Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 423

I really didn’t expect Xi Qingchuan to maintain his sanity at this moment.
At this moment I don’t have his child, he can be so gentle to me.
Is he still taking a chance? I just teased him and didn’t take the child away?
I took his hand and put it on my lower abdomen to let him feel it.
“Xi Qingchuan, there are no children. I think there is nothing so sad. There are too many women who want to give birth to you. You don’t have to look like that.”
His hand paused on my lower abdomen, and then suddenly both hands pinched my shoulder. He was restraining himself, but there was still a tingling pain in my shoulder.
“Xiao Sheng,” the blood in his eyes replaced the endless blackness, and he gritted his teeth: “You tell me why you want to do this and why?”
“Didn’t I tell you?” I struggled hard: “The most fundamental reason I told you is that you don’t believe it yourself.”
“Then tell me, who is that man?”
“You know it’s impossible for me to tell you, so why ask?”
“Who is it? Did someone force you? Who was it?”
“There is no compulsion, don’t think of me as the ninth virgin woman. Now the whole company says I am a white lotus and I am a green tea bitch. I do this kind of thing and it suits my personality!”
I pushed him hard and got up from the chair.
I was very scared to see the water in Xi Qingchuan’s eyes, and Xi Qingchuan actually cried in front of me again.
Then why is he crying? Because of my lost child? Or is it because I wore him a green hat?
“Impossible,” he said, “There are no other men around you.”
“You are wrong, there are too many men around me. You, Qiao Jianqi, Ni Yizhou, Qin Guan, and by the way, your brother Xi Jinyuan. And that Boyu, he also confessed to me some time ago, saying that he likes me not Have you seen so many men around me, are you going to kill them one by one?”
“Don’t talk about Xi Jinyuan.” His voice was hoarse: “Xi Jinyuan was not in Huacheng a few months ago.”
I was eager to describe myself as a slut and I forgot the logic. I nodded: “Except for Xi Jinyuan, who can get rid of the charges, what about the others, do you plan to kill them one by one?”
“Not any of them, I’m just telling you, I am the ultimate green tea bitch compared to Xiaoshi, understand?”
I yelled at him the last sentence because I didn’t know how to express my emotions, nor how to convince him.
I just had an operation in the morning and I was exhausted physically and mentally. I didn’t sleep another night last night. After I shouted with Xi Qingchuan, I suddenly felt black before my eyes, and then I fell to the ground.
Then I felt as if I was trapped in a black hole. The hole was very deep and deep. Someone filled the hole with big rocks. I was like being hidden in a hole without any light.
I think it’s good too. At this time, I need such a hole to bury myself deeply.
In the process of this black hole, I met my father and my mother.
The two of them were far away from me, their faces were blurred, they seemed to be talking to me, but I couldn’t hear every word they said.
Then I woke up and smelled the smell of disinfectant all over my nose as soon as I breathed.
I’m in the hospital.
“She woke up she woke up.”
I heard grandma’s voice, and then mother Xi’s voice: “Hurry up and call the doctor, hurry up!”
Oh, they are all here.
I wish I could just faint and never wake up.
How should I face mother Xi and grandma?
I closed my eyes again, I didn’t want to see them.
Because I have no way to face them.
The doctor came to check on me and told them that I was quite weak and needed a good rest, and then all the people in the ward left.
I opened my eyes and found that grandma was still sitting in front of my bed.
It turned out that she was still not leaving. I was about to close my eyes again. Grandma took my hand and said, “Xiao Shengsheng,” her palms were dry and warm, and her voice was still so gentle.
My tears rushed out instantly.
“Grandma, I don’t deserve you to be so good to me, I took the baby away.”
“I know.” Grandma still held my hand tightly: “Silly boy, do you think I treat you well and treat you as our family’s fertility machine?”
“I know it’s not.” She was so kind to me since I entered the door of Xi’s house. I opened my eyes and looked at grandma’s old face.
I murmured to her: “Grandma, do you know why you like me so much when you see me, do you treat me so well?”
Grandma looked at me, but I actually knew the answer because I was her granddaughter.
She saw that I was naturally kind, and she was kind to me instinctively, as if at this moment I could also explain why my grandma was so kind to me.
I smiled, said nothing, and closed my eyes again.
I don’t want to talk, and I don’t know what to say.
Grandma didn’t say anything, she just sat with me in front of my bed for a while.
Finally she shook my hand when she left: “Xiao Shengsheng, no matter what reason you took the child away, I believe you.”
Then grandma left my ward with a walking stick, and her words slapped me in the face like a loud slap.
From doing this to the present, I felt ashamed for the first time.
I hurt them so much, and she still believed me.
The room fell into silence, and I could hear the blood flowing from my pulse.
But this tranquility didn’t last long, and then I heard the door of my ward being pushed open violently, followed by the sound of messy footsteps.
I didn’t need to open my eyes, I knew it was Qiao Yi who came.
Now one more person came to question me.
Sure enough, she lifted my quilt, and what appeared in front of me was Qiao Yi’s angry face: “Xiao Sheng, what the hell is going on, tell me honestly, why did you knock the child off? Why didn’t tell me a little bit of wind in advance, what happened?”
“Nothing.” My voice was hoarse: “You sit down and say, don’t be upset.”
“Xiao Sheng, are you dying of me? You tell Xi Qingchuan that the child in your stomach is not his, how is it possible? Even he knows that you are not such a person. You want to use this to fool me. No, what happened? Or was someone forcing you? Is it Xiaoshi, isn’t it?”
“There is nothing to do with her for a dime.” I was helpless: “This time, it really has nothing to do with her, it’s all my autonomous behavior.”
“What nonsense autonomous behavior!” Qiao Yi’s voice was about to overturn the roof of my ward.

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