Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 43

“Miss Xiao, if you don’t approve the other party’s DNA identification report, you do not have your father’s test sample, you can apply for another DNA test.”
Qiao Yi punched my waist and I came back to my senses. In fact, I heard everything Ni Yizhou said to me, but there were too many things in my mind, and there was no answer.
I raised my head and looked at Ni Yizhou: “Do I need to make another one?”
“If you don’t approve of their appraisal results.”
“Is this result closely related to the case?”
“Not really, your father’s inheritance does not mention the preconditions for you to inherit the inheritance. You must be his biological daughter. Even if there is no result, you can win. The other party is just lingering.”
“Since you have said so, there is no need to be firm.”
“Xiao Sheng, are you not going to figure it out a little bit?” Qiao Yi held my face in both hands: “Are you going to be so confused?”
“Regardless of blood relationship or not, I’m still Dad’s daughter.”
“I think you are bold, right?”
Qiao Yi is Qiao Yi, who can knock me to death with a stick.
Yes, I’m just courageous.
I looked at her: “Do you really want to do it?”
“Really do it.”
“Well then.” My greatest strength, and perhaps the greatest weakness, is that it is easy to be persuaded by others. Simply put, I don’t have my own position.
Ni Yizhou closed the information and stood up: “Miss Xiao, I will go to court next Monday. I will meet with you again before going to court. Also, if your DNA test results come out, you must report it to me. If it is not beneficial to this case If you do, you don’t need to go to court.”
After he finished speaking, he nodded to Qiao Yi: “Qiao Yi, let’s go.”
He talked to Qiao Yi and talked to me in a completely different tone.
Qiao Yi is an old friend’s attitude, and I am a kind stranger.
Ni Yizhou walked out of the reception room, and I looked at the empty door in a daze.
Qiao Yi pushed me: “Why does Ni Yizhou ignore you?”
“How do I know?” I was frustrated.
“Catch up and ask for clarity!”
“Forget it.” I said.
“You’re so mad at me, you’re boring.” Qiao Chang grabbed my arm and ran out. She is a great athlete, with long legs and long legs. From small to large, as long as she is not good at sports, she sprints. Explosive power, invincible in college.
Long-distance running endurance is strong, I usually run 800 meters to die, she is indeed a proper marathon runner.
I was almost dragged by her. I ran to the elevator door and saw that Ni Yizhou had just walked into the elevator. She dragged me into the elevator again.
Ni Yizhou didn’t seem surprised to see us running in, and asked us calmly, “Go to which floor.”
“Which floor to go, Brother Boat, should you explain why seeing Xiao Sheng is like a stranger?” Qiao Yi approached Ni Yizhou, supporting the elevator car with one hand, like the domineering president wall in a romance novel Dong silly and white sweet.
She is about the same height as Ni Yizhou. I found that Qiao Yi seems to have grown taller in the past two years. It turned out to be one to eighteen, but now it is estimated to be one to eighty.
“No, I just don’t know how to call her, is it appropriate to call her Miss Xiao or Mrs. Xi?”

I suddenly understood why Ni Yizhou saw me so cold, could it be because I married Xi Qingchuan?
It’s evil. When I was a child, I was young, but I also knew each other. The letter I wrote to him shamelessly said that I must marry him in the future, even if a world-class handsome guy rides a white horse studded with diamonds to marry me, I will wait for him.
Thinking about it now, it’s really pretty slapped.
Qiao Yi is not a fool, and he will understand in the blink of an eye: “You mean Xiao Sheng is married? She has no way of doing it. Her black-hearted step-sister suddenly regrets the marriage, and the demon Xi Qingchuan must take a flute when she goes crazy. Family, so who will Xiao Sheng not marry?”
When Ni Yizhou looked at me again, his eyes were much milder than before.
Qiao Yi glanced at him suddenly, then he opened the door and smiled and said to me: “You talk to you, I will continue to drink coffee.”
Qiao Yi slipped out the door, and the elevator door slowly closed again.
I looked down at my toes, and Qiao Yi stepped on a large footprint on the creamy white vamp.
“Xiao Sheng.” He finally stopped calling me Miss Xiao: “Is that so?”
“I don’t know if I will marry like this.” My voice is similar to the text hum.
“Uncle forced you to marry?”
“It’s not too forceful. Dad let me choose by myself, but Xi Qingchuan is terrible. If I don’t marry, I don’t know what he will do. Xi Qingchuan threw me a contract the night before I got married and said it was one. Divorce after the year, I thought it was a contractual marriage, so I married.”
I lowered my head and grabbed the corner of my coat, and suddenly felt Ni Yizhou’s voice approach me.
“It turned out to be like this, raise your head, Xiao Sheng.”
I raised my head, Ni Yizhou didn’t know when he walked in front of me, I looked at him with my neck up.
His eyes became familiar to me again, and the indifference and disdain from before had disappeared.
He is the older brother of the boat.
He reached out and touched my hair, and I saw the water in his eyes.
“Sorry, Xiao Sheng, I heard the news of your marriage, so I just…”
“Understandably, if you beat the gongs and drums with joy, I don’t know what to do.”
“Xiao Sheng, you’ve grown up.” The corners of his lips raised slightly. He is the best-looking boy I have ever seen with a smile: “Before you only reached my chest, now it’s level with my ears.”
“I’m still the little one.”
“Are girls going to grow up to be the big and stupid Qiao Ye?” He smiled warmly, so Su, there was no sunshine in the elevator, but he felt that the sunshine and warmth of today were in his eyes.
“Brother Boat, I have been looking for you, but I have not been able to find you.” I murmured.
“I’m not in the UK, and then I went to country M.”
“Haven’t you received my letter to you? I was taken back to Xiao’s house by my father later, and I told you my address.”
“I wrote to you, did you receive it? I also told you that I went to country M.”
“I didn’t receive a letter.” I really didn’t receive: “Dad went to country Y for business trips, I gave him the address to let him find you, Xiao Shi went to country Y, I also asked her to find you, but I didn’t find any. .”
He looked at me pityingly, and suddenly his eyes became sad: “Dad died in a car accident in country Y. Mom was very sad and took me to country M to join my aunt.”
“Ah.” I didn’t know that such an embarrassing and heart-wrenching thing happened to Ni Yizhou.
I don’t know how to comfort him, so I can only look at him stupidly like this.
He suddenly opened his arms to me: “Forgive my self-righteousness, can I hug you, Xiao Sheng?”
Of course, God knows how long I have been waiting for this hug.
I plunged into Ni Yizhou’s arms and hugged him tightly.

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