Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 437

I found that Wu Simi’s IQ and EQ are about as many as three-year-olds.
It’s no wonder that even his son Qiao Jianqi didn’t want to pester him, so he just hid abroad. He was also quite selfish.
He knows his mother best, knowing that his mother will be messy, but he doesn’t care, just let her toss like this.
Ma Qiao was very calm, but Qiao Yi was very angry.
“Wu Simei is really a lunatic, she has made our Qiao’s shares torn apart, um, what good is it for him to do this?”
“Wu Simei doesn’t want money. What he wants is to find a sense of presence between your father and us. Now that your father has passed away, we don’t play with him anymore. His sense of presence disappears, and he wants Qiao’s. What does the share do? It’s better to sell it for money.”
“What does he want so much money for?”
“Maybe I will build a palace and be a queen by myself.” Look at Ms. Joe’s chuckle, I really admire her at this time.
But I think Wu Simei can almost do such crazy things.
“Then what should I do now?” I asked Qiao Yi, who looked at Mom Qiao.
Mom Qiao said, “Don’t you tell me yesterday that you put them down? Now that you put them down, then you can do whatever you want with her. It’s okay for Wu Simei to sell the shares of Qiao’s family, even if she sells Qiao’s mansion. It’s also sold, and that’s just as she tossed, it’s okay.”
“But, that’s the country that my father worked so hard to beat down.”
“Remember, you only have 12.5% ​​of the shares. As long as she doesn’t sell your shares, what does she toss about and what does it have to do with you?”
Qiao Yi lowered her head and didn’t say a word. Maybe she just let it go, but Mom Qiao really let it go.
The car continued to run on the road without any intention of stopping.
The phone call from the secretary only caused a small wave in the car, and then the atmosphere in the car returned to the same calm as before, and there was no one to mention this matter again.
Only I was thinking why Xiao Shi would buy so many shares of Qiao’s. Now Xiao Shi’s funds are a bit tight and it is not suitable for buying such a large number of shares.
There is only one explanation for her doing this, that is, she is eager for success, she wants to annex Huacheng, the largest company besides Xi’s and Xi’s, and because of the relationship between Qiao Yi and me, Xiao Shi is not hesitating to spend a lot of money to win Joe’s shares.
In fact, Xiao Shi’s move is not clever. As soon as she came to Xiao Shi’s strength, if some of Xiao’s opponents had trouble with it at this moment, Xiao Shi would be in a relatively dangerous state.
Xiao Shi was too eager to get things done. She wanted to prove to others that she was capable. I think the person she wanted to prove the most was Xi Qingchuan.
Although I am in a complicated mood, things are already like this, so I can only let it go.
I already have a dime relationship with Xiao Shi, and I don’t have any ability to turn the tide.
Besides, all my fighting spirit seemed to be the same as Qiao Yi, and everything disappeared with Qiao’s death.
When we arrived at the airport, no one came to drop off the plane. Now the situation of Qiao’s mother and Qiao Yi has fallen to Hu Sun San, and none of the high-level members of the Qiao family will come to see them off.
And my only friend is Qiao Yi, and Qiao Yi’s only friend is me, and the two of us smirked at each other.
While we were waiting to board the plane, I received a call from Qin Guan.
I have been in contact with Qin Guan for a long time, and since I knew that he is not my father, I have not contacted him again.
I think about it, I got through his phone.
Qin Guan’s voice was as gentle as ever: “I’m sorry about Qiao Yi’s father, but I was abroad some time ago and there was no way to rush back.”
“It doesn’t matter, you have already called Qiao Yi.” I said.
“Where are you now? Can I meet?”
In fact, I think Qin Guanzhen and I have any need to meet again, and I am already at the airport now.
I said, “Qiao Yi and I are about to fly soon. We may not have time to meet again.”
“Are you really leaving Huacheng? Are you really going to give up everything about you, including Xi Qingchuan?”
He probably didn’t know Qin Guan’s tone. I smiled bitterly about the relationship between Xi Qingchuan and I: “Xi Qingchuan was not mine. I have never owned him. I don’t want to say anything now. Thank you very much for taking care of me. If you come here in the future, remember to find me.”
I made a few polite words with him, and planned to hang up, but Qin Guan called my name again: “Xiao Sheng.”
Out of courtesy, I held the phone and listened quietly. He said, “My wedding with Zhen Xian has been cancelled.”
I was stunned for a moment, this is what I did not expect: “Why?”
I hope it’s not for me. I really don’t want to get involved with them anymore, and I don’t want to bear any infamy.
“I know that Zhen Xian has always been a eager for quick success, but the prerequisite is that she can’t hurt you.”
“No, no,” I hurriedly said: “Don’t get involved with me, Qin Guan…” I was a little incoherent: “The relationship between me and you is only my mother’s former friend, and nothing else. .”
“You don’t need to be so nervous. I have always treated you only because I am an old friend of your mother, and I also wish to have a daughter as old as you.”
I paused, but Zhen Xian didn’t say that to me at the time.
What she meant was that Qin Guan treated me as a woman, because I looked like my mother, so he projected his feelings on me and made me dodge.
“I know what Zhen Xian said nonsense to you, don’t listen to her nonsense, this world is not so dirty, and the relationship between people is not as disgusting as she said. I and Zhen Xian Although the separation seems to be for you, it’s not. I don’t like Zhen Xian’s style of doing things. She does everything to achieve her own goals and does not hesitate to hurt others. This is something I can’t accept.”
Since Qin Guan said that, I don’t know what to say.
I can only say: “Just think about it clearly, have you talked to her?”
“Yeah. And Xiao Sheng, there is one thing I want to tell you, but I don’t know whether it is important or not.”
I listened to him quietly: “I accidentally discovered that she had multiple conversations with Xiao Shi on her mobile phone last time.”
Xiao Shi? In my impression, Zhen Xian and Xiao Shi should not be able to communicate with each other. I was indeed blinded by the phone call between them.

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