Xiaoxiao, you must know that Xiao Sheng was looking for you with a broken heart, but he didn’t think you were her lawyer. Isn’t it a coincidence?”
It was so easy for Qiao Yi to calm down, I just kept looking at Ni Yizhou in a daze.
It turned out that he had amnesia, and he recognized me, but he didn’t want to recognize me.
The look he looked at me was a bit like Xi Qingchuan’s eyes for an instant.
In fact, their eyes are not the same. Ni Yizhou’s eyes are inclusive and gentle, but Xi Qingchuan is like a wild beast. If he is not paying attention, he will bite to death.
It’s just that the coldness and disgust in Ni Yizhou’s eyes at this moment is very similar to the way Xi Qingchuan always looks at me.
He hated me, I actually saw this emotion in Ni Yizhou’s eyes.
My hands are cold and my head hurts.
After Qiao Yi and Ni Yizhou recognized each other, they sat beside me excitedly: “Brother Boat, Xiao Sheng, are you stupid? Do you recognize it?”
She pointed to my nose and said to Ni Yizhou: “Xiao Sheng, Brother Xiaoxiao, why are you so calm?”
We are not only calm, but the atmosphere is also very embarrassing.
The smile on Ni Yizhou’s face disappeared when he turned to me, his tone of business.
“Miss Xiao, let’s continue.”
I can only work hard and listen. I am always distracted. As soon as I raised my head, I saw Ni Yizhou’s white forehead, because he just looked down at the information and explained to me without even looking at me.
I have been thinking, he hates me, but why does he hate me?

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